Monday Morning Check-In: Still Cold…

Good Monday morning everyone.  I hope you had a great weekend and to those of you that celebrate Easter a good holiday.  Husband and I do not celebrate so our weekend was pretty much normal.  He did get to work on Friday so that should be some nice holiday pay in next week’s paycheck.  Still cold here in Eastern Iowa and I just ordered our third tank of propane this winter. Dammit.  Oh well, we should have a mostly full tank going into next winter then.  Hopefully, it will warm up soon as I would like to get out in the garden.

Started the Dark Hunter book I’ve been avoiding and so far it has been what I had feared.  I’m not into the main characters.  So far it seems to be 100% original plot which was my complaint with the last book but I still think it is going to be tough to get through this one.  I wonder if I just need to move on from her books, that they won’t work for me anymore.  I hope not she was my favorite author.

Brought home a pompom maker for my knitting projects and I have an idea to make some fun bookmarks.  A google search tells me they have already been done before but I’ll post a picture to Instagram anyway when they are done.

Have a great week everyone and happy reading!


Monday Morning Check-In: Waiting on Spring

Good Monday morning everyone.  Coming off a truly good weekend with the hubby.  Saturday was a little tough as we were both frustrated with some light snow but we headed out anyway and did our weekly shopping.  Sunday’s weather was much nicer and we spent much of the day outside working on projects.  Hubby got a new toy drone to play with and I got some yard work done.  In the evening we curled up on the couch to watch Star Trek.  It was such a nice day and just what we both needed to relax.  I did manage to get some reading done but not as much as I might have liked but that’s okay.

This week I have the next two audiobooks in the Charley Davidson series so I plan to work on a set of knit gloves and listen to them.  I am also working on the spin-off Blackdagger Brotherhood’s latest release and I bought the novella in the main series that I will start after finishing that.  After I am all caught up in that world I might move onto Kenyon and catch up in her series.

Spring starts tomorrow and I am so looking forward to warmer weather.  Spring is my favorite time of year and hopefully, we get more than two weeks of it.   I need to make plans for the birds and the garden too.  Potatoes and onions could go in the ground soon but first, we need to clean it up from last year.  I left it as is so the birds could pick through the leftover seeds over the winter.

Have a great weekend everyone and happy reading!

Month in Review: February 2018

Month in Review

Read this month:  10 Books, 3,014Pages 

Read this year: 21  Books, 6,122 Pages 

The Freeze-Frame Revolution Envy of Angels (Sin du Jour, #1) If Tomorrow Comes (Yesterday's Kin, #2) Cry Wolf (Alpha & Omega, #1) Bone Crossed (Mercy Thompson, #4) The Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend Better Off Undead (The Bloodhound Files, #4) Wolf UndauntedOnly Human (Themis Files, #3) Iron Kissed (Mercy Thompson, #3)

Looking Back:

Another great month of reading!  Four of those pictured above are ARC titles that have not yet released so I’ve not posted their review yet.  The Readers of Broken Wheel was a reread for a library book talk and since I just reviewed the title last year I decided to not post an updated review.  Half of the titles are audiobooks which is really helping my numbers this year and my knitting habit!  I’m also enjoying the revisit to series I previously enjoyed.  A couple of disappointments this month with the first two pictured above didn’t work for me.  Didn’t hate them enough to DNF but couldn’t give them more than two stars either.  Somehow I also missed the blog’s birthday!  On February 24th Read What I Like turned four.  Happy anniversary!

Looking Ahead:

I hope to keep up momentum with my reading this month.  I have about three or four audiobooks that I am next in line for at my library.  Hopefully they won’t all become available at the same time.  I have two review books, well one review book and one set of review postcards from Blogging for Books.  I said I was going to give up on the program but still find myself checking in on what they have to offer about once a week. I’m going to finish up two of the Bloodhound Files books and possible try to catch up with JR Ward or Sherrilyn Kenyon’s series. If I do go with either of those authors this month my numbers will be down next month as they both write bricks.  I’ve also been toying with a month of Star Trek fiction so we will just have to wait and see what I’m in the mood for.

