Top Ten Tuesday: Reading Resolutions

Top Ten Tuesday

Welcome to another contribution to the wildly popular Top Ten Tuesday hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl.  This week she asks us to share lists on the following:

January 16: Bookish Resolutions/Goals

I’ve long given up trying to direct my reading life.  I’m simply a mood reader and when I put rules or expectations on my reading I simply end up stressed.  Reading should be fun and too many rules or goals squashes my reading pleasure.  Still, for participation purposes, I will try to come up with ten resolutions for my reading in 2018.

Ten Bookish Resolutions for 2018

  1. YouTube:  For the love of God step away from YouTube.  It is nothing but a huge time suck and I waste far too much time watching mindless, yet entertaining, vlogs.  I also watch the news but outside of those two hours a day I need to seriously put a block on that site.
  2. Goodreads Goal:  I hope to read ten more books than last year.  So even though I set my Goodreads goal at 52 I hope to actually read something like 98 books in total.
  3. Audiobooks: I want to continue to listen to audiobooks this year.  I do want to change my focus as far as audiobooks go and use it as a way to reread titles I have already enjoyed.
  4. Star Trek:  I have a tough time passing up Star Trek books when I find them while thrifting.  I have quite the collection built up and they are beginning to creep onto other shelves on my to-read bookcase.
  5. Weed More:  I would like to weed some of the titles I don’t plan to read anymore on my to-read shelves (physical and virtual).  I would also love to get my husband into our home library to go through his collection of titles.
  6. Use the Library More:  I work at a public library and haven’t checked out that many books over the past year instead focusing on reading titles I have at home.  I should try to borrow more books from my public library.
  7. Read more Non-Fiction:  I do occasionally read titles that are NF but not that often.  Maybe I should use that library card to find some NF titles that interest me.
  8.  Catch up on Series:  I have so many series that I follow and have fallen behind with.  I need to either own up and abandon them or get my butt in gear and read the titles that are already released.
  9. New Authors:  I’ve not been seeking out new authors to try and should.  Maybe once I month I could try to read a book by someone I’ve not read before.
  10. Get new glasses:  I’ve been blaming my decline in reading on needing bifocals for about two years now.  I need to make a freaking eye appointment and just get a pair of reading glasses already.

There is my list for this week what reading goals or resolutions do you have for 2018?


Top Ten Tuesday: Meant to read…

Top Ten Tuesday

Welcome to another contribution to the wildly popular Top Ten Tuesday hosted by The Broke and The Bookish.  This week they ask us to share lists on the following:

January 9: Ten Books We Meant To Read In 2017 But Didn’t Get To (and totallyyyy plan to get to in 2018!!)

I’m not much of a planner when it comes to reading the past couple years preferring to read whatever I’m in the mood for.  Still, there are always some titles that we mean to pick up over the course of a reading year.  Here are some titles that I either meant to read or thought I might try but didn’t pick up for some reason.

Ten books that I didn’t read in 2017

  1. Blade of Darkness (Immortal Guardians, #7)  This one I started before coming down with the plague in early December but didn’t get very far into it.  I hope to give it a better chance this January.
  2. Dragonsworn (Dark-Hunter, #28) This is a case of I bought the book when it came out and needed to read the one before then wasn’t too impressed with that book and decided to put off this title…
  3. Deadmen Walking (Deadman's Cross, #1)  I was so excited about a new series by my favorite author but when I got my hands on it I learned that it was a historical and I have been hesitant to actually start it fearing bitter disappointment.
  4. The Chosen (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #15) This series is one I still enjoy despite the fact that I never get around to reading the latest release the year it comes out.  I should really stop buying them release week and wait until I’m ready to read them and picking them up secondhand or discounted.
  5. Born of Vengeance (The League, #10) See number 2 for the reason why I’ve not read this book yet…
  6. Dead Eye (Tiger's Eye Mystery, #1) This is a review book I picked up on Net Galley.  I had wanted to read it before Christmas but again I got sick and didn’t get much reading done.
  7. Envy of Angels (Sin du Jour, #1) This is a free download that I was offered in a newsletter.  It looked interesting and I did try to start it but quickly lost interest.  This one I might not get around to anytime soon.
  8. The End of All Things (Old Man's War, #6) This series was one I read around the time of my hysterectomy last year.  Got to this book and needed a break.  Haven’t gotten around to finishing the last two books.
  9. The Great Suppression: Voting Rights, Corporate Cash, and the Conservative Assault on Democracy I requested this book through Blogging for Books and couldn’t get into it.  I still want to give it try but seem to be in no hurry.
  10. Black Night (Black Wings, #2) I read the first book in this series in hope that I would find a new series to enjoy.  while the first book was okay it just didn’t grab me.  I do have the others and hope to get to them eventually.

