So I’ve Been Busy…

Just thought I should perhaps think about posting something since I’ve been neglecting both my blogs this month.  I’m still here and still reading albeit slowly.  I’ve been busy with doctors appointments, work, the garden, and my birds.  Not a lot of reading going on but I hope to pick back up soon.

Last weekend my husband and I went to go see The Dark Tower, a movie loosely based upon Stephen King’s magnum opus Dark Tower series.  We both enjoyed the movie and were disappointed to see all the negative reviews.  Oh, sure it’s not the same as the books.  Movies based on books rarely are but I thought it captured enough of the essence of the series to be enjoyable.  Now I broke up with Stephen King a long time ago but the movie has inspired me to pick The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger up and read it again.  My husband has also decided to read the book so I gave him my copy that I read back in 1991 (!) and I checked out my library’s copy.  My husband rarely reads fiction so for him to be interested in this book is a BIG deal!  I was not going to pass up the opportunity for us to read the same book at the same time and discuss it.  It is a long series, seven books if I remember correctly, and I’m sure he probably won’t finish it, but I might.  I loved this series and the complete set remains in my personal library.  I think it is time to revisit this world and see if it still hold the same magic that a much younger Amy found.  It will be interesting to see if I still think it is as great as I once did.

I hope to return to normal posting next month.

Happy Reading~