We have a winner!!!

Congratulations to Kristin whose name was drawn by my husband last night!  Thank you to all who entered and especially to everyone who follows the blog.  You make this journey even more special.


Monday Morning Check-In: To Sell Out Or Not

Good Monday morning everyone!  Not a lot of reading going on in my life lately.  I’ve been working at the library for six days straight as my boss has gone on vacation.  On my days off I am using every spare moment to clean the house in prep for a guest later this week.  Now I know my friend doesn’t give a crap about the state of our house but it is her first visit and she is staying the night so we have initiated a friend-first-visit-overnight-stay level of cleaning.  Basically, we will pick up everything, finish up some projects, vacuum, dust, mow the lawn, sanitize the bathroom and do a ton of laundry.  No cleaning closets or organizing cupboards. If she comes to visit again I will probably leave the house as is.  Hey, it’s a home, not a museum but it is always nice to make good first impression.  The plus side is that I was able to wake up to a beautiful looking home that was free from clutter.

Managed to finish everything up just in time for another disappointing episode of Star Trek: Discovery.  I’m almost to the point of hate.  I am so upset over what they have done to this franchise that I love.  I did sign back up and paid $6 to watch the first part of the season but man, after last night’s show if it doesn’t get significantly better I might not sign back up in January to see how things end.  I don’t think this show will last beyond one season.  It is just awful.

Moving on to the topic of my blog title.  Over the weekend I received an email from WordPress on different ways to monetize my blog.  This is not something I ever considered doing before as this is a hobby but I read the letter and I’m actually considering signing up for an Amazon and Book Depository affiliation links.  I know it wouldn’t bring much money, most people who read these reviews have already read the books or are of different reading taste, very rarely do I hear of followers going out and buying the book I just reviewed.  But it could happen.  Also, let me state that I am not going to read and review something for direct compensation from an author or product.  I’m a mood reader and like the blog title, I tend to just Read What I Like.  If I decided to start posting affiliate links to the books that I review it would just be that a link to where you could buy the book I just reviewed in case you wanted a copy for yourself.  I’m torn.  It would be nice to make a little money, perhaps enough to pay for the domain name each year.  Or perhaps I could use the money to hold more giveaways.  Anyway, don’t be shocked if you start seeing links to Amazon and The Book Depository in my book reviews.  I’m very tempted to try this out, feel free to share your thoughts if you do or have done this or if you have strong feeling against book bloggers that do.

Speaking of giveaways.  Last week I started a giveaway for a $25 Amazon e-gift card.  All you need to do to enter is visit this blog post, 1,000 Followers Giveaway!, and comment on how you follow the blog.  There are not that many entries so the odds are pretty good for those still wanting to enter.  You have until Midnight Central Standard Time on Wednesday, October 11.  On the 12th I will post the lucky winner.

Have a great week everyone!  Happy Reading.

Month in Review: September 2017 (three days late…)

Month in Review

Read this month: 5 Books, 1,950 Pages 

Read this year:  63 Books, 16,120 Pages 

A Closed and Common Orbit (Wayfarers, #2) The Rosie Project (Don Tillman, #1) The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet (Wayfarers, #1) The Gunslinger (The Dark Tower, #1) Blood Song (Raven's Shadow, #1)

Looking Back:

First off let me say how sorry I am that this didn’t post on October first.  I was elbow deep in books and dust bunnies cleaning our home library for guests.  Then yesterday I was scraping tar paper off the floor… Today I was able to find a few moments to get this posted and I have not forgotten about the giveaway I promised you all for reaching 1000 followers.  Look for that to go live tomorrow.  Last month wasn’t a great month for reading but it wasn’t awful either.  If most people read five books in a month they would be thrilled but somehow to me, it feels like a failure… Which it totally isn’t.  Two are re-reads, two are audiobooks, and one complete series or at least what is out already.  I really enjoyed the books by Becky Chambers if you were to look into any of the books above those are the top of my recommendation list.

Looking Ahead:

Going to be a hectic first two weeks this October.  Big cleaning project at home and I’m working seven days straight followed by a weekend trip.  So not much reading is likely to be done.  Finishing up three review titles is going to be my only goal.  I already posted about my giveaway which will be super simple most likely just commenting on tomorrow’s blog post.  I hope you all have a great month of reading!

