Bookish Thought: Confession…

Bookish Thoughts

Reading confession time.  I’ve not read a book in two weeks, not significant reading that is.  I haven’t found enjoyment in much of anything recently, actually.  It isn’t just the loss of Tilla, I think it is more than just her.  I don’t want to do anything at all.  Not chores, not reading, not much beyond sleeping and watching TV/YouTube.  I think I’ve slipped into depression.  I will get through it but I’m not feeling motivated to do any of the actual steps to overcome this funk.  I’m simply not happy.  I feel restless, I feel sad, I get angry and worry too much, I pick fights and unload my bad attitude on others.  I feel out of control and I don’t know what to do to get out of this downward spiral I find myself in.  I want to be happy, I want to be excited about things again, I want something to look forward to. I want to enjoy life again.  I know that I am the only one that can get myself out of this funk and part of that is breaking this unhealthy cycle I find myself in but quite frankly I’m not ready to leave this little dark cave I find myself in.  I just want life to continue with no surprises, no changes, no turmoil for a few months.  I also hate this time of year.  So depressing, everything is dying, its getting colder, chores are on the increase.  I just want to hibernate.  Maybe I need something new.  Maybe I need an amazing new world to explore…  Maybe I just need time.  Well thanks for letting me vent.  I hope to get to reading and reviewing again regularly.  If it gets too bad I’ll start limiting my tv and internet time to get back on track.