Happy Reading ~Amy

Monday Morning Check-In: 36 Days Until Spring…

We have survived the snowpocalypse of last week.  Not one big storm but a week of snowstorms every day and no snow blower.  We ended up with a foot of snow altogether and it does look pretty as it didn’t drift and we don’t have anyone that walks through or play in it.  That being said I hope most of it melts this week.

Been struggling with my audiobooks recently.  I hope that I can have my turn at one of the three series I am working on.  I am almost finished with a review book I am reading and no review books to pick afterward.  I am going to find something on my to-read bookshelf at home.  I need to catch up on several series by favorite authors of mine.

Going to leave it here as I have another cancer check-up today and need to leave soon. Have a great week!

Top Ten Tuesday: Wow, I read that?!?

Top Ten Tuesday

Welcome to another contribution to the wildly popular Top Ten Tuesday hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl.  This week she asks us to share lists on the following:

 January 30: Books I Can’t Believe I Read

I tend to read the same type of books and don’t venture outside of my comfort zone very often.  So this week might be a bit of a challenge but I will try to find ten titles where either I’m surprised I picked it up or I’m shocked that I actually finished it because I’m not one to suffer through a book that isn’t working for me.

Ten books that I’m surprised I read.

  1. Pride and Prejudice  Every once in a while I get this crazy notion in my head that I should read something that is good for me.  Or that I feel I should up my reading ante and read a classic like this one so I too can be a reading snob… (Kidding, to all those that truly enjoy reading the classics or big lit).  I just need to own up that these books hold little interest for me and steer clear of them all together in order to avoid frustration.
  2. The Devil and Miss Prym (On the Seventh Day, #3) This book came upon a recommendation from my husband who has vastly different reading taste than I.  Sometimes I enjoy what he has read but most of the time not.  The reverse is true too, though, and he rarely enjoys titles that I recommend.
  3. The Fellowship of the Ring (The Lord of the Rings, #1)  This was another one of those cases of reading to better myself.  I figured I would try a fantasy classic this time and see if that worked better for me.  Nope.  I hated every minute of this book and ended up giving up 50 pages from the end.  I know it is supposed to be THEE iconic book that founded a genre but I found it slow and too male-centric.
  4. Neil Patrick Harris: Choose Your Own Autobiography  I’m not usually a NF reader but this book was offered through Blogging for Books and was the only title that looked remotely interesting I decided to give it a chance.  It was a lot of fun and since then I’ve read another biography, while that one was good to it wasn’t as fun as this choose your own adventure read by NPH.
  5. The Kite Runner This was another book recommendation from my husband.  This time I enjoyed the book but it was definitely not a typical read for me.  I tend to shy away from books that will make me sad, depressed, or angry and this title left me feeling all three.
  6. Strength in What Remains: A Journey of Remembrance and Forgiveness  This book is here to represent all the All Iowa Reads books that I typically don’t like…
  7. Legends of the Fire Spirits: Jinn and Genies from Arabia to Zanzibar I’m not going to go into why I read this book but I did.  It is a NF title dealing with the legends that surround the Jinn.
  8. Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West (The Wicked Years, #1)  I’m not so much surprised that I picked this title up more that I’m surprised I finished it.  Save yourself the grief just go see the musical, which is amazing!  The book, less so…
  9. The Goldfinch  Pulitzer prize-winning novels usually don’t make my reading list.  This one did in a year I was doing a book challenge.  Totally blown away by how much I enjoyed it.
  10. The 5th Wave (The 5th Wave, #1)  I’m surprised I read this one because I picked it up well past the point where I had given up YA books.  I just can’t relate to the age group anymore and I need to be able to relate to a character.  I hated every minute of this book.  The story just didn’t work for me and it ended up ending my YA reading.

Another week, another list.  What books are you shocked that you read?  Share in the comments or post a link to your list!

Top Ten Tuesday: Who are you again?

Top Ten Tuesday

Welcome to another contribution to the wildly popular Top Ten Tuesday hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl.  This week she asks us to share lists on the following:

January 23: Books I Really Liked but Can’t Remember Anything/Much About

This very topic is the reason I started reviewing what I read.  I wanted to remember what I thought of books in different, but similar, series or authors I’ve tried before but didn’t like all that much.  I started writing a review to help out my memory and found that friends enjoyed them so I started a blog.  For this week’s list, I’m going to go through my four and five stars rated books and see which ones draw a blank.

