Monday Morning Check-In: Waiting on Spring

Good Monday morning everyone.  Coming off a truly good weekend with the hubby.  Saturday was a little tough as we were both frustrated with some light snow but we headed out anyway and did our weekly shopping.  Sunday’s weather was much nicer and we spent much of the day outside working on projects.  Hubby got a new toy drone to play with and I got some yard work done.  In the evening we curled up on the couch to watch Star Trek.  It was such a nice day and just what we both needed to relax.  I did manage to get some reading done but not as much as I might have liked but that’s okay.

This week I have the next two audiobooks in the Charley Davidson series so I plan to work on a set of knit gloves and listen to them.  I am also working on the spin-off Blackdagger Brotherhood’s latest release and I bought the novella in the main series that I will start after finishing that.  After I am all caught up in that world I might move onto Kenyon and catch up in her series.

Spring starts tomorrow and I am so looking forward to warmer weather.  Spring is my favorite time of year and hopefully, we get more than two weeks of it.   I need to make plans for the birds and the garden too.  Potatoes and onions could go in the ground soon but first, we need to clean it up from last year.  I left it as is so the birds could pick through the leftover seeds over the winter.

Have a great weekend everyone and happy reading!


Monday Morning Check-in: Blogging for Books

Good Monday morning everyone.  I have a confession.  I’m typing this up on Saturday, scandalous I know.  I had some time to fill and a topic to discuss so I decided to schedule this post.

So have you heard?  Blogging for Books is closing.  I’m not quite sure how I feel about it.  I did write a Bookish Thoughts post here, about being done with the program as they never had books I was interested in.  I lied, or rather I couldn’t give up the temptation of being offered a physical book to review that I could keep.  Don’t get me wrong I love the digital arcs but it is nice to have a book I can put on my shelf when I’m done.  Especially if it is one I loved.  For instance, I received my copy of The Martian through Blogging For Books and I’ve read it like three times now.  So I’m sad the program is closing down but not surprised.

I imagine they felt the cost of sending the books was not worth the reviews they were getting.  After all, they are still offering digital arcs through Net Galley and their (crappy) First to Read program.  I totally don’t blame them but I have to say if perhaps you offered books that people were excited about then perhaps the quality of reviews would have been better.  I only participated in the program for three or four years but besides The Martian, I never found anything truly exciting in their offerings.  It always felt like books they were second or third tier titles.  Maybe I just wasn’t a popular enough blogger to be offered better titles though.  I also didn’t care for the hoops they made up jump through.  Proving our influence on social media through a Klout rating.  Maybe another reason the program failed.

I’m still active on Net Galley but have noticed that many of the publishers are not listing their big upcoming release titles for request anymore.  I have been offered widgets through email from a couple of publishers but when I go to search the title I can’t find where people can put in a request.  So perhaps all the publishers are simply becoming more exclusive in who they offer their books to.  Or maybe not.

Others have mentioned to me it is nice to not have an arc to review as then there aren’t 40 different blogs reviewing the same book.  I agree but I still find it fun to score an arc by an author I’m a huge fan of.

I know I’ve not been a blogger for all that long but I feel like the environment is changing.  I can only control this little corner of the internet however and no matter what happens as long as I am reading I will be posting my reviews.  You might have to deal with older titles but that isn’t such an awful thing.  After all, it might be a great way to find some great book that perhaps you missed when it first came out.

So what are your thoughts about Blogging for Books closing?  Will you miss them or have you already written them off ages ago?

Monday Morning Check-in: Frozen Hell…

Good Monday morning everyone.  It was a lovely 55 degrees yesterday but it is winter in Iowa so this morning we woke up to snow-covered grounds…  Of course, it is March so it probably won’t last long.  On tap for today is chores and listening to an audiobook while knitting.  I have several coming available all at once and I’m only allowed to have three out a time so I need to listen to a couple of the short ones quick so I don’t have to get back in line for them.  Have a great week everyone I have a book review to write up next.


Monday Morning Check-In: Plugging along.

Good Monday morning everyone I hope you all had a good weekend.  Iowa is slowly starting to defrost and I spent a good portion of my Sunday cleaning out a chicken coop.  It looks like it is going to be another good month for reading.  I attribute that to the Olympics being held this year and the fact that I refuse to watch them. Left me three weeks of evening reading time.  This week I hope to finish up a couple more books before Wednesday.  I managed to do my Monday chores on Sunday so today is free for reading after I run to the post office.  Not a lot else going on besides paying bills and waiting for spring which is in 22 days.

Have a great week and happy reading!

Monday Morning Check-In: Do over…

Good morning everyone I hope your Monday is starting off better than mine.  Woke up and spent some time playing on my phone in bed before getting up to start weekly laundry.  I ended up falling down the stairs.  I was halfway down and my foot slipped off the stairs.  I ended up falling on my bottom and sliding down but man it scared the hell out of me and hurt like I bitch.  I can walk and I don’t think I broke anything but I waited an hour before sitting down.  Once I did, oh man,  I can so feel it.

I would say screw everything else and spend the day reading or listening to an audiobook while knitting but I feel better standing.  So I hope you have a great day and I look forward to finishing my current read and bringing you the review sometime next week.

Happy Reading!

