Monday Check-in: Making Plans

Good afternoon everyone.  Sorry for the lack of post last week but hubby was laid off for the week and that tends to screw up my schedule.  I do believe last Monday we were spending the day stacking wood inside the barn in so it isn’t even like I was doing anything exciting.  Sunday and Tuesday, on the other hand, we spent at the movies, seeing Bohemian Rhapsody and Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald.  Wednesday and Friday I worked, Thursday we had company and Saturday was spent battening down the hatches in preparation for a Blizzard that hit on Sunday.  This morning was clean up and then a few hours of just enjoying the silence of an empty house.

With just over a month left in the year and my ever-waning interest in reading, I have to consider the future of this blog.  I’m not going to close up shop or abandon it but I am going to make changes again.  To start off with no more ARCs.  I’m going to take a year off from requesting books through Net Galley and other sites and focus on reading books I already own.  I feel that too often as a blogger we get too wrapped up in the excitement of reading something before others that it can eventually suck the fun out of reading.  Next year I am also going to go on a book buying ban.  I know I’ve said this before but this time I’m serious. I’m not even going to buy cheap books while thrifting.  I’m also going to avoid borrowing library books.  The exception being book talk titles at work so I can participate.  I will also accept audiobooks which I use while working outside in the summer.

So what will I be reading instead? Books I already own.  I am going to use 2019 as a year to catch up on all the books I have sitting on my two bookcases or on my Nook.  I will make an exception for series that I own more than three books that I’ve not read as long as I don’t read past the last book I own. For example, I own books 2, 3, 6, 7, & 8 in a series.  I can borrow through the library book 1 and 4 but not book 9 that will have to wait until 2020.  I am also going to try to avoid rereading book next year.  Sure it is great when you don’t know what you are in the mood for but I really need to tackle those TBR shelves.  I’m also going to allow DNFing.  I have picked up a ton of cheap books over the years and my taste has changed some if I try it and am no longer into it no big deal.  If it is a physical book I will simply find it a new home.

So in 2019 no buying, borrowing (for the most part), and no ARCS.  Read what I own!  Have a great week everyone.


Monday Morning Check-In: Over It.

Happy Monday everyone!  Didn’t get my post written this morning because I needed to clean my chicken coop and do some other chores.  So let’s talk about the elephant in the blog, shall we?  I seem to be slowing down in my reading and posts.  I’m not sure what is up and why I’m not into reading currently but I don’t seem to be doing as much of it.  I wonder if the pressure to create content killed my interest or if it was something else but I simply have not been putting in the time and effort needed to make this book review blog a success.  And you know what? That’s alright.  This is not a job. No one is paying me.  I am only accountable to myself and my followers.  So I think this is what I’m going to do.  I’m going to take the pressure off even further.  I’m going to take a break from Net Galley, which is my current source of stress related to the blog.  It helps that I haven’t found anything I’m super excited about in a while over there so when I finish up my three books up for review  I’m going to take an extended break from Net Galley.  Sure it is a lot of fun to read a book before others get to but it isn’t like I can’t read the book later.  I do work at a library so it isn’t even like I would have to buy all the books I want to read I can simply borrow them from my library or another.  I just find myself over Net Galley.  I simply want to read a book because I’m interested in it and not because I owe a publisher a review by release day.  2019 is going to be the year I try to rekindle my love of reading by reading whatever the hell I like and not worry if it is current or relevant.  I might spend a month reading nothing but Star Trek novels or pick up a really old series I’ve never tried.  Explore genres or take a month and read nothing at all.  I’m not going to sign up for Goodreads pledge either, well I might say I’ll read one book and just use it to record how many I do finish next year.  I do want the pretty little badge for my profile after all.  I do plan to continue posting for Top Ten Tuesday because I enjoy the challenge and I will probably still post a weekly update but the monthly recaps will disappear if I haven’t finished any books that month.  I hope you all don’t mind but I simply don’t want the pressure in committing to more.  I just feel like the blog has gotten a little stale and might think of some other types of posts I can deliver to you all.  I have been toying with doing a Wish bookish haul like the videos on YouTube.  If that sounds like something you’d enjoy leave a comment and let me know.  Or leave a link to something you saw on Wish that you would like to see reviewed.  Have a great week everyone!  Happy reading.

