Top Ten Tuesday: Boldly Go Shopping

Top Ten Tuesday

Welcome to another contribution to the wildly popular Top Ten Tuesday hosted by The Broke and The Bookish.  This week they ask us to share lists on the following:

November 29: Holiday Gift Guide freebie (ten books to buy the YA lover in your life, 10 books to buy for your dad, etc.)

My husband, I do not exchange gifts with each other or anyone else, so I have for several years now not had to actually shop for anything this time of year.  So sometimes it is fun to think about what I might get a such and such person or ask for myself.  I’ve decided to play this list a little selfishly and head over to Barnes and Noble to see what I might find for a Trekkie on their site.  I am not going to limit myself to simply books, the list will be book heavy, though,  but just go through the 2900+ items they have to offer when you search for Star Trek and see what I might enjoy receiving as a gift or give to a fellow fan of the franchise.  So, shall we begin?

Ten books gifts that I might buy a Trekkie over at B&N


  1. Star Trek beyond Movie Star Trek Beyond $14.99: Let’s start with the movie that came out this year.  It’s now out on DVD and Blue Ray.  I already own this little gem so this is one I might buy for a fellow Trekkie.
  2. 2017 Star Trek Poster Wall Calendar 2017 Star Trek Poster Wall Calendar $13.67: I have turned my upstairs hallway into a display center for all my Trek paraphernalia and this wall calendar would fit in nicely.  After the year is up I would so have all the prints framed for my wall too.
  3. Star Trek: The Original Series Adult Coloring Book Star Trek: TOS Adult Coloring Book $14.99: I must confess that I’m not really on board with this coloring trend.  I’m sorry but you end up spending half the time sharpening your pencil with all those tiny little spaces to fill in…  This would totally be the exception to the rule, though, this TOS coloring book would be so cool to have.  They also offer The next generation coloring book if you like that series better.  I would happily accept or give either.
  4. Trekonomics: The Economics of Star Trek Trekonomics: The Economics of Star Trek $13.17: One of the things that had always fascinated and drawn me to Trek is the Utopian society where everyone works for the betterment of themselves and society.  All needs are met and there is no financial inequality.  Trek has shown me a better way and this book would be a fascinating read.
  5. The Fifty-Year Mission: The Complete, Uncensored, Unauthorized Oral History of Star Trek: The First 25 Years The Fifty-Year Mission $19.97: What Trekkie wouldn’t love to learn all the ins and outs of their favorite franchise.  I know I would love this and the second book delving into the second 25 years of Trek.
  6. The Klingon Dictionary The Klingon Dictionary$12.70: Okay, now I don’t think I would ever go so far as to learn to speak Klingon but wouldn’t it be a hoot to look up and learn all the swear words to use in everyday conversation.
  7. Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan Spock Bobble Head Spock Bobble Head $14.95: Yes, please.  I want a Spock Bobble Head for my very own.  Or you could get any one of the other favorite characters for the Trekkie in your life.
  8. Leonard: My Fifty-Year Friendship with a Remarkable Man $16.44: This one is on my to-read shelf.  If you haven’t guessed, Spock is my favorite character, and it would be touching to read about Leonard Nimoy from the insight only Shatner could provide.  LLAP.
  9. Redshirts $11.76: Now this isn’t a Star Trek item but it is a fabulous parody of the Trek franchise and any Trekkie is bound to love this story.  I did and had to go out to make it my very own.  Great read!
  10. Star Trek: The Classic Episodes (Barnes & Noble Collectible Editions) $22.50: Why not a collector addition of TOS episodes in story format.  This would hold an honored place on the shelf of any Trekkie.

Well, there you have my suggestion list of gift items for the Trekkie in your life.  I’m sure there are plenty more out there an Enterprise coffee cup or model, a complete set of their favorite show, all the movies, etc.  This is simply some fun items I found over at Barnes & Noble.  The prices might not be current as I made this list on Cyber Monday and I think they had a sale going on. Live Long and Prosper and have a great holiday shopping season everyone!


Star Trek 1 by James Blish

Book Review


star-trek-1Book Genre: Science Fiction, Media Tie In, Fantasy

Book Series: Star Trek #1

Released: 1967  by Bantam

Pages: 136 Price: $1.25 Paperback

Links:  Goodreads, Author’s Site

Source: I own this book




Book Synopsis:

First of a series in which Blish adapted the scripts from the
original Star Trek series into novelette format.

Included in this volume: Charlie’s Law (Charlie X), Dagger of the Mind, The Unreal McCoy (The Man Trap), Balance of Terror, The Naked Time, Miri, The Conscience of the King.