Another week, another list.  What books did you mean to read last year?

Top Ten Tuesday: New (To Me) Authors 2017

Top Ten Tuesday

Welcome to another contribution to the wildly popular Top Ten Tuesday hosted by The Broke and The Bookish.  This week they ask us to share lists on the following:

 January 2: Top Ten New-To-Me Authors I Read In 2017

I was surprised at how many new authors I managed to try this year.  I just gave up all pretense of trying to venture outside of my reading comfort zone and thought I had stuck to my tried and true.  Some of these I enjoyed more than others but all of the books below are by authors I’ve never tried before.

Ten authors, I tried for the first time in 2017.

  1. Bottomland  Michelle Hoover: This author was the All Iowa Reads book for 2017 and probably the best one I’ve read in all the years our library has participated.  I don’t think I will be checking out other titles by her though, as she is still pretty far out of my typical book selection.
  2. Saturn Run John Sandford and Ctein: This was an audiobook that I downloaded from my library on a whim.  I enjoyed it and should look into what other titles either of these authors have published.
  3. Mr. Penumbra's 24-Hour Bookstore (Mr. Penumbra's 24-Hour Bookstore, #1) Robin Sloan:  Another library audiobook that I liked and another one that I should check out their other work.
  4. The Space Between the Stars Anne Corlett:  This was a debut novel by this author that I absolutely loved.  Can’t wait to see what else she writes.
  5. How to Speak Chicken: Why Your Chickens Do What They Do & Say What They Say Melissa Caughey:  This was a super fun book that actually had tons of useful information.  If you have your own flock I would check it out.
  6. Reincarnation Blues Michael Poore:  A review request book by an author I’ve never tried before.  Those are getting few and far between but worked out great for this book!
  7. Blood Song (Raven's Shadow, #1) Anthony Ryan:  This was an audiobook that I borrowed from my library and while it took me a bit to get into I enjoyed it quite a bit by the end.  Was disappointed to see the library didn’t have the rest of the trilogy in audio format.
  8. The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet (Wayfarers, #1) Becky Chambers:  This was an author that I suggested to my library for addition to the catalog sometime in 2016.  Yep, it took me a long time to get around to reading it myself…  Such a good book though!
  9. The Queen of the Tearling (The Queen of the Tearling, #1) Erika Johansen:  This was an audiobook that I recently finished and immediately put book two and three on hold.  Can’t believe I didn’t try it sooner.
  10. Astrophysics for People in a Hurry Neil deGrasse Tyson: Another audiobook whim where I was in the mood to try something NF for a change.  This was thoroughly enjoyable and didn’t make me feel too dumb.  Yay, science.

There is my list for the week.  What new author did you discover last year?

Top Ten Tuesday: Coming in 2018

Top Ten Tuesday

Welcome to another contribution to the wildly popular Top Ten Tuesday hosted by The Broke and The Bookish.  This week they ask us to share lists on the following:

 December 26: Top Ten Books I’m Looking Forward to In 2018

For this week’s list I’m going to pick 2018 releases that I am looking forward to reading.  Now I won’t promise that I will read them in 2018, heck there are 2016 titles that I’m still looking forward to reading…  Anyway, these books all have release dates next year and I will eventually read them.

Ten 2018 Books I’m Looking Forward To.