Happy Reading ~Amy

Monday Morning Check-In: Giveaway update.

Good morning everyone!  I hope you all had a great weekend.  Mine was pretty good.  Made some progress on the kitchen floor that we are refinishing and was disappointed to discover that my current audiobook had one hour left on the checkout and I had about 9 hours of listening time left.  Dammit.  So I returned it and put myself back on the bottom of the hold list.  Might give up listening to that one and just read it.  Started the second audiobook and managed to get a bunch of work done but not sure how much of my book I absorbed….

Decided to have a screen-free day last week and managed to get a bunch of progress in my current physical read.  Such a great book!  I won’t say more as I will most likely finish it this afternoon and you can read the review.

I did a post last week about holding a giveaway to celebrate hitting 1,000 followers.  My plan is to hold that next month after I pay my property tax and think up the best way to hold one to include international followers.  So keep an eye out for that in October!  The main requirement will be that you need to be following the blog on either WordPress or Facebook or following me on Instagram or Twitter.   The giveaway will probably be for a $25 Amazon gift certificate or a book worth up to $25 on The Book Depository. Let me know in the comments which you prefer or any other ideas you might have.  I’m not a huge fan of Amazon but feel it might be easiest.

Happy Reading!

Bookish Thoughts: 1,000 Followers!

Greetings everyone!  I was working on next week’s Top Ten Tuesday post and noticed that Read What I Like now has over 1,ooo followers!  YAY!  It might seem like a small number compared to other blogs the same age as this one but I’m impressed and thrilled that so many want to hear what I think about the books I read.  Especially since I don’t actively try to promote this blog and have long since given up on trying to respond to comments.  I read them and appreciate them but have poor blogging skills…  Anyway,  that so many people found this blog on their own and have managed to stick around is great!  Kudos to you, especially since I have been posting significantly less recently.  I hope that is about to change though.

I’ve been toying with adding new feature posts to the blog.  I do a weekly check-in post, participate in Top Ten Tuesday, and do a monthly wrap-up post.  This seems like a great opportunity to see what content you all would like to see at Read What I Like.  So please share in the comments your suggestions!  Would you like more blog memes (like Top Ten Tuesday, suggest other ones you either participate in or follow), challenges, giveaways?  Non-bookish posts, thoughts about reading in general, movie reviews? A monthly review of something Star Trek?  The possibilities are endless, kinda…within reason…  Or do you simply want me to get my act together and do a better job of responding to comments?

For the meanwhile, I do think a giveaway is in order for hitting 1,000 followers and I will think up something over the weekend.  Probably a gift card to Amazon so that it can be open to international followers.  I will also make following the blog a requirement for winning.  Look for more details next week.

For now,  thanks so much for making this hobby worthwhile!  Please, leave your suggestions for a new blog feature below.

~Happy Reading!

Blade Bound Winners!

Thank you to all that entered my Blade Bound giveaway!  The giveaway is now closed and here are the winners!

Congratulations to Nancy, Debbie, and Nema!

#1 A Cadogan tote, signed Merit picture, and two bookmarks: Won by Nancy!

#2 Cadogan lanyard, signed Merit picture, and two bookmarks: Won by Debbie!

#3 Cadogan seal sticker, signed Merit picture, and two bookmarks: Won by Nema!

Monday Morning Check-In: Looking to fall in love.

Good Monday morning everyone.  Coming off another busy non-reading weekend and followed that up with a busy Monday morning so I’ve not cracked open a book yet.  Have managed to run packages into town and all the laundry is on the line.  Also moved the remaining birds that I have back to the house while I work out a way to catch what is killing them out in the coop.

On the reading front I have one review book to finish up and then I am going to scour my t0-read shelf and look for a new series to fall in love with. Preferably a finished or established series so I can read a few books without waiting.  I do have one in mind and look forward to starting that later this week.

The Blade Bound blog tour is still going strong and thanks to everyone that entered last week by commenting on this post.  Today is the last day to enter as I plan to pick three winners tomorrow, release day!  It has been so much fun being a part of this tour and I hope to sign up for more blog tours by authors I enjoy in the future.  Good luck to all that have entered!  See you tomorrow or Wednesday by the latest when I announce the winners.

Happy Reading!

