Bookish Thoughts: Why I’m not reading…

…or doing anything really.  Depression.  Pure and simple I’m stuck in a bout of depression.  I thought I wasn’t reading because I was too busy.  Work in the garden, work on the house, work at the library. Then I thought I wasn’t reading because I needed new glasses with bifocal lenses.  Still, need those but I don’t think that is the reason anymore.  I find myself not interested in much of anything right now.  Could be due to changes in my life from my cancer diagnosis, hysterectomy, and now dealing with menopause, a major life crisis, and hormonal shift can do a number on someone’s attitude.  Then there is the 30 year anniversary of my mother’s death, get over it already… A couple other issues that I’m going to keep private.  The reason doesn’t really matter though the results are the same I am stuck in a dark place right now and I’ve lost interest in pretty much everything.  I’m still getting some things accomplished with the garden and animals but if something’s life doesn’t depend on me rallying enough energy to do what needs to be done the task just isn’t happening.  I am going to make an effort to stick to my commitments to read the review books I’ve been granted access to but other than that I just can’t’ make any promises right now.  I hope I come out of this funk soon but if I don’t I will be seeking out professional help through counseling.  I’ve done it before and it helped.  So thank you for understanding and don’t give up on the blog yet.  I plan to stick around through the ups and downs of my personal life.  Posting just might become more sporadic.  I do hope to finish up an audiobook soon and a review book that came out last Friday, I feel so bad that I didn’t finish it before the release date…

Thanks for listening, happy reading~ Amy


Monday Morning (um. late evening…) Check-In: Shoot me now.



Good evening everyone out there in blog world.  I’ve been absent from the blog – and reading- this last week for a very important reason, but believe me I really would love to just hide out here or in at Hogwarts with Harry and the gang.  What have I been up to that has consumed all my time, energy and basically killed my will to live. Truck shopping.  I hate looking for a new vehicle and have managed to put it off for ten years now, but the time has come I need to retire my 15-year-old truck.  WHY? Why… Why can’t it just live forever and not fall apart and need parts replaced and make me worry to the point I no longer want to drive it very far.  I would rather do pretty much anything else in the world including cold call voters for a candidate in the upcoming presidential election than spend hours scouring the internet and test driving and researching and negotiating and fighting with the spousal unit…  I hate car shopping, so please someone shoot me now and put me out of my misery.  Really it would be the kind thing to do, an act of mercy even.    No.  It is part of being an adult, and I need to just suck it up and soldier on.  Fine, but I’m not going to like it and will bitch about it to anyone who I can corner into listening.  (Hence this blog post)

I have been reading though, even plan on writing up a review next, but I just haven’t been reading very much.  I hope to have a new truck by the end of the week, if the heaven’s align, and will be back to my regularly scheduled blogging soon.  So thanks for your patience and all warm-fuzzy thoughts for my tortuous search would be appreciated, I need all the positive energy I can get…  Happy Reading.