  1.  If Tomorrow Comes (Yesterday's Kin, #2)  Release 3/6/18: This is the second book in a series by an author that is still relatively new to me.  So far I’ve enjoyed most of what I’ve read by her including the first book in this series.
  2. Born of Trouble (League Book 11) Releases 5/1/18: I still need to read the book before this upcoming League release but that doesn’t mean I’m not looking forward to this book.
  3. Resilient: 12 Tools for Transforming Everyday Experiences Into Lasting Happiness Releases 3/27/18:  This is a review book that I’m approved for over at Net Galley.  I hope to start it soon, but since it isn’t releasing until March I have time.
  4. Record of a Spaceborn Few (Wayfarers, #3) Releases 7/24/18: The first two books in this series were a delight so it is only natural that this one made the list too.
  5. Wild Hunger (Heirs of Chicagoland, #1) Releases 7/10/18: The last book in the Chicagoland Vampires series was my favorite read of 2017.  So excited to see what happens in the spin-off series.
  6. Head On (Lock In, #2) Releases 4/19/18: Lock In is one of my favorite Scalzi reads happy to see the next book is coming out next year.  Isn’t that cover beautiful!
  7. Burn Bright (Alpha & Omega, #5; Mercy Thompson World - Complete, #15) Releases 3/26/18: Even though Penguin turned me down for a review copy of this book (I don’t think they like me…) I still plan on reading it, just might take a little longer to get to it though.
  8. Blood Fury (Black Dagger Legacy, #3) Releases 1/9/18: One of the first releases next year on this list can’t wait to read this one and this is one of the rare series that I am current on.
  9. Twice Bitten (Argeneau #27) Releases 3/27/18: Still have my fingers crossed (at the time of writing this) that I am approved for an ARC of this title.
  10. Charley Davidson #13 Release 10/30/18: This one is so far out that the cover has not been released yet.  Perhaps the title I’m most excited for on this list as it is the last book in this series.

There you have my list for this week.  What 2018 titles are you looking forward to reading?

Top Ten Tuesday: Dear Santa,

Top Ten Tuesday

Welcome to another contribution to the wildly popular Top Ten Tuesday hosted by The Broke and The Bookish.  This week they ask us to share lists on the following:

December 19: Top Ten Books I Hope Santa Brings


Husband and I have decided to curb our expenses each month and save up some money for a down payment on a new truck.  We have an ambitus amount of money to save each month so we are both making some serious sacrifices and one of mine is to give up all book purchases for a year.  No thrift books, no new releases by favorite authors, no book purchases at all.  It will be tough but I do work for a library and can always inter-library loan the books I want to read and it isn’t forever.  Below are ten books I would love to receive as gifts in the meanwhile.

December 19: Top Ten Books I Hope Santa Brings

  1. Blood Fury (Black Dagger Legacy, #3) This book would be kind of hard for Santa to bring as it doesn’t release until January 9th but I would love to receive this book as a gift!
  2. Insurrection (Nevermore, #1) This is a self-published book by my favorite author that I just might buy for myself before this list publishes.  I know I am supposed to be saving for a truck but this only costs $4.99 for an e-book and Barnes and Nobel accepts PayPal now.  So weak…  (Update: Yep, I bought it but Santa could always bring me the hardcover copy.)
  3. Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ's Childhood Pal  I’m not a religious person but I do enjoy books that seem to poke fun at the Christian faith and those that take it oh so seriously.  This book while ironic that I am asking Santa for seems like it would be a perfect Christmas read :).
  4. How to Be Depressed: A Guide  This book was mentioned on one of the YouTube news programs that I enjoy.  Being that I’m struggling with a bit of depression I thought this book would be a perfect how-to guide.
  5. Search for Spock: A Star Trek Book of Exploration: A Highly Illogical Parody  Most of the books on this list are meant to be for fun.  There really isn’t any books that I need right now as I have a Nook full of titles to read and not one but two bookcase of titles waiting their turn. This book, however, I really want this title.  Who wants to mail me a copy.  Pretty please.  I’ll love you forever.  (kidding, kinda…)
  6. Immortally Yours (Argeneau #26)  I already read this book but I would love to have my own copy to go with my almost complete series in my home library.
  7. Reincarnation Blues Another book that I’ve already read but would like to own my own copy.
  8. Steal Across the Sky This is an author that I discovered this or last year and I have seen that this is one of the works she is better known for.  I would love the opportunity to read it.
  9. Star Trek:  Voyager:  The Complete Series I know.  This is not a book.  BUT, it is something I desperately want to add to my home “library” (DVD library….) Husband and I started binge watching Star Trek: Next Generation (made it through season one!) and I would love to dive into Voyager after we finish ST:NG.
  10. Star Trek:  Enterprise:  The Complete Series Also not a book.  I ran out of books that I wanted to ask Santa for….  I’ve either read them all and don’t need them in my home library or they haven’t released yet.  So I would love to also own Star Trek: Enterprise to start after we finish Star Trek: Voyager.

There is my list for this week,  what book do you hope to receive this holiday season?

Top Ten Tuesday: 2017 Favorites

Top Ten Tuesday

Welcome to another contribution to the wildly popular Top Ten Tuesday hosted by The Broke and The Bookish.  This week they ask us to share lists on the following:

 December 12: Top Ten Favorite Books of 2017

I’m not feeling well today so I’m hoping to churn out quite a few of these TTT posts and schedule them.  This week’s list is the ten books I enjoyed most in 2017.  I’m going to pick from my five-star reviews and link the picture to their reviews instead of their Goodreads page.  The books are listed in countdown order with book ten being my favorite of the year.