My Review:

In celebration of the 50th anniversary of Star Trek I took a break from my current read to read this anthology of short stories which were adapted from the TOS.  I do believe it might also be the first Star Trek book, but I’m not 100% on that as the order of Trek books is difficult to pin down.  In this book it lists Spock Must Die before this one so it might be the first.  I own that one as well and will read it eventually.  (Note: after checking Goodreads I see Spock Must Die was published in 1970, so this is the first book, but if that book is not based upon a TV episode it might count as the first original work of Trek fiction…)

Anyway, this was an interesting little read.  Composed of all short stories, each chapter of about 20 or so pages is essentially an episode of TOS.  I did not realize that when I started, not having read the synopsis beforehand, and am not sure what I think about that.  I was hoping for a plot I didn’t know already, but it was interesting to read the details the author interpreted from the actors (inner dialog and such).  I am not crazy about the episodes the author selected to convert, however, and might have enjoyed something original better.

Being this is from a different era though some of the dialog and actions were a bit jarring to me as a reader, but that also happens when I watch TOS TV episodes.  Society’s norms and social interactions have changed in 50 some years and some of what was norm then is definitely not politically correct today.  Some even borders on sexist!  Once you wrap your head around that this was perfectly acceptable back then it takes the edge off it a bit, but still those first few instances are a bit shocking.  Especially coming from something that was considered quite liberal at the time.

If you are looking to dive into Trek fiction I would not start with these books.  I would look for something original or set in your favorite show setting like Voyager, Deep Space Nine, etc.  If you are a die-hard fan, like me, why the hell not pick this one up and revisit some of the stories that made you fall in love with this franchise.  It is only 136 pages after all.  I’m happy to have read this one and have carefully put it back in its slip jacket and am proudly displaying it on my shelves.

Star Trek is an important part of my life and helped to shape my personality.  It connects me to a person I loved and loss and gives me hope for the future of our society.  I am proud to call myself a Trekkie (I prefer Trekkie over Trekker…) and hope the franchise continues to entertain, enlighten, and inspire us for another 50 years or more.  Live Long and Prosper.

My Rating: 3 Stars

Movie Review: Star Trek Beyond (Possible Spoilers)

Blog Banner


I know, I know this is a book review blog so what the hell am I doing reviewing a movie.  Well, if you don’t know by now I’m a huge Trekkie (LLAP) and today I got to see the new movie and I feel like talking about it.  In case you didn’t read the title I may post spoilers, nothing too major, I don’t want to ruin the movie for you, but I want to have my bases covered.  So if you haven’t seen the movie yet and don’t want to know anything that goes on, leave now.  Go, watch the movie and come back to discuss.  You’ve been warned so no complaining in the comments.




Alright, hopefully,that’s enough space for most screens. Okay, shall we begin.

I loved this movie so much, as you could probably already predict.  I can’t say Beyond is my favorite of the three rebooted movies, Into Darkness probably is, but this movie was awesome on so many levels.  I think Abrams is the better director, but Lin still made a pretty kick-ass movie after Abrams left us for the dark side….  Simon Pegg, who plays Scotty, co-wrote this movie and he captured the essence of Star Trek beautifully.  Trek isn’t about the action, not that it can’t have good action, Trek is about the characters.  It is the bond and chemistry of this/these crews that brings us back. This movie goes into that aspect of Trek where the last two didn’t this rebooted Trek movie was for the fans and to celebrate 50 years of Star Trek.

The movie started off with a great opener that had the theater laughing out loud and quickly moved into a more somber tone as we see Kirk struggling with his reasons for being in Star Fleet and the daily grind of his job.  There were some cute segments here, but things didn’t start picking up until later.  We do get to visit a space station that took my breath away. Seriously this was the most beautiful imaginary I’ve seen for a location in this universe. I almost wish we could have explored it more.  Before we know it the crew is out on the ship again and racing off into danger. Since they show this in the trailers I think it is safe to say the Enterprise does not survive the movie. It has lasted through two whole movies, her days were numbered…, still it hurt me to see this ship I used to dream of living on as a child to be utterly destroyed in the way it was.

As I mentioned before Trek is about the characters and in this movie we got to see the bond that started the franchise come shining through with Spock, Bones, and Kirk. Spock and Bones actually got to spend a lot of time together which made my day as I love the bickering between these two.  We also get to see Kirk and Chekov (SO sad to see Anton Yelchin one last time…) team up to work together as well.  Scotty has a more significant role in the movie (I wonder how that happen….) and it was fun to see him get more screen time.  I think Pegg’s Scotty is a bit different from the original  but he does manage to capture the essence while making the roll his own.