Ten books that must have liked…

  1. Eighth Grade Bites (The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod, #1) I read this book sometime before 2010 and do not have a review for any of the books in the series.  I remember enjoying it and a general idea of its plot but not much else.
  2. Wildwood Dancing (Wildwood, #1) I remember being disappointed that the author only wrote two books in this series.  I remember more about the second title but this one only a tiny amount.  Gave it four stars though and read it sometime before 2010.
  3. Aurelia (Aurelia, #1) Yep, no clue.  The synopsis doesn’t even jog my memory on this one.  Another four-star rating and read in October 2011.
  4. Savor (Warm Delicacy, #1)  According to my review, I loved this one.  I remember having to wait forever for the last book to be released.  I did buy it but had forgotten so much of the first two books that I never finished the series.  Now I taste has changed so much that I am hesitant to go back and reread the series.
  5. For Love of an Angel (The Fallen Warriors #1) I loved these short stories but this is another case of waiting too long for next releases led to a loss of interest and then forgetting… This is one series that I might reread in order to finish mainly because they are quick reads.
  6. The Traveler (Fourth Realm, #1)  I almost feel bad about this one.  The previous books were read more than five years ago.  This title was an audiobook listen in 2016.  I did like it but I wonder if the fact that I listened to instead of reading it led to my foggy memories.
  7. Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark Side (Jessica, #1) Another case of I can remember the basic plot but not much else.  This was also another disappointment in that the author only wrote two books in the series.
  8. Fury (The Cure, #1) I remember being blown away by this book and enjoying it second too.  Then I had to wait… I ended up forgetting too much and never finished the series.  Dammit, I hate when that happens.
  9. The Charmer (Darklands, #1) I’ve mentioned this series before in my TTT lists most of the time it is about the cover art not matching the plot.  I don’t remember much about this title beyond it was an excellent read, one of the best by an indie author I’ve found.
  10. Kiss of Midnight (Midnight Breed,  #1) Another case of I feel bad about forgetting so much of this series.  I think it just blends into all the other vampire romances that I was into at the time.  Not enough stood out to leave a lasting impression.  It was a great series, however, and I still recommend it for paranormal fans.

That’s my list for this week.  I truly do feel bad about forgetting so much of what I’ve read.  Perhaps if I wait long enough I can simply enjoy these titles for the first time all over again…

Monday Morning Check-In: Arctic Blast

Good Monday morning everyone.  Like many other spots in the US we are experiencing another arctic blast here in Iowa so today I’m going to be hibernating in my living room under a thick blanket and wearing about two layers as I knit and listen to my audiobook.  This blast feels worse than the one we had in the new year that froze the pipes and car up but it is probably just the wind making everything so miserable.  I’ve already spent far too much time on YouTube today so this afternoon I hope to stay off the computer and work on projects or read.  I have managed to get into my current review book but have been a bit distracted with the Charley Davidson series to make much progress.  I’m almost done with book five and have book six already downloaded so maybe after I finish those I can finish up the review title.  If you follow me on Instagram you know that I’ve already broken my book buying ban for the year when I couldn’t pass up the latest release by J.R. Ward.  Of course, I need to read last year’s book The Chosen, to avoid spoilers, before I can dive into the latest from the spin-off series.

Well, I’ll leave you here and hopefully I’ll finish a book this afternoon and can bring you a review.  Have a great week everyone!

Monday Morning Check-In: Merry Christmas

Quick post today because of the holiday.  I personally don’t celebrate Christmas but want to wish all of you that do a Merry Christmas.  I hope you have a great holiday and receive all the books on your Christmas list.

Today I’m working on laundry and getting my birds a warmer coop where their water won’t freeze.  I’m also going to finish up a blanket and do our one Christmas tradition of watching A Christmas Story, much to my husband’s annoyment.  Have a great week everyone!