Monday Morning Check-In: 36 Days Until Spring…

We have survived the snowpocalypse of last week.  Not one big storm but a week of snowstorms every day and no snow blower.  We ended up with a foot of snow altogether and it does look pretty as it didn’t drift and we don’t have anyone that walks through or play in it.  That being said I hope most of it melts this week.

Been struggling with my audiobooks recently.  I hope that I can have my turn at one of the three series I am working on.  I am almost finished with a review book I am reading and no review books to pick afterward.  I am going to find something on my to-read bookshelf at home.  I need to catch up on several series by favorite authors of mine.

Going to leave it here as I have another cancer check-up today and need to leave soon. Have a great week!

Monday Morning Check-In: Trying again.

Good Monday afternoon…  I’m a little late today because I spent the morning cooking for the week as I am on week two of my Whole30 and the only way I am going to be successful is if I can cook for the week so when I’m hungry it is easy to pull a meal together.

Anyway, while I worked in the kitchen I listened to book three of the Dresden Files.  I am going to try this series again.  Mainly because I couldn’t find any other audiobook that looked interesting at my library.  I need to have something to listen to while I cook, clean, or knit.  I am not going to be giving book two a second chance and just leave it DNF because I don’t think it will hurt to just pick the series up with book three.  I’m around chapter 11 and it is working better for me in audio format over me reading it myself.  I still think the main character is a glorified 12-year-old being obsessed with every woman who crosses his path’s body or their sex life.  The further I get into this book the more that drops away and the author focuses on the plot.  I still love series set in Chicago, however, and I have had fun visiting the different neighborhoods in my head as I listen to the text.  Don’t have my hopes up real high but this might be a way for me to read this popular series.

Have a good week!  Stay warm.

Monday Morning Check-in: Triggered

Good Monday morning everyone.  Here in Iowa, we are getting to enter another polar vortex which will mean lots of reading time and running of taps to keep the water running in our old farmhouse.

Last week I was approved for the latest release by one of my favorite authors in a long run series.  I was just finishing up another read and decided to start it on Friday.  While I was enjoying the story and zipped right through the first 100 pages on day one I was struggling with the main plot point.  The story revolves around an overbearing parent and the steps they took to control their adult daughter.  I simply hate this parent and can’t wait until this character loses everything.

Went to bed that night and ended up having nightmares about being held against my will and woke up the next morning upset.  Having grown up with a controlling parent that I escaped (by going to college) and this book ended up triggering a strong emotional response within myself.  I was a little surprised.  My controlling parent is long since dead and yet I am still struggling with the aftermath of their behavior.

I’m still enjoying the book and hope to finish it today but my reaction to the plot surprised me.  Most of the time I prefer reading over watching with sensitive issues because I have an easier time separating myself from the action.  For example, I can totally read Game of Thrones just fine but when I tried to watch the series I couldn’t make it through one episode due to the violence.

Anyway, just thought I would share.  Feel free to leave a comment on what reading triggers you have?  What subject matter do you tend to avoid?

Monday Morning Check-in: Spammy Week…

Good Monday morning everyone.  I don’t know if it is happening to other blog hosting sites but WordPress has been inundated with first spammy followers from and now spammy commenters from Outlook that are making it past the spam detectors.  So I spent, not a lot, but enough to be annoying, time last week deleting fake followers and flagging comments as spam.  You might have noticed that the follow blog widget is gone but I might be bringing that back as they seem to have stopped the fake follows, hence the switch to spam comments.  If they can’t get that under control soon I might be turning off commenting on my blog posts until they fix the issue.  I require all commenters to be manually approved the first time they comment so they are not going live but I’m getting tired of having to flag and block each one.  Not a big deal but I thought I would let you know in case you wonder why the comment section disappears.  It won’t be permanent just until the current attack is over.

Have a great week everyone!  Happy Reading.


P.S. If you are the spammy commenters and followers from Latin America or the Caribbean using Outlook.  Why?  Why are you doing this attack?  You are not leaving links to anything.  Your comments have nothing to do with my posts and don’t make any sense.  You can’t damage my blog.  What do you have to gain by being this annoying?  Is it an attack on WordPress itself?  Or something else?  Instead of leaving a nonsense comment why not just tell us what you are up to and then maybe I will actually approve it instead of marking you as spam an blocking.

Monday Morning Check-In: Arctic Blast

Good Monday morning everyone.  Like many other spots in the US we are experiencing another arctic blast here in Iowa so today I’m going to be hibernating in my living room under a thick blanket and wearing about two layers as I knit and listen to my audiobook.  This blast feels worse than the one we had in the new year that froze the pipes and car up but it is probably just the wind making everything so miserable.  I’ve already spent far too much time on YouTube today so this afternoon I hope to stay off the computer and work on projects or read.  I have managed to get into my current review book but have been a bit distracted with the Charley Davidson series to make much progress.  I’m almost done with book five and have book six already downloaded so maybe after I finish those I can finish up the review title.  If you follow me on Instagram you know that I’ve already broken my book buying ban for the year when I couldn’t pass up the latest release by J.R. Ward.  Of course, I need to read last year’s book The Chosen, to avoid spoilers, before I can dive into the latest from the spin-off series.

Well, I’ll leave you here and hopefully I’ll finish a book this afternoon and can bring you a review.  Have a great week everyone!