I have cancer.

Hello to my followers here at Read What I Like.  If you missed my Top Ten Tuesday post you might not know of my recent diagnosis. I have started a separate blog to journal my journey through cancer treatment and hysterectomy.  You are welcome to follow my journey or not, it is up to you.  This way I can keep Read What I Like a designated book blog and the cancer-related posts over there.

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I have cancer.  I can say that now without crying, most of the time…  I have used that word, cancer, so much in the past three days that I’ve managed to become desensitized to it a bit.…

Source: I have cancer.


Instant Happy Journal by Karen Salmansohn ARC

Instant Happy Journal: 365 Days of Inspiration, Gratitude, and Joy
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Stand Alone: Releases 10/6/15: 368 Pages

I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.

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Book Synopsis:

This colorful diary inspires journalers to apply happiness guru Karen Salmansohn’sInstant Happy principles to their everyday lives, with 365 prompts to encourage a year of gratitude.
On the heels of Karen Salmansohn’s wildly popular gift book Instant Happy comes this happiness journal, with daily prompts to help you think about and apply happiness wisdom to your own life. Each page features a specific intention, inspiring quote, surprising scientific fact, or thought-provoking question to ponder. When you approach your day with Salmansohn’s “happiness prompters” in mind, you amp up your ability to notice (and create!) many more joyous moments in your day. But that’s just half of what it takes to live a supremely happy life. This journal teaches the top two habits of happy people: to naturally set their intention to enjoy a happy day, then end the day reflecting on what made them happy. When you end your day writing about what went right, you further strengthen your happiness mindset. With fill-in dates so that you can write and reflect at your own pace, this little journal features a graphic design and fresh attitude perfect for today’s modern happiness-seeker.


My Review:

This is a cute little book and I’m thrilled to have it in my library.  I picked it out because I’ve been in a bit of a funk lately and I thought it might help me look at the brighter side of life.  I need to remind myself of the positive aspects of my life and not dwell upon the struggles and I’m hoping this little journal will help.  Disclaimer, I’ve looked through the book; read the introduction and many of the journal prompts, but I have not started the journal yet.  It is just the beginning of October and being that the book has prompts for an entire year I’ve decided to wait until January 1st to start my journey towards a more optimistic self.

First impression of the book is that it is very cheerful.  The cover is lovely with its vibrant orange dots that opens up to reveal a short introduction before it dives right into the journal prompts.  The binding is nice and it opens easily to write your entries in.  The pages alternate in formatting and colors, but all are very stylish and lend well to the happy vibe this book gives off.  There is a smooth satin ribbon to help you keep your place, but I’m almost tempted to skip around to pick the prompt that fits my mood or activities of the day then work from front to back.  The pages are not pre-dated so it would be easy to search out the quote or question that fits your personal needs of the day.  The prompts are a nice mix of serious and whimsical that I just feel might be better utilized by searching out the one that speaks to you that day.

There is not much I can find fault with in this book.  Being a wordy person perhaps a little larger page, so that I can write a longer entry if desired.  The book is a handy size if you wanted to carry it with you, but plan to keep it by my bed or laptop and make this a daily ritual once I start.  I’ve not tried journaling before so maybe the smaller pages will be perfect for a beginner, but I have a feeling they will fill up quickly.   The book would make a lovely gift as well, after all who couldn’t use a little more happy in their lives.


My Rating: 4 Stars