There was a bit I didn’t care for in the movie, not much, but some.  The drama between Spock and Uhura didn’t add very much to the plot, in my opinion, except for some humor and a way to solve a plot problem.    The bad guy was also fairly flat for most of the movie.  In the last third, we get to see the motivation behind his actions and there is a nice twist concerning his past (I won’t say more because THAT would be a major spoiler).  He just didn’t make the movie for me, like Cumberbatch did in Into Darkness. Beyond is more about the bond of the crew than it is about defeating the bad guy.  Although that lead to some pretty kick-ass scenes that had me rocking in my seat and marveling at the imagery.  Beyond is a visually beautiful movie and they really did an excellent job of making it feel like the Trek universe.

Let me close by saying there was a touching tribute to the late Leonard Nimoy, and all the actors of the original series really.  They started this Trek journey if not for them and Gene Roddenberry we would not be celebrating 50 years of this beloved franchise that we Trekkies love so much.  To them I say thank you, thank you for the vision, thank you for the memories, thank you for showing us a society we could become.  You have enriched our lives and I am grateful.  Live long and prosper.

Top Ten Tuesday: To Boldly Go

Top Ten Tuesday

Welcome to another contribution to the wildly popular Top Ten Tuesday hosted by The Broke and The Bookish.  This week they ask us to share lists on the following:

June 7: Ten Reasons I Love Xcould be a certain book, character, author, your indie bookstore, a fandom, a tv show, reading, a hobby, a genre. Honestly, anything you want to gush about.

If you haven’t already guessed it from the post title I’m going to be talking about my love of all things Trek for this week’s post.  There are other topics I could have picked: Sherrilyn Kenyon, Cats, Birds, Politics, Turkey, Vampires, etc.  Being this is the 50th anniversary of the original series and that I wore my Star Trek t-shirt today why not.  So….

Shall We Begin Star Trek

Ten Reasons I Love Star Trek

  1. The Message:  This has to be the main reason I love Start Trek over Star Wars.  Trek is a much more optimistic message.  It is about humanity exploring the universe as explorers having overcome so much of the crap we are going through now.  The society we become in Trek’s future is one where people are equal, have their needs met and work to better the species and not for greed.  We explore the universe to learn and better our species to everyone’s benefit, not just the select few.
  2. Spock: Okay confession time.  Spock was my first crush; he has been and always shall be my favorite character.  I love his logic and how humans befuddle him in our imperfect irrational emotional reactions to life.
  3. The Technology: What I love about the tech of Star Trek is how so much of it went from science fiction to science fact and can be found in the world today.  I also loved how so much of the science from the show was based upon real theory.
  4. The Chemistry: While I have already professed my love of Spock, part of that comes from the chemistry between the trio Kirk, Spock, and Bones.  These three were not the only great relationship, though, the entire franchise is filled with dynamic and fun matchups of personalities for a Trekkie to enjoy.
  5. The Inspiration:  I love how Star Trek inspired generations of fans to create the world they fell in love with through the shows and movies.  Be it a scientist creating a cloaking device or a politician working to create an equal society.  Start Trek challenges us to create the vision of the world and society Roddenberry created.
  6. Boundaryless:  Star Trek is known for pushing boundaries.  Roddenberry created a world where races and genders were equal, the third in command of the Enterprise was a black woman at a time when either of those characteristics would have made that not possible.  The first biracial kiss on television also took place on Star Trek between Kirk and Uhura.  These are just two examples.
  7. The Longevity:  Star Trek has lasting power and continues to reinvent itself.  In the 50 years of Star Trek, there have been 12 movies (soon to be 13 with an option for 14!) and 6 tv series (soon to be 7!).  Not to mention to a tremendous amount of Trek fiction out there as books.  That all adds up to a whole lot of Star Trek for any rabid Trekkie to enjoy!
  8. The Reboot: Now this might be controversial for some Trekkies, but I love the two latest movies.  I love what J.J. Abrams did to the franchise.  If it weren’t for him and the success of those movies we wouldn’t be looking at a new tv series and possibly two more movies.
  9. The Fans: Trekkies are a fun bunch and I love how this franchise has created a passionate group of people that are so devoted to its vision.  I know this happens in other franchises, but to me, there is something pretty awesome about being a Trekkie and meeting one of your people.
  10. My Mom: Lastly I would have to credit my love of Star Trek to my mother.  Some of you might know if you know me in real life that I lost my mother when I was 12 years old.  Watching Star Trek is one of the things I remember watching with her.  We would sit in the living room on summer afternoons and watch the original series or going to see the movies.  My love of Star Trek is something I share with her even though she has been gone some 29 years.  Through Star Trek, I am able to keep a piece of her with me forever.

So there you have my love of Star Trek summed up into a Top Ten Tuesday post.  Are you a Trekkie too?  Why not share how you came to love Star Trek in the comments.