The Ten Books I Enjoyed Most in 2017.

  1. Immortal Unchained (Argeneau, #25) This long-established series is still one of my favorites.  I enjoyed the last edition immensely and have my fingers crossed that I’m approved for an e-arc of the upcoming release.
  2. Blood Vow (Black Dagger Legacy, #2) The third book in this spin-off Black Dagger Brotherhood series is going to release soon.  This is book two and I enjoyed it quite a bit but more for the glimpses of the Brothers than the main couple.
  3. Artemis The second book by Mr. Weir was not quite as good as The Martian but still highly enjoyable!
  4. Eleventh Grave in Moonlight (Charley Davidson, #11) Hard to believe this series only has one more book… Love this series and I’ll miss it.
  5. The Space Between the Stars This book was a surprise in that I requested it on a whim while looking for science fiction titles up for review.  It was so good I suggested it to the library I work for so our patrons could enjoy it too.
  6. Ready Player One This book was a total surprise as well.  I tried to read the next book by this author not once but twice then I decided to listen to the first book and absolutely loved it!  Was delighted to learn online today that there will be a second book.
  7. Silence Fallen (Mercy Thompson, #10) After a disappointing book or two in this series, I was delighted to thoroughly enjoy this book.
  8. Reincarnation Blues Another whim of a request at Net Galley that ended up being a delight to read.
  9. The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet (Wayfarers, #1) This was I recommended for purchase back in 2015 for my library when I was looking to bolster our science fiction collection.
  10. Blade Bound (Chicagoland Vampires, #13) This was my favorite read from 2017, hands down no question.  This was also the last book in the Chicagoland Vampires series and perhaps the most perfect series finally that I have ever read.

Well, there you have my list for this week.  What was your favorite read of 2017?  Leave it in the comments or share your Top Ten Tuesday list!

Top Ten Tuesday: Bookish Locals.

Top Ten Tuesday

Welcome to another contribution to the wildly popular Top Ten Tuesday hosted by The Broke and The Bookish.  This week they ask us to share lists on the following:

 December 5: Ten Bookish Settings I’d Love to Visit

I’m pretty sure we’ve done this topic before or at least one similar.  So this week’s list is simply going to be me scouring my Goodread’s read list looking for books set in locations I’d like to visit not necessarily books I loved the most.

Ten book location I’d like to visit.

  1. Some Girls Bite (Chicagoland Vampires, #1) Chicago: I’ve been to this city many times but I still haven’t done a Chicagoland Vampires tour of the city which is something I truly want to do.  Hmm.. Maybe during our December 2017 trip.
  2. Twilight (Twilight, #1) Washington State: This book and the next kind of go hand in hand as I would love to visit the Pacific NorthWest.
  3. Moon Called (Mercy Thompson, #1) Oregon State: See all the trees….  I love forests and the Pacific NW just sounds like a heavenly place to visit.
  4. Night Play (Dark-Hunter #5, Were-Hunter #1) New Orleans: So many vampire books are set here but the main reason I still want to visit this city is that my favorite series is set there.
  5. Bared to You (Crossfire, #1) New York:  I would love to visit this city but it intimidates me quite a bit.  I love how Chicago is set up like spokes on a wheel, it is easy for me to navigate.  New York and all its burrows just seem so confusing.
  6. Inferno (Robert Langdon, #4) Italy:  I almost had the opportunity to visit this country when I was in college but couldn’t find a way to afford it.  I would still like to visit someday and the husband and I are considering either a cruise or guided tour.
  7. The Rosie Project (Don Tillman, #1)  Australia:  I would also love to see Australia someday not necessarily because of this book, though.  This was definitely a case of hey I want to go here what books have I read that were set there.
  8. First Grave on the Right (Charley Davidson, #1) New Mexico:  Arizona is out of the question in terms of visiting for our family as I don’t agree with some of the choices the state has made politically but New Mexico might be a good choice for a state to visit in the South West.  Kind of just grasping at straws here for the remaining of the list…
  9. Shadow of Night (All Souls Trilogy, #2) England, France, & Prague:  Not necessarily during the 1500’s like the book was set in but it would be fun to visit all these locations.
  10. Time for Yesterday (Star Trek: The Yesterday Saga, #2) USS Enterprise:  This is the fun or silly pick for this week’s list.  I’m such a huge Trekkie that of course, I would love to visit the Star Ship Enterprise.  Not sure which one, and I’d even be up for a visit on Voyager, but I would love it if it were possible to visit one of these ships and their crews.

