Monday Morning Check-In: There’s No Place Like Home

Good Monday morning everyone.  I’d love to tell you I’m back on a normal routine this week but it is Fair Week in the county where I live so I will have another busy week where I might not get a ton of reading done.  Last week we were on vacation in Chicago, five days four nights coming home on Thursday. We had fun but came home exhausted! I also came home with an inflamed Achilles tendon after walking far more than I normally do.  I did take an audiobook and reinstalled a reading app on my phone but opened neither one while we were away so I haven’t read anything in over a week.  After we came home I returned to work and needed to catch up on yard work, much to the detriment of my recovering heal.

Today I plan on taking things easy while icing my heel off and on so I hope to start a new audiobook while I work on last-minute details for my fair entries.  Other than that it might be another week of little reading.  Or who knows maybe I finally finish the ARC I’ve been dying to start.  Have a great week!


Tuesday Morning Check-In: Adapting…

Good morning everyone. Since I made the mistake of scheduling my TTT post for Monday this week I decided to write my Monday Morning Check-In post on Tuesday.  It has nothing to do with the fact that I was busy yesterday morning.  Nope.  Not at all.

Anyway… Not a lot of reading going on at the moment.  We are leaving in next week for a vacation to Chicago and I have been busy getting the yard, animals, and house ready for our absence.  I did manage to start The Devil in the White City audiobook which is about a mass murderer in Chicago around the same time as the World’s Fair of 1893.  I was a little leery about this book as I’m not a huge fan of historical reads or non-fiction but I have to confess I’m hooked!  Not a fan of the sections about the serial killer but the sections about the world fair are fascinating.  Husband and I plan on visiting Jackson and Hyde Park while in Chicago next week and I can’t wait to explore the grounds that once held the fair.  I also want to go to Navy Pier, a place I usually steer clear of now, to ride the Ferris Wheel.  It will mean so much more now that I know how the first one was for the 1893 Fair.  Should be fun.

Next Monday I won’t have a check-in post or a Wednesday post as we are going to be gone.  If you want to see pictures of our trip follow my personal Instagram account: amyjoiowa.

Have a great week!

Monday Morning Check-In: Feeling the Heat

Good morning everyone.  I did manage to get some reading done last week and even finished a couple of books.  Then the heat wave struck and you would think that I’d just hide in the air condition and read.  Nope.  I did try to listen to an audiobook but then realized I was distracted for the second half of the book and decided to try again.  I hope to finish up that today and post a review.  I do have another short book to finish up and review before its release date next week.  Then I hope to start the ARC that I’m most excited to read before our trip to Chicago next month.

There is only one more day left in this heat wave and it is my day off so maybe I will be able to step away from the computer and actually read.  Have a great week everyone!

Monday Morning Check-In: Time to Get Serious.

Alright, enough of this non-reading lifestyle.  I need to turn off YouTube, step away from Sims 3, just let the garden grow.  I need to focus on reading and not these other distractions.  Of course while I was typing this I needed to stop and deal with cows out and dig up my septic tank so it can be emptied.  The thing is I’m enjoying my two current reads, audio and print, I’m also excited about one of my review books as well.  I just need to stop being a scatter brain and focus.  I’ve noticed this in other areas of my life, however, I’m losing things around the house.  I just feel like I’m dealing with brain fog as well as hot flashes again so perhaps my current level of estrogen isn’t cutting it anymore.  I don’t know, but I’m not reading a lot currently and I’m feeling guilty over it.   Have a great week everyone.  I hope to have a book review or two for you by the end of the week.  Finger’s crossed.


Monday Morning Check-In: Busy Week

Good Monday morning everyone.  We had some beautiful weather here in Eastern Iowa over the weekend and the husband and I managed to get the rest of the garden planted.  I also brought home a new hammock that I hope to spend many hours reading in this summer.  Not a lot of reading done this weekend.  I gave up on an audiobook that just wasn’t my type of book.  I know the dark murder thrillers are all the rage but I’m not a fan.  I don’t want to be inside someone’s head as they plan to abduct, rape, and then kill someone.  No thank you.

This week is going to be awfully busy.  Tomorrow is the primary day in Iowa and I’m in charge of my local polling place so it will be a long slow day.  Hey, I might get some reading done.  Since I’m in charge though I will be going to pick up everything today and dropping it off on Wednesday before work.  Thursday I have a county fair meeting and the last two days will be work, I think, I forgot to write down my schedule for the rest of the week…

Hope the weather is as lovely for you where you are today and have a great week!  If you live in Iowa please go out and vote tomorrow.  Primaries are even more important than general elections as it decides who gets to run for each seat.

Monday Morning Check-In: I’m Melting…

So just over a month ago, we had our last snow storm and today we will have temps in the upper 90’s which will feel like 100 with the heat index.  I’m going to slap the next climate change denier I encounter.  Or send them my electric bill because today on May 28th I turned on our air conditioner for the first time.  I hope we can turn it off in two days.

