Top Ten Tuesday: Wow, I read that?!?

Top Ten Tuesday

Welcome to another contribution to the wildly popular Top Ten Tuesday hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl.  This week she asks us to share lists on the following:

 January 30: Books I Can’t Believe I Read

I tend to read the same type of books and don’t venture outside of my comfort zone very often.  So this week might be a bit of a challenge but I will try to find ten titles where either I’m surprised I picked it up or I’m shocked that I actually finished it because I’m not one to suffer through a book that isn’t working for me.

Ten books that I’m surprised I read.

  1. Pride and Prejudice  Every once in a while I get this crazy notion in my head that I should read something that is good for me.  Or that I feel I should up my reading ante and read a classic like this one so I too can be a reading snob… (Kidding, to all those that truly enjoy reading the classics or big lit).  I just need to own up that these books hold little interest for me and steer clear of them all together in order to avoid frustration.
  2. The Devil and Miss Prym (On the Seventh Day, #3) This book came upon a recommendation from my husband who has vastly different reading taste than I.  Sometimes I enjoy what he has read but most of the time not.  The reverse is true too, though, and he rarely enjoys titles that I recommend.
  3. The Fellowship of the Ring (The Lord of the Rings, #1)  This was another one of those cases of reading to better myself.  I figured I would try a fantasy classic this time and see if that worked better for me.  Nope.  I hated every minute of this book and ended up giving up 50 pages from the end.  I know it is supposed to be THEE iconic book that founded a genre but I found it slow and too male-centric.
  4. Neil Patrick Harris: Choose Your Own Autobiography  I’m not usually a NF reader but this book was offered through Blogging for Books and was the only title that looked remotely interesting I decided to give it a chance.  It was a lot of fun and since then I’ve read another biography, while that one was good to it wasn’t as fun as this choose your own adventure read by NPH.
  5. The Kite Runner This was another book recommendation from my husband.  This time I enjoyed the book but it was definitely not a typical read for me.  I tend to shy away from books that will make me sad, depressed, or angry and this title left me feeling all three.
  6. Strength in What Remains: A Journey of Remembrance and Forgiveness  This book is here to represent all the All Iowa Reads books that I typically don’t like…
  7. Legends of the Fire Spirits: Jinn and Genies from Arabia to Zanzibar I’m not going to go into why I read this book but I did.  It is a NF title dealing with the legends that surround the Jinn.
  8. Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West (The Wicked Years, #1)  I’m not so much surprised that I picked this title up more that I’m surprised I finished it.  Save yourself the grief just go see the musical, which is amazing!  The book, less so…
  9. The Goldfinch  Pulitzer prize-winning novels usually don’t make my reading list.  This one did in a year I was doing a book challenge.  Totally blown away by how much I enjoyed it.
  10. The 5th Wave (The 5th Wave, #1)  I’m surprised I read this one because I picked it up well past the point where I had given up YA books.  I just can’t relate to the age group anymore and I need to be able to relate to a character.  I hated every minute of this book.  The story just didn’t work for me and it ended up ending my YA reading.

Another week, another list.  What books are you shocked that you read?  Share in the comments or post a link to your list!


Top Ten Tuesday: Never Ending Story…

Top Ten Tuesday

Welcome to another contribution to the wildly popular Top Ten Tuesday hosted by The Broke and The Bookish.  This week they ask us to share lists on the following:

February 7:  Top Ten Books I Wish Had (More/Less) X In Them

I searched all morning for a theme to fill in for X in this week’s list.  Some of the ideas I had were: Better Pacing, Less Sex, Fewer Flashbacks, Different Ending, Less Politics, More Action.  All great ideas in my opinion but I could never find more than one or two books to fit the criteria.  So I scrapped them all and decided to go with ‘Stories I wished had never ended’.   Sorry if it doesn’t exactly fit the theme…

Ten Stories I Wish Had Never Ended

  1. My Name Is Memory This is a stand-alone book that was so good that I wish it could have been a series.  The author could have also taken this theme and followed other characters that went through the same drama of being reincarnated over and over again.  The history and exotic location along with that reincarnation theme made this a book where I wish there was more.
  2. Some Girls Bite (Chicagoland Vampires, #1) They say all good things come to an end and it might be that I am about 80 pages from finishing the last book in this series that earned the Chicagoland Vampires series a spot on this list.  It took me about three or four books to fall for Merit and Ethan but to know we won’t be a part of their lives anymore makes me sad…
  3. High Stakes (Vegas Vampires, #1) This is a fun quartet of books set in Vegas.  It appears that the author tends to write a set of four books and then moves on to something new.  Not a big deal but I kind of liked this world and wish we could have explored it longer.
  4. Dead Witch Walking (The Hollows, #1) Loved this series and I was so sad to see it end.  Again, I understand all good things must end but I felt some of the characters still had potential.  Fortunately, we do have a brand new prequel, The Turn (released today go check out my review), which gives us another taste from this series so who knows maybe there will be more to come.
  5. Wildwood Dancing (Wildwood, #1) This was a sweet little YA duology of books that felt like there should have been so much more.  There were a set of sisters, I can no longer remember how many, and only two of them got their own stories.  I was hoping that we would get to see all of them find a H.E.A.
  6. Archetype Another duology of books that I wished was a longer series.  This one had so much potential and the author’s writing was amazing.  I haven’t seen anything by her afterward but I do see on social media that she is working on something new.
  7. A Discovery of Witches (All Souls Trilogy, #1) Loved this trilogy so much that I reread all the books each time a new one was released.  I have heard rumors that there will be some prequels to come.  Fingers crossed.
  8. Up From the Grave (Night Huntress #7) Awesome kick-ass urban fantasy series are never long enough in my opinion. Of course, some people feel that they can go stale but if I am digging a world and love the characters I simply never want to say good-bye.
  9. Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark Side (Jessica, #1) A YA duology that could have been so much more…  I also feel like this is a lesser known set of books so please go check these books out!
  10. Redshirts A stand-alone title that works quite well as a stand-alone, actually.  In this instance, I wish we would have had some stories set in the crazy world before they figured out what was happening.  I guess if one want that, however, one can simply watch Star Trek and experience the same campy fun. Excellent read.

Well there you have my doesn’t-really-fit-the-theme list for this week.  I almost just skipped it but decided since I promised a list in yesterday’s post I should deliver…. Feel free to share links to your lists in the comments!