Monday Morning Check-In: Crabby…

Monday Morning Check-In

Good Monday morning everyone…  Today is going to be brief as I am in a particularly foul mood.  Spent Sunday working in the garden in heat and I’m itchy, sunburnt, sore and exhausted.  We also had a short night sleep on Saturday because we had to evacuate our house at 11 pm due to an anhydrous ammonia leak from the neighboring tank yard that made our house smell awful.  Thanks to the local fire dept and sheriff’s office for responding to the emergency and airing out our house with a really powerful fan.  So this morning all I want to do read and work on laundry.  Hopefully, I will be able to keep my eyes open for both.  Need to also think about the next BEA giveaway for the month of June.  Look for that to start on Wednesday.  Might toy with looking for another way to handle the giveaway besides Rafflecopter.  Suggestions from fellow bloggers/authors on other methods of holding giveaways would be appreciated.  What worked, what didn’t.  Rafflecopter is just a lot of work for so few people to actually enter.  Maybe it would just be simpler to have a form on the site or have people comment on a blog post.  I don’t know, will have to do some research.  Have a great Monday everyone and I hope you have a better day than mine is starting out as.  Happy reading… Amy

Bookish Thoughts: Did you hear?

Bookish Thoughts

That I am holding a giveaway!  Well, I am and not many people have signed up… So I would totally love you forever if you either 1) went and entered and/or 2)share with everyone you know, especially those you think might enjoy the book.  What book is that you might ask.  None other than a signed copy of One With You by Sylvia Day!!!  The last book in the Crossfire series. Yes, I got to meet her at BEA in Chicago this year and she is such a sweet person.  She would sign books people brought with them and posed for pictures with everyone.  I

Yes, I got to meet her at BEA in Chicago this year and she is such a sweet person.  She would sign books people brought with them and posed for pictures with everyone.  After waiting in line when it was my turn to get my book signed I, of course, blathered all over the place and told her how I was promoting her book in the library and patrons have really been enjoying it.  She put her hand on my arm and thanked me for what I’ve done and if I needed anything to let her know.  How. Cool. Is. That.  I’m sure that I’m not the only reader she told that to, but still she seemed so sincere I just melted for her.  She was one of few really awesome authors that I met during my trip.

So if you love this series and this author then why not enter for a free chance with pretty good odds to win your very own signed copy of her books.  You have my guarantee that Sylvia Day touched your book! So there are some rules you have to be a United States or Canadian resident and you have to actually make some selections on a Rafflecopter widget.  If you win you need to send me your mailing address and be okay about sharing your first name on the blog. So little that I am asking of you for a totally cool autographed book.  So do you want to see it? Here it is!



Now follow this link and enter for your shot at this book

a Rafflecopter giveaway

And if you really want to make me love you why not use one of the little share buttons at the bottom of this post and encourage others to enter my giveaway.  Thanks~

Top Ten Tuesday: Evolving Opinion

Top Ten Tuesday

Welcome to another contribution to the wildly popular Top Ten Tuesday hosted by The Broke and The Bookish.  This week they ask us to share lists on the following:

May 24:  Ten Books I Feel Differently About After Time Has Passed (less love, more love, complicated feelings, indifference, thought it was great in a genre until you became more well read in that genre etc.)

This is an interesting idea for a top ten list.  I can think of a couple of books right off the bat that I know I feel differently about now then I did right after reading.  Makes me wonder if my policy of reviewing a title the instant I finish is the best one.  I review a book before starting the next mainly because it is fresh in my mind and I’m not already invested in a new set of characters.  Less confusion and quite frankly it has simply become a habit.  Most of the time (I think) my ideas about a books stay the same a day, week or even month out from reading a book.  My memory might get a little fuzzy, but it usually takes several months to even a year for me to reconsider what I thought about a book I’ve read.  Usually what happens is I read the next book in a series or something by another author in the same genre and I rethink what I thought.  I’m excited to go through my Goodreads read shelf and see what books I might have loved or hated or even felt indifference towards and see if I feel differently today. Shall we begin.

Ten books that my opinion has evolved with time.