Monday Morning Check-In: VOTE!!!

Good Election Day Eve everyone!  Tomorrow is it, the most important mid-term election of our lives and I’ve decided today I’m going to implore you to take the time and exercise your constitutional right and vote tomorrow.  I have included some links below to help you find your polling place and to research your ballot so not only will you vote but you will be an informed voter!  I will be spending my day tomorrow working the polls in my community, a job I take seriously and love doing.  It can be a pretty long day though if you all don’t show up to vote.  We will be there 16 hours regardless, but your turning out to vote makes the day go a lot quicker.

America, on the whole, has some of the worst voter turnouts in the world.  Truly it is disgraceful, something like 56%.   This can easily be turned around if everyone simply goes too the polls tomorrow.  To take from a meme I’ve been seeing shared on Facebook please vote as if your life and rights depend on it!  Congress has some pretty awful ideas in the works for after the election if we don’t send them a message on November 6th.  So get to the polls and make them hear you!  Make them remember that they work for the people and we will hold them accountable.  Vote!

To find out where you VOTE click here. 

To learn about your ballot click here. 

Remember, remember the sixth of November and Vote!

Monday Morning Check-In: Damn Cows.

Well, I tried to get this post written up in the morning but failed.  The neighbor’s cows were out again this morning and I wanted to go out and help round them up before they got into our yard and did more damage.  It is difficult to walk out there from all the times they visited last week.  Oy.   Not a lot of reading last week.  I managed to finish one book and the review for that will post early next month.  I need to read another that releases tomorrow but I find myself hooked on a game at the moment.  I’ve been playing for over a month now and have yet to grow tired of it.  Game of Sultans if you are interested and want to check it out.  I think the connection to Turkey is what has kept me playing.  Over the weekend we bought a cd player so I can listen to my audiobooks on CD while working around the house, I need to put plastic up on the windows.  I also figured that I never go anywhere far enough away to listen to a book while I drive.  When the husband is in the car he either wants to talk or listen to the radio, which is fine but I’d like to finish up this book I started and three miles is not enough time.  Have a great week everyone!

Monday Morning Check-In: Quick Post

Good Monday Morning, I’m going to need to make this quick as I am working today for a special event at the library.  I didn’t budget my time effectively this morning but the home-cooked lunch was worth it.  Not a lot going on managed to get some reading done last week and have been working on pre-writing my Top Ten Tuesdays.  I’m also going to be part of a blog tour in early November so I have also been working on that post.  The next three weeks are going to be busy so I hope I manage to get some reading done.  I have three books that I need to finish as they release soon. Have a great week everyone!

Monday Morning Check-In: I finished a book!

Good Monday morning everyone.  Did you happen to see yesterday?  I managed to post a book review!  Shocking I know…  It had been about a month and a half since I actually finished a book.  I’m actually going to be posting another review later today on a book of poetry that I’ve been reading for about two months.  So long that I actually had to download it again from Net Galley in order to finish it… I do plan on starting another review book this afternoon and then hopefully I will be reading some of the titles I have actually purchased recently.  With it getting colder and fewer chores that need to be done.  Scratch that, less interesting chores that need to be done, I truly hate putting up window plastic.  I find myself more in the mood to sit down and read.  Anyway, it is hard to believe October is half-way over and soon another year will have slipped away.  I swear they didn’t pass this quickly when I was a child.  Have a great week everyone and happy reading.

