Bookish Thoughts: I Can See!

Hello everyone!  I thought I would post an update on the continuing glasses/reading drama that I’ve been complaining about for so long.  If you follow the blog on Instagram, linked in a widget on the side of your screen, you will see that I have my new glasses.  I am quickly adjusting to my first set of bifocals and prescription readers.  I even sat down and read a hundred pages last night!

So far I am unsure about the bifocals but understand that there is a bit of an adjustment period for new wearers.  I just picked them up yesterday and already they are starting to feel more natural.  I absolutely love my readers, however!  I am already planning an evening of reading once I get home and listen to The Young Turks.  I just don’t like switching back and forth so my plan, for now, is to leave the readers on my nightstand and use them to read in the evenings before bed.

I hope to have more frequent reviews for you moving forward.  Thanks for your patience!


Bookish Thoughts


Is it just me or does something look different?  You are correct I’ve decided to update Read What I Like.  WordPress has been nagging me for a year saying that my theme had been discontinued and replaced with a new one, Toujours (if you like it).  I decided I should probably check it out before they simply forced the change.

It isn’t too far off from my last one and I could put a purple background so it didn’t look too different.  I liked the font options they had and it felt easier to read the text with this theme so I decided to switch.  I also added revolving header graphics and eliminated some of the unnecessary clutter on the side panel.  I might still tweak it a bit but so far I am satisfied.  I hope you appreciate the changes as well.

Month in Review: April 2015




Read:  11  Books,   Pages 2654

Year to Date:  32 Books,  10129 Pages

Goal for year: 104 books

Challenges Crossed Off: 33/74

Last Month’s Theme: #ReadingMyLibrary Challenge

This Month’s Theme: Sci-Fi (and a few reads for review)

Yet another month has passed and its time to do another month in review.  I didn’t do too bad in reading last month, even though it always felt like life was getting in the way and I DNFed three books; Blood of the Lamb, The Rook, and Vampires of Manhattan.  They just didn’t work for me, two of which I read far enough in that I felt I could review them though. The Rook far enough that I felt justified in counting it towards my reading tally too.  I also struggled with another book, by my beloved Sherrilyn Kenyon, which meant most of the month just felt like a struggle to find something enjoyable to read.  The only bright spot was the two books and five novellas by Sarah J. Maas and California.  I guess it was still more positive then negative, but still those slow titles really sucked the enjoyment out of most of the month.  This is why I am quick to DNF a title, when I am not excited about a book reading becomes a chore instead of a way to relax or escape.

April’s Theme:

#Reading My Library was the theme for last month, and I’ll be posting a separate post for wrapping up the challenge soon. It was a fun month of library reads and I really was astonished by how much money one could save by borrowing library books instead of buying.  Now most of my purchased books tend to be second-hand and the occasional title by a favorite author, but I am sold on borrowing instead of buying from now on.  Still it is a hard habit to break and I am going to be tested big time here in May.  Darynda Jones is releasing the eighth book in her Charley Davidson series and I so want to go buy it the week it releases.  Her books are a great example of why I should wait though.  I can never find them for a sale or discounted price (some books are offered 10-30% off the first week) and end up paying like $26 or more for each of her more recent releases.  That is a lot of money, especially since she releases two a year, so just for her alone I could be looking at $50 or more dollars on two books.  But being a blogger I want to review books that are just released, who wants to read a review for a title that is 6 months old… Okay some people do, but still I like to be on top of the current books in the series and it is exciting to read along with everyone else and be ahead of the spoilers.  I am just going to have to accept though, that with some authors I’m going to have to wait.  I’m becoming alright with that.  After all thanks to Net Galley I am still privy to other author’s books even before they are released.   I need to remember if I wait, in a few months I will be able to find those books I want to collect second-hand and I can add them to my personal library for a fraction of the price.

May’s Theme:

Sci-fi is the theme for May.  I’m starting off the month with the title Redshirts by Scalzi and am enjoying it so far.  I have a couple of Star Trek books I might try to have even though of reading a biography of one of the Trek actors for one of my challenges.  I also have a few review books I need to read that might not fit in on the theme, but I need to get them in before release.  I currently have like 10 books I’ve agreed to review-I really need to stop requesting- but fortunately they are spread out over the next few months.  June is going to be my Harry Potter re-read and the challenge there is going to be to re-read all the books in a month.  I think I can do it, but I will need to be reading faster or more often than I have the past few months.  I know I enjoyed the books though, so I should be good.  It is going to be interesting to see what I think of them now that my reading tastes have changed.  If you want to join me for Potter in June, send me an email,, and I’ll work up a sign up sheet and maybe some other activities, if I get enough interest.