Well, there you go, folks, my list for this week.  What bookish locations would you like to visit?  Leave a comment with either the local or a link to your own TTT list.

Top Ten Tuesday: Winter TBR 2018

Top Ten Tuesday

Welcome to another contribution to the wildly popular Top Ten Tuesday hosted by The Broke and The Bookish.  This week they ask us to share lists on the following:

November 28: Top Ten Books On My Winter TBR

The current reading phase I continue to be in does not gel well with planning long-term.  I continue to be a mood reader and have no idea what I might read over the winter.  I’m actually listening to more books than reading lately and the book I have access to is dependent upon what is available at my library.  Going through my Goodreads list not much caught my eye for titles I have to read right away.  So I’m going to select some titles in series I need to catch up on and a few new releases I have my eye on.  To be honest, though I have no idea what books I might or might not pick up this winter.

Ten books that I might read this winter.

  1. Baby, I'm Howling for You  I have an ARC of this book and hope to start it after I finish my current NF read.
  2. Blood Fury (Black Dagger Legacy, #3) I almost enjoy this Black Dagger Brotherhood spin-off series more than the main BDB series itself.  Looking forward to the third book in the Black Dagger Legacy series.
  3. The Invasion of the Tearling (The Queen of the Tearling, #2) This is perhaps the book I am most excited to read currently.  I was surprised at how much I enjoyed the first book, The Queen of the Tearling.
  4. Blade of Darkness (Immortal Guardians, #7) This book came out in September and I hope to get to this one after I review the title in spot #1.
  5. Resilient: 12 Tools for Transforming Everyday Experiences Into Lasting Happiness Almost forgot about this NF title that I requested through Net Galley.  I thought this might be a great book to read when taking into consideration the current state of my mental health.
  6. Six Wakes I needed to add a book to an Amazon order recently to get free shipping.  Don’t know much about this one beyond it was the right price and a science fiction title that looked interesting.
  7. Envy of Angels (Sin du Jour, #1)  This title was a free download in one of the newsletters that I subscribe to and has been sitting in my reading app looking interesting for a couple of months.
  8. Dragonsworn (Dark-Hunter, #28) This is from series that I need to catch up on.  This one gives me pause because I am afraid it will have similar problems as her last book and be mainly old plotlines.
  9. Insurrection (Nevermore, #1) This title caught my attention as it is a new series by my favorite author.  Unsure if it is a completely new idea or a spin-off from one of her other series.  Going to have to buy it to find out.
  10. The Chosen (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #15) Another book from a series I need to catch up on.  Most likely what will happen is the next book will release, I’ll buy it, and then I will read this one.


Well, there is my list for the week.  What titles are you looking forward to this winter?

Top Ten Tuesday: Thankful for…

Top Ten Tuesday

Welcome to another contribution to the wildly popular Top Ten Tuesday hosted by The Broke and The Bookish.  This week they ask us to share lists on the following:

 November 21: Top Ten Books I’m Thankful For


First off, Happy Thanksgiving to all of my followers in the United States.  I hope you have a good holiday.  This week I’m going to pick books that have had a profound influence on either my personal life or reading taste over my life.  So I’m not going to limit myself to reads from just this year.  Many of these titles you will have seen before on my TTT lists.

Ten books that I’m thankful for.

