Bookish Thoughts: I Can See!

Hello everyone!  I thought I would post an update on the continuing glasses/reading drama that I’ve been complaining about for so long.  If you follow the blog on Instagram, linked in a widget on the side of your screen, you will see that I have my new glasses.  I am quickly adjusting to my first set of bifocals and prescription readers.  I even sat down and read a hundred pages last night!

So far I am unsure about the bifocals but understand that there is a bit of an adjustment period for new wearers.  I just picked them up yesterday and already they are starting to feel more natural.  I absolutely love my readers, however!  I am already planning an evening of reading once I get home and listen to The Young Turks.  I just don’t like switching back and forth so my plan, for now, is to leave the readers on my nightstand and use them to read in the evenings before bed.

I hope to have more frequent reviews for you moving forward.  Thanks for your patience!