Monday Morning Check-In: Trying again.

Good Monday afternoon…  I’m a little late today because I spent the morning cooking for the week as I am on week two of my Whole30 and the only way I am going to be successful is if I can cook for the week so when I’m hungry it is easy to pull a meal together.

Anyway, while I worked in the kitchen I listened to book three of the Dresden Files.  I am going to try this series again.  Mainly because I couldn’t find any other audiobook that looked interesting at my library.  I need to have something to listen to while I cook, clean, or knit.  I am not going to be giving book two a second chance and just leave it DNF because I don’t think it will hurt to just pick the series up with book three.  I’m around chapter 11 and it is working better for me in audio format over me reading it myself.  I still think the main character is a glorified 12-year-old being obsessed with every woman who crosses his path’s body or their sex life.  The further I get into this book the more that drops away and the author focuses on the plot.  I still love series set in Chicago, however, and I have had fun visiting the different neighborhoods in my head as I listen to the text.  Don’t have my hopes up real high but this might be a way for me to read this popular series.

Have a good week!  Stay warm.


Monday Morning Check-In: Ugh…



Good Monday morning everyone! Short post today because I need to get my nose into a book pronto.  I hope to have more posts for you all this week and hopefully some more frequent reviews as well.  Last week was super busy with my husband having time off and the school elections that took me forever to recover from.  I didn’t get much reading done in the first half of the week and the second half I finished up the All Iowa Reads for work.  This week I have hopes to get through book two of the Dresden Files and a couple of review titles as well, one of those is a graphic novel from that series.  I have to confess I am just not feeling this series.  I am about half way through book two and it has just been a struggle to read.  If you love the Dresden Files series please help me out and share with me in the comments why I need to stick with it.  I know so many of you love it and I want in on that bandwagon, but honestly I just don’t get it.   Happy reading everyone!