  1. Twilight (Twilight, #1)  Going to start off with this title and while I know it isn’t a masterpiece of literary fiction I was a huge fan of the Twilight series.  While I have moved on from this author I am grateful for its opening me up to the world of genre fiction and vampires especially.  I might never read it again but it shall forever hold a special place in my heart.
  2. A Discovery of Witches (All Souls Trilogy, #1)  This is the book I credit with helping me move on from the world of Twilight.  After falling for this series I have never picked up the Twilight series again, I’ve read it three times.  This series taught me that paranormal books can be so much more.
  3. The Shining I have long since broken up with this author but I’m grateful for The Shining because it was a way for a 13-year-old to connect with a mother she had just lost.  I read this book because it was one of her books and it was a way to keep a piece of her in my life.  It no longer has its cover but it will always have a place on my shelves.
  4.   A Game of Thrones (A Song of Ice and Fire, #1) This book I credit for showing me that high fantasy doesn’t have to be as awful as The Lord of The Rings… That was just painful to read.
  5. The Martian This is one of my all-time favorite books and I am so thankful for the Blogging for Books program that introduced me to Andy Weir.
  6. Journey of Souls: Case Studies of Life Between Lives I’m sure this isn’t the first book on reincarnation that I read as a teen but I’m going to use it as an example.  I’m eternally grateful for the books I’ve read over the years on this subject.  They have helped me to form a personal ideology that feels true to my soul and cope with the passing of loved ones in my life.  These books have brought me much comfort and enlightenment over the years.
  7.   Fantasy Lover (Dark-Hunterverse #1) Can’t have a list of books I’m thankful for without the first book I read by my favorite author.  This is the one that started it all for me.
  8. First Grave on the Right (Charley Davidson, #1) I’m grateful for this series!  It has brought me so much delight since I found it.  I also credit it with helping me move into other areas of paranormal fiction beyond just vampires.
  9. Redshirts This was the first book I read by Mr. Scalzi and what inspired me to take an evening out of my Chicago trip and go meet him in person.  Unfortunately, I didn’t have a copy of Redshirts for him to sign but it was so cool to meet him even if it wasn’t until I read two or three more books for me to realize how cool it was.  I now have my own copy of Redshirts and a first edition of Old Man’s War that I hope to have him sign someday in the future.
  10. The Diary of Adam and Eve  This was the first book by Twain that I ever read and I credit it with showing me that not all classics are going to suck.  I’ve not read anything else by him but I hope to someday.


There is my list for the week and once again I hope you have a great Thanksgiving!

Top Ten Tuesday: Recommendations for young people.

Top Ten Tuesday

Welcome to another contribution to the wildly popular Top Ten Tuesday hosted by The Broke and The Bookish.  This week they ask us to share lists of the following:

 November 14: Top Ten Books I Want My Future Children to Read (Or nieces and nephews, Godchildren, etc.)


Wasn’t sure I wanted to do this week’s list but I skipped last week and thought I should at least try.  I don’t have kids.  I don’t have young nieces or nephews, which I think was the intention of this list idea.  I simply don’t have kids in my life and that is by design.  I do have opinions however and decided to look for books that I’ve read that I think young people should read.  I know that I’m a librarian and helping people select reading material is part of my job.  But there is a big difference between helping someone find something they want to read and selecting something that people should read.  One takes into account what the reader’s interests are and the other the recommenders’ personal moral code.  Note: I’m recommending books for readers age 16 and up.  

Ten books that young people should read.

  1. The Handmaid's Tale There is going to be several dystopian novels on the list because I truly believe it is one of the best ways to get people questioning government control.  This one also makes the reader think about the role of women in society.
  2. Impossible (Impossible, #1) This book I would recommend because it deals with the topic of mental health and rape.
  3. A Thousand Splendid Suns This is not an easy book to read and does not have a pleasant ending for one of the main characters but I feel that we tend to live in such an isolated privileged society that we forget that many people in the world have much harder lives.  This is a great book to remind young people how good they have it in life.
  4. Matched (Matched, #1) Another great book to get teens questioning the big brother also known as big government.
  5. Mr G: A Novel About The Creation Despite the fact that we are not a Christian nation but instead a secular one I feel more people need to read something that challenges the traditional ideas of who or what God is.  This is a fun book that makes people think in a pretty non-threatening fun way.
  6. Strength in What Remains: A Journey of Remembrance and Forgiveness The civil war was the last time we had an armed conflict on American soil and I feel like everyone should read what it is like to live in a country at war.  To not feel safe in your own home.  Too often America is the aggressor in the world maybe if more people knew what it was like to live with war around you then we would be less likely to inflict war upon other countries.  Also, we need a healthy reminder of why people flee their homelands.  It isn’t to take our jobs it is to save their lives.
  7. Two Is Enough: A Couple's Guide to Living Childless by Choice  Too often young people are taught that they need to grow up, get married, and start a family of their own.  Meaning they need to have kids.  Not everyone is fit to or wants to have children and that’s okay.  This book would help show them that they have options.
  8. Throne of Glass (Throne of Glass, #1) This book has a strong female lead and questions authority.
  9. Across the Universe (Across the Universe, #1) Another book to get teens questioning society and topics of control and do the ends justify the means.
  10. Infinity (Chronicles of Nick, #1) Ms. Kenyon does epic good vs evil and takes characters that have had everything thrown at them and raises them up to be heroes despite the adversity they have faced in life.  Sometimes we just need to be reminded that yeah life can suck but that doesn’t mean you can’t overcome it.