What I’m Reading Wednesday

This Wednesday I’m reading…

The Devil in the White City: Murder, Magic, and Madness at the Fair That Changed America


Only working on one audiobook at the moment.  I wanted to read something non-fiction about Chicago before our trip.  A friend of mine had enjoyed this book so I put in a request for the audiobook from my library.  Have to confess I’m actually enjoying it quite a bit.  I don’t think I would have if I was not familiar with Chicago.  Since I will be visiting the grounds where the 1893 World Fair was held I’m finding it a fascinating listen.  I hope to have it finished before our trip.  I’m not sure I will be able to finish or even start the Chicagoland spin-off book before our trip so I am trying to find a way that I can read that on my phone during the trip.  I don’t want to take extra electronics so the Nook is staying home.

What are you reading this week?


What I’m Reading Wednesday

This Wednesday I’m Reading…

 The Howling Shotgun Lovesongs Wild Hunger (Heirs of Chicagoland, #1)

The Howling:  Started this last week and got about a chapter in before I ended up distracted by other things.  I hope to pick this up and read it tonight after I get off work as it is only 70 pages long that shouldn’t be a problem.

Shotgun Lovesongs: This will be the next audiobook that I start after I finish up my review for Life, The Universe and Everything.   That should actually be on this list too but I decided to not include it as I only have an hour to listen to and in all actuality, it is my second listen… Read the review to find out why.  Shotgun Lovesongs is the book talk book for July at my library and I want to have it listened to before I hand out books so I can answer questions about it.

Wild Hunger: Still waiting to start this one from last week.  I actually moved it to currently reading on Goodreads because I hope to actually start it this week.   Better get moving if I want to have this one read before our Chicago trip.

I kind of like doing this post each week.  It is helping me stay accountable for my reading.  Or at least remind me that I need to be reading each week.  Of course, that is all a load of BS if I go home tonight and fire up Sims 3 and spend the night telling little people what to do…


What I’m Reading Wednesday

This Wednesday I’m Reading…

The Howling Eleventh Grave in Moonlight (Charley Davidson, #11) Wild Hunger (Heirs of Chicagoland, #1)

The Howling is an ARC that comes out later this month by an author I’ve enjoyed in the past but haven’t read in quite some time because she ventured away from the paranormal genre.  I’ve taken a peek at the rating and I’m a bit concerned that this book won’t be one I enjoy.  I’m going to give it a try however and hope that I’m one that this book works for.  If it doesn’t then you probably won’t be seeing it mentioned again on the blog.

Eleventh Grave in Moonlight is my audiobook selection this week.  I’m almost finished with my audiobook reread of the series and about half done with this book.  I’m also ready for the last book to release because I am craving a fresh story in this world.  The last two books were ones that I read recently so the story stands out the most in my memory.  Going to need to keep my eye out for the last ARC drop as they tend to release them pretty early for this series.

Wild Hunger is the spin-off Chicagoland Vampires series that I was super excited to be approved for.  I’ve not started this one yet and it doesn’t release until August but my husband and I are planning a trip to Chicago in July so I thought it would be fun to start this before then.

In all actuality, I’m just happy to be reading anything this Wednesday as much of the month has been fairly book free.  I did force myself to get serious about breaking the dry spell and spent the past to evenings in bed with a book and what do you know I actually finished one.  Look for that review next week.

What I’m Reading Wednesday

This Wednesday I’m Reading.

A Visit from the Goon Squad Vampire's Faith (Dark Protectors, #8) Weird Chicago

A Visit from the Goon Squad:

Almost finished with this book and I’m still a little nervous about it being the book talk selection next month.  I like it but when I think of all the sex, drugs, and f-bombs and the group of older ladies we have in our discussion group I start to sweat a little.  I hope to finish this up today or tomorrow.  Depends on when I can find a free two hours.

Vampire’s Faith:

Started this last week and I’ve gotten a chapter read and I’m so excited to continue!  I’ve been so busy with housework and gardening that come evening I’m afraid I will fall asleep the second I try to read so I’ve been playing Sims 3 instead.  Tonight I plan to try to get a little further.

Weird Chicago:

I put my other NF book on hold, its review isn’t due until August so I had time to read this interlibrary loan.  We are going to Chicago for an extended getaway and thought it might be fun to learn more about some of the more colorful history of the city.  I also want to listen to The Devil in the White City before we go as we plan to spend a day in Hyde Park where the World’s Fair was held.

What I’m Reading Wednesday

This Wednesday I’m reading…

A Visit from the Goon Squad Vampire's Faith (Dark Protectors, #8) Souls on Earth: Exploring Interplanetary Past Lives


A Visit from the Goon Squad:  This is my audiobook selection for the week and the next book we are reading for the book talk at work.  It was my responsibility to pick for June and July with the Summer Reading Program going on I thought it would be nice for the books to fit the theme which is Library’s Rock.  This was a bit challenging to work around given the books available through participating libraries with book sets.  The first title I selected was booked for the year so I went with number two.  I don’t know much about this one except that Goodreads tells me it is music related.  Finger’s crossed it is a good choice.  I have struck out with the two titles I have suggested so far…

Vampire’s Faith:  This is a review request book that requested through Goodreads.  I have only read one page so far so I could count it as having started for this post.  The series used to be finished but I guess the author has more adventures for this world.  I hope I haven’t forgotten too much.