Merry Christmas and Happy Reading ~ Amy

Top Ten Tuesday: 2017 Favorites

Top Ten Tuesday

Welcome to another contribution to the wildly popular Top Ten Tuesday hosted by The Broke and The Bookish.  This week they ask us to share lists on the following:

 December 12: Top Ten Favorite Books of 2017

I’m not feeling well today so I’m hoping to churn out quite a few of these TTT posts and schedule them.  This week’s list is the ten books I enjoyed most in 2017.  I’m going to pick from my five-star reviews and link the picture to their reviews instead of their Goodreads page.  The books are listed in countdown order with book ten being my favorite of the year.

The Ten Books I Enjoyed Most in 2017.

  1. Immortal Unchained (Argeneau, #25) This long-established series is still one of my favorites.  I enjoyed the last edition immensely and have my fingers crossed that I’m approved for an e-arc of the upcoming release.
  2. Blood Vow (Black Dagger Legacy, #2) The third book in this spin-off Black Dagger Brotherhood series is going to release soon.  This is book two and I enjoyed it quite a bit but more for the glimpses of the Brothers than the main couple.
  3. Artemis The second book by Mr. Weir was not quite as good as The Martian but still highly enjoyable!
  4. Eleventh Grave in Moonlight (Charley Davidson, #11) Hard to believe this series only has one more book… Love this series and I’ll miss it.
  5. The Space Between the Stars This book was a surprise in that I requested it on a whim while looking for science fiction titles up for review.  It was so good I suggested it to the library I work for so our patrons could enjoy it too.
  6. Ready Player One This book was a total surprise as well.  I tried to read the next book by this author not once but twice then I decided to listen to the first book and absolutely loved it!  Was delighted to learn online today that there will be a second book.
  7. Silence Fallen (Mercy Thompson, #10) After a disappointing book or two in this series, I was delighted to thoroughly enjoy this book.
  8. Reincarnation Blues Another whim of a request at Net Galley that ended up being a delight to read.
  9. The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet (Wayfarers, #1) This was I recommended for purchase back in 2015 for my library when I was looking to bolster our science fiction collection.
  10. Blade Bound (Chicagoland Vampires, #13) This was my favorite read from 2017, hands down no question.  This was also the last book in the Chicagoland Vampires series and perhaps the most perfect series finally that I have ever read.

Well, there you have my list for this week.  What was your favorite read of 2017?  Leave it in the comments or share your Top Ten Tuesday list!

Monday Morning Check-In: I have the plague…

Good Monday morning everyone.  Not a lot of reading going on last week, again.  Some week I’m going to log on here and regale you all with all the books I managed to finish in the previous week.  Last week, however, was not a great week for reading.  I had to break my Facebook vacation to seek help after a dog attack on my livestock.  I came home from work to find two dogs chasing one of my llamas.  A Great Pyrenees the size of a small pony, and a young German Sheppard puppy, had killed one of my roosters, run off all my peafowl, and driven one of my llamas through a five-foot solid fence and over a gate into another pasture.  The poor girl was simply terrified and it took 20 minutes to walk her back to her flock after I convinced her to stand up.  I held on to the dogs overnight and turned them over to a rescue group the next day.  The owners have been found and the dogs returned but they have not stopped to offer to pay for the damage their dogs did.  I hope they never come back because next time they come to terrorize my pets my husband is going to shoot them.   The animals have recovered and are all returning to normal behaviors.  It was a traumatizing couple of days.

By the end of the week, I came down with some bug.  Either the flu or a cold all I know is that I feel like crap and it feels like I swallowed broken glass.  Today my plan is to sit on the couch, drink tea, and listen to an audiobook while I work on paperwork or knit.  I have two books to pick from one over 24 hours and the other just under 7.  I might pause the long one and knock out the short one so I feel like I accomplished something reading-wise.

Well, I have probably complained enough.  If you follow the blog on Facebook sorry if you’ve missed some posts.  Apparently, when I blocked the site during my Facebook vacation it severed my cross-posting ability.  I have logged back in and am going to try simply willpower to keep me off FB during my year-long break.  That way you can still have links to my posts.

Happy Reading, Amy