  1. Born of Defiance (The League, #7) 3 Stars: This is one where I would almost like to go back and bump it up to a four star rating for this recent read.  I might have even been generous by giving it the three stars.  What changed my mind was reading the next book in the series that finished many of the cliffhangers and plot holes from this book.  I understood so much more of this book after finishing the next book that my opinion of this one improved.  In the end I did agree with Ms. Kenyon in that this book needed to go first, but still it was a bit confusing at times.
  2. The Twelve (The Passage, #2) 3 Stars:  I remember being ready to be finished with this trilogy about half-way through book two.  And if this book had ended 20 pages earlier (approximation) then I would have been completely satisfied and able to make a clean break.  Book two in the Passage series just didn’t excite me, but the cliffhanger at the end made me both resentful and determine to see this trilogy to the end.  This one is a good example of how time has softened how I felt and I am pretty excited to read the last book, The City of Mirrors, that releases today!  Of course meeting the author who is incredibly sweet and charming might have helped a teeny tinny bit.  Maybe.
  3. Time Untime (Dark-Hunter #21; Hellchaser, #4; Were-Hunter, #7) 2 Stars:  This is one where I did not enjoy it while reading it and my opinion has only gone down hill from there.  I just didn’t care for it and I wish I had just given it the one star it probably deserved.  So if you are one of my favorite authors I might not enjoy your latest release and will still give it an unfavorable review, but the perk of being my fave is that you automatically get an extra star…
  4. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (Harry Potter, #1) Read before I started rating books: This is a case of I just moved on as a reader.  I remember loving the world of Harry Potter, but last year when I tried to re-read the series I couldn’t get past the first half of book one.  At 41 (almost 42) I just can not relate to a grammar school age person and the drama of characters this age.  I just can’t.  While I am glad I read it once I don’t think I will ever read them again and am questioning a bit why I was so enthralled by them in the first place.
  5. Twilight (Twilight, #1) 5 Stars: I will always have a special place in my heart for Twilight.  It did introduce me to a genre after all.  There will always be a spot on my shelves for these four books. I even used to re-read them once a year I loved them so. Then I met A Discovery of Witches and moved on and not looked back since.
  6. Dead Until Dark (Sookie Stackhouse, #1) 5 Stars: The way this series ended tarnished the entire lot of books for me.  I was so disgusted with how things ended up with Eric that I almost wish I hadn’t read the series at all, or at least stopped around book 10.  So disappointed and I will never trust my heart to Ms. Harris again. Ever.
  7. The Gunslinger (The Dark Tower, #1) Before I was rating and reviewing: I broke up with Mr. King a long time ago.  Simply a case of I evolved as a reader (that and he is kind of an ass to other authors).  I remember being so captivated by this series, probably my very first, and reading every single book I could of his because he would often put little Easter Eggs or windows into this mammoth masterpiece.  Now I’m kind of like eh, it wasn’t that special.  This is the opposite of what happen with Cronin, where the author’s attitude made me think less of their work.
  8. A Dance with Dragons (A Song of Ice and Fire, #5)  2 Stars:  I was so frustrated at the end of this book after reading 4 and 5 together that I declared myself finished with this series.  Now that I couple months have passed my animosity towards the author and series is waning a bit.  At the pace this author writes I probably have a ton of time to get over my frustration and might continue on to see what happens in the end.  Or maybe not…they are freaking bricks after all.
  9. One for the Money (Stephanie Plum, #1) 2 Stars:  I listened to this audio book at work in order to check the play quality of the disks.  A patron said they were not playing right.  The narrator and I did not click and it kind of ruined the entire series for me.  I couldn’t read it without hearing her voice.  I wonder if enough time has passed that I could give this very popular series another shot.
  10. Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West (The Wicked Years, #1) 3 Stars:  I remember being so enamored by the concept behind this book.  Then I read it and it was so tedious.  I mean a real pain to get through.  Far too political and just way too long.  I also read this one before I started reviewing books and I know the reader I am today would have DNF this title pretty damn quick.  Just not my cup of tea.

Well there you have my list for this week.  What books have you fallen out of love with or are there some titles that have grown on you?  Am I being too harsh with my opinions above?  Do you disagree?  Leave me a note in the comments!



I would also like to mention that I am holding a giveaway for a signed copy of Sylvia Day’s latest release One With You, the final book in the Crossfire series!  Click on the Giveaway banner above to visit the Rafflecopter widget or you can enter on my Facebook Page or under the giveaway page on the blog.  Open to US and Canadian residence only and you have until Midnight Monday May 30th to enter.  Good luck!