Monday Morning Check-In: Vacay is over…

Good Monday morning everyone!  Hey, what do you know it is actually morning when I’m typing this up.  Good deal!  Hubby and I are back from our long weekend and I’m happy to report that we had a blast.  The rain was horrible but despite that, we had so much fun.  We made a stop in Des Moines on Friday and visited the Iowa Law Library which is featured on many lists of beautiful libraries.  It is located inside the capital building which is open to the public so anyone can visit.  The entire building is worth the stop so highly recommend.  I’ll be sharing pictures of it in an upcoming TTT list.  Next, we saw an art exhibit which was simply illuminating pictures of that are coming to my personal Instagram account soon.  Saturday night we attended the Fall Out Boy concert in Des Moines and it was AMAZING!!!  Our seats were upgraded from the nosebleed section and we ended up practically on the floor!  It was so cool and my husband and I had a great time.  Sunday we drove home stopping for some shopping along the way but ended up at home around dinner time and were simply exhausted.  Two late nights and driving in all the rain wore us out.  I did pick up some audiobooks during the trip so I hope to get around to listening to them soon.  I’m still working on my current read but should be able to dedicate more time to it now that husband is going back to work.  I hope you all have a great week!  Happy Reading.

Monday Morning Check-In: Husband at Home…

Good Monday morning everyone!  I hope you all had a better week than me last week.  On Friday I lost my barn cat of ten years.  He had been losing weight all summer so I knew it was coming, but it was still hard to say goodbye to my sweet boy.  Husband is off of work this week so the noise level will be up in the house.  We also have plans to accomplish much this week so not a lot of time for reading I’m afraid.  We took a drive up into Wisconsin yesterday to visit some apple orchards which was fun.  I will hopefully have some exciting news to share later this month.  I don’t want to say more in fear of jinxing things.  I have been working on pre-writing my Top Ten Tuesday blog posts and need to get a monthly recap posted.  I’m afraid I didn’t read any books in September so I might just skip it this month.  Have a great week everyone.

Monday Morning Check-In: Little Late…

Good late afternoon everyone!  I had a day out with a good friend today so I didn’t get a chance to write a post for you all.  In case you missed my other post I have my new glasses!  I’m slowly adapting to my bifocals but am totally in love with my reading glasses.  The evening after I brought them home I sat up in bed and read 100 pages.  Something I haven’t done in a really long time.  Now I am about halfway through my current read and hope to bring you a review later this week.  After that I need to read some review books that I was approved for then I think I will catch up with my favorite authors.  I hope you all have a great week!

Monday Morning Check-In: Giveaway

Good morning everyone, I’m coming to you from a rainy Monday here in eastern Iowa.   The title isn’t click bait I do have a giveaway for you all but you will have to wait until the end of the post for more details.  Not a lot of reading going on last week because I was preoccupied with a new used car search and a trip to Chicago for a book signing.  We decided to combine these two activities and searched for cars out in Chicago.  It paid off because we ended up finding a wonderful new ride for an amazing price.  Several thousand dollars cheaper than we would have found here at home.  On Thursday we headed out with one car and came home Friday with a 2015 Toyota Rav4!  The car is practically brand new with only 21,000 miles on it and after 60 reasonable payments, it will be all ours.

The original purpose of our trip was to attend a book signing with author Chloe Neill of the Chicagoland Vampires series. This signing for the first book in her spin-off series The Heirs of Chicagoland, the first book being Wild Hunger (linked to review). She shared with us that she is under contract for two books but there could be more depending on sales!    It was a super fun evening listening to Ms. Neill answer questions about her books.  While I was there I decided to pick up an extra copy of Wild Hunger to giveaway on the blog.  I did share on Instagram that details would be in today’s post so here they are.


To win the signed copy of Chloe Neill’s Wild Hunger, first in the Heirs of Chicagoland series, all you need to do is leave a comment sharing your favorite Chicago food.  If you’ve never been to Chicago no problem, simply share with which food you would love to try!

One comment/entry per person, US entries only (international shipping is outrageous! (and pesky international laws…)). Comments will be open for one week, Monday the 20th to Monday the 27th.  I will randomly select the winner on Tuesday the 28th and contact them.  If no reply I will randomly select another winner.


Good Luck!