Not a lot of reading over the past week.  I spent much of my time installing a new flower bed and playing the Sims 3.  I did manage to get further into my review book and hope to spend some time reading it today as it is going to be too hot to do much else.  Husband wants to make some Turkish Kofte so we might be digging out the grill too.

I’m not going to say much about the holiday we are celebrating today in the honor of fallen military personnel because I can’t do so without making it political.  So I hope you have a good day and take a moment to remember those who have given their lives in service to the country.

Happy Reading.

Monday Morning Check-In: Ugg…

Warning lots of complaining: feel free to skip.

Good Monday morning everyone.  Not going to lie I would love to be still buried deep under the covers fast asleep this morning.  This weekend was nothing but work which started off with me mowing the lawn after work on Friday and going downhill from there to end with me spending Sunday cleaning the house.  Basically, I don’t feel like I had a weekend and would love to do nothing but veg on the couch today playing Sims 3 while listening to an audiobook.  Instead, I have a doctor’s apt this afternoon and three baskets of laundry that won’t get done.   The only upside is that I’m taking my friend Jan with me to town so I should have some great conversations with her.  I’m going to log off now because I’m expecting a phone call soon to see if we still have house insurance because I completely fucked up and forgot to pay it this month…  As soon as I realized I paid over the computer but that might not be good enough.  Seriously, can’t I just stay in bed all day.

After rereading I realized I did nothing but bitch and didn’t talk about reading.  I did make some progress on my audiobook and while I’m enjoying it I’m a little nervous about what the book talk ladies will think of all the sex, drugs, and rock & roll…  Should make for an interesting conversation or a cringe-worthy one

Monday Check-In: Tough Weekend…

Good Monday Morning for another minute at least.  Last weekend was a tough one.  I’m not a fan of Mother’s Day but life took a nose dive before we could even get to that dreaded day.  Saturday I found one of my sheep in bad shape and needed to put her down about 20 minutes before work.  This is the first time I’ve needed to kill one of my pets myself and while I’m proud of myself for finding the courage to do what was needed and ending her suffering it sure did leave me a bit traumatized.

Sunday was Mother’s Day, a pointless manufactured holiday that I loathe.  We stayed home and tried to work in the yard but it was far to wet out to plant the garden.  Our veggie plants might have to live on the porch for a week or two for it to stop raining and dry out.  I’m not going to complain too much about that because up until now it was a pretty dry spring.  We need to moisture even though it is tough to breathe today with the level of humidity outside.

I’ve been DNFing books at a pretty steady pace recently.  I’m busy outside, busy getting ready for SRP, busy getting ready for the fair,  life is simply in the way and I’m having trouble finding time to get into a read.  Audiobooks have been a lifesaver on the blogging front but I would still like to find something to sink my reading teeth into.  I want to get lost and feel like I need a new urban fantasy series to capture my imagination.

Have a great week everyone, happy reading!

Monday Morning Check-In: Garden Season.

Means slow reading season.  With a late winter transitioning into an instant summer in Eastern Iowa we are all suddenly behind schedule as far as planting goes.  The farmers are in the fields and on the roads like crazy as they struggle to get their corn and soybeans in (not that China is going to buy them…)  Like our larger “gardens” around us, our small plot has remained dormant until this weekend when I spent several hours getting sunburnt and achy cleaning the debris so hubby could till.   We managed to till and even get the potatoes, that should have been planted last month, in the ground.  The thing is our last snow was two weeks ago so it wasn’t like we could do anything until now.  It will be alright though.  Like the farmers, it will all get planted and be fine.  I need to run to town and pick out the plants and get them in the ground.  I might do that today or on Thursday.  Depends how this morning goes because I also need to mow for the first time.  The good part of mowing is I can listen to an audiobook while riding around the yard.  I have Bluetooth headphones this year which should solve my snagging on young trees and bushes problem.  I will try to keep up with the reading but I can’t make any promises this month as all of these chores need to get done.  Have a great week everyone and happy reading.

Monday Check-In: Busy

I think I’m going to drop the morning in my graphic and just call this a Monday Check-In from now on.  I was busy this morning so I didn’t get a chance to post until now.  Not a lot of reading over the weekend.  We were out of the house most of the time.  Did manage to see the new Avengers movie like most the rest of the world and absolutely loved it.  My husband has warmed up to superhero moves over the years through repeated exposure.  Which is great for me, a long time fan, because now he is just as excited to see the movies as I am and actually wants to talk about them afterward!  Sunday we went thrifting and then fiddled around the house.

Today it is more chores but I did manage to make some progress on my audiobook while working.  Going to be a disappointing month for reading because I don’t think I finished many books this month.

Have a great week!