Souls on Earth: Still plugging along.  I try to read a few pages each night before bed but I think that is the wrong strategy for NF.  After a page or two, the words start swimming on the page and I give up and go to sleep.  After a day of working in the garden, I just can’t concentrate on NF.  Maybe I need to read a few pages each morning before I get up as I tend to lounge in bed after taking my pills as I need to wait an hour before eating.  An hour each day and I should have this done in no time.

What Are you reading this Wednesday?

What I’m Reading Wednesday

This Wednesday I’m Reading…

The Big Alpha in Town Born of Night (The League: Nemesis Rising #1) Souls on Earth: Exploring Interplanetary Past Lives

The Big Alpha in Town: This is an anthology that was offered to me by the publisher a couple of months ago.  It doesn’t release until May 15 so I decided to wait to start it until last week.  I’m through the first story and hope to finish it up by the end of the week.  The first story was alright but I have a couple of issues with it, but I’ll save that for the review.

Born of Night: I decided to download this audiobook while waiting for the next Charley Davidson or Mercy Thompson hold to free up.  I hate to say it but I think I am going to DNF this audiobook.  I’ve read it already in print and the narrator just doesn’t work for me.  She is changing the characters too much for me with her interpretation of their voices.  Also, what the hell.  I don’t remember being this annoyed by the plot in my initial reading.  Unfortunately, I don’t have a review to remind myself what I thought having read it pre-Goodreads.  I know I liked it but for some reason, the characters are rubbing me the wrong way this time.  Could it be the inflection that the narrator is bringing to the story or simply I’ve changed since the first reading?  It could also be the environment in which I now live.  I don’t like the current direction of our country with R’s in charge and the heaviness of this story is making me depressed.  Perhaps I will need to save Ms. Kenyon’s work for a post-Trump reading environment.

Souls on Earth:  Not much progress in this book last week.  NF goes in spurts for me.  I have until August to finish the book so that might be the problem.  No pressure.

What are you reading this week?


What I’m Reading Wednesday

What I’m Reading Wednesday

Well, it’s almost a banner…  I forgot to make one up for this new weekly blog post that I also almost forgot to write.  Hopefully next week will be better. Don’t hold your breath.

This Wednesday I’m reading: 

The City of Brass (The Daevabad Trilogy… Souls on Earth: Exploring Interplanetar…

The City of Brass is an audio book that I put on hold at the library ages ago and then forgot about.  My turn came up and not remembering what it was about but not wanting to get back in line I decided to download and give it a shot.  I can see why I initially wanted to borrow it as I’ve wanted to try a story featuring a Jinn but I have to say I’m just not that into it.  It feels like a YA book, not that I know either way if it is or not, and the majority of it was listened to while I was working on a project where I couldn’t focus on following the book so I didn’t pay that close of attention to what was happening.  I have four days left and quite a bit of the story to go through.  If I finish it great if not I’m not going to get back and line to wait so I can.  So you might see this one review or it might end up in the DNF pile.

Souls on Earth is continued over from last week.  I’ve made a little progress but not much.  I have DNF another review book between last week and now and am hesitant to start another before just finishing this one.  I am almost half done and if I get some reading time I could finish this one up pretty quick as I find it fascinating.  The problem is I find myself shopping for cars online recently and not wanting to read.

So what are you reading this week?

What I’m Reading Wednesday

Welcome to a new weekly blog feature here at Read What I Like.  So new that I’ve not made up a graphic for it yet and decided to just use my banner.  Since I’m putting in an effort to be more active on the blog and its new Instagram account I thought I would try this idea that just popped into my head out.

So what can you expect from this weekly post?  The title is pretty self-explanatory I’m just going to talk about what I’m currently reading each Wednesday.  Let you know my thoughts on the titles and how it’s going.  Not a full review but maybe why I picked that book and such.  Might be a good way to discuss some titles as I’m working on them and why I might DNF them.  So here we go!

This week I’m reading:

 The Curse of Tenth Grave (Charley Davidson, #10)  Souls on Earth: Exploring Interplanetary Past Lives  Quinn (Vampires in America, #12)

The Curse of Tenth Grave is part of my reread of the Charley Davidson series in audiobook format before the last book is released.  It’s going well.  I only have two more books after this one and both are available for borrow through my library.  The hold list is a mile long for book 12 but I have the better part of a year to wait for book 13 so I should be good.

Souls on Earth is a review book that comes out in August, I believe, so you will have to wait a while for the review.  It is a NF title on reincarnation one of the few non-fiction subjects I enjoy reading about.  It is going well so far, a bit slower with NF but I have lots of time.  I’m about half-way through the book and plan on finishing it.  I’ve read a book by this author before.

Quinn is book 12 in the Vampires in America series and another review book that releases on Friday.  I don’t think I will be finished by then but decided to put another read on hold so I could at least start it before it comes out officially.  I’ve only read 19 pages and I think I’ll enjoy it.  I wasn’t sure I wanted to continue this series because of the heavy gun violence but decided to give it one more chance.  This book takes us to Ireland and with my recently discovered Irish DNA I thought it might be a fun read.

How about you?  What are you reading this Wednesday?