Top Ten Tuesday: Red, White, and Blue

Top Ten Tuesday

Welcome to another contribution to the wildly popular Top Ten Tuesday hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl.  This week she asks us to share lists on the following:

July 3: Books with Red, White, & Blue Covers

Happy Fourth of July tomorrow everyone in the United States.  The fourth has always been my favorite holiday mainly due to childhood memories.  This year we are celebrating a little differently but I am excited about the change and hope that maybe my husband and I could start a new tradition. This week’s list was a bit more challenging than I thought it would.  It is so easy to find a cover that is red, white, or blue but to find all colors on one cover is a bit tougher or in the genres, I read at least.  I did manage to find ten that I feel fit but it is tough to use those three colors and not have a patriotic book cover.  There might be other colors in the covers below but all three we are looking for should be there.

Ten Red, White, & Blue covers

  1. Kiss of Crimson (Midnight Breed, #2)
  2. How to Speak Chicken: Why Your Chickens Do What They Do & Say What They Say
  3. A Touch of Crimson (Renegade Angels, #1)
  4. A Touch of Dead (Sookie Stackhouse, #4.1, #4.3, #5.1, #7.1, #8.1)
  5. Fated (Dark Protectors, #1)
  6. You Suck (A Love Story, #2)
  7. The Bone Season (The Bone Season, #1)
  8. Bitten & Smitten (Immortality Bites, #1)
  9. Bled Dry (Vegas Vampires, #3)
  10. Viper (Sons of Sangue, #1)

So how did I do?  Sorry for the lack of commentary but I thought the selections were pretty self-explanatory.  Have a Happy Fourth of July!


Top Ten Tuesday: Yummy Cover Art

Top Ten Tuesday

Welcome to another contribution to the wildly popular Top Ten Tuesday hosted by The Broke and The Bookish.  This week they ask us to share lists on the following:

October 17: Top Ten Yummy Foods Mentioned In Books 

Here’s the deal.  The books I read don’t have much food mentioned in them.  Vampires tend to be on mainly a liquid diet… For this week I decided to look for ten books on my Goodreads shelves that feature food on the cover.  Even that was a hard find as two of them are drinks and another two are simply a single piece of fruit several others are simply cookbooks. Interesting to see how different genres of books utilize food for the cover art though.

Ten book covers that feature food.

  1. The Trouble with Twelfth Grave (Charley Davidson, #12)  This is an upcoming release that I’m excited to share with you later this month.
  2. Soframiz: Vibrant Middle Eastern Recipes from Sofra Bakery and Cafe This cookbook has some great recipes in it if you like Middle Eastern food.
  3. My Big Fat Supernatural Wedding Interesting gothic inspired wedding cake. Not sure my copy looks like this though.
  4. Twilight (Twilight, #1)  Remember when single pieces of fruit or articles of clothing were all the rage for cover art.
  5. The New Indian Slow Cooker: Recipes for Curries, Dals, Chutneys, Masalas, Biryani, and More  Love Indian food, this looks so good!
  6. The Dirt on Ninth Grave (Charley Davidson, #9)  Ms. Jones always has such cool covers.  I’d drink those lattes.
  7. Midnight Brunch (Casa Dracula, #2)  I feel like this one is kind of a stretch, but hey strawberries are still food…
  8. Ball Blue Book of Preserving  Again it’s food…
  9. Just One Sip (Dark Ones, #4.5) If this is a cocktail then it counts.  It is a vampire book so pretty much a toss-up.
  10. Simple Thai Food: Classic Recipes from the Thai Home Kitchen Right now I’m kind of on a Thai food kick.  Love me some Green Curry.

Bending the rules this week but there is my contribution to this week top ten list.

Top Ten Tuesday: Never judge a book by its cover.

Top Ten Tuesday

Welcome to another contribution to the wildly popular Top Ten Tuesday hosted by The Broke and The Bookish.  This week they ask us to share lists on the following:

August 9: Top Ten Tuesday REWIND — go back and do a topic you missed over the years or recently or a topic you really want to revisit

After going through the list of previous Top Ten lists I’ve decided to go with Favorite Covers which was the fifth TTT on the list, although I do believe it has been done several times over the years.  My little caveat to this week’s list is that I am only going to select covers I like from books I have not read yet. Yes, I am going to be judging books simply upon their covers.  Not going to take any of the synopsis or any consideration for author into picking these covers.  I am just going to share the ones I like.  Small confession, I usually don’t give a rat’s ass about covers.  Oh sure there are some I really just don’t get or care for, but most of the time cover art adds or subtracts nothing towards my feeling about a book. They are just a means to catch a reader’s attention and get us to pick up that book amongst all the others available to us on a shelf.  So shall we begin.

Ten covers I dig on books I’ve yet to read.

  1. The Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend  This book has a variety of covers for the different releases of the title, I have to say this is my favorite and the one I’m glad I own.  The hard cover version was too busy and the color scheme a little garish.  This version is quaint and fitting for what I believe the feel of the book will be.  I like the font and the warm blue paint on the clap board siding gives it a warm feeling.  It is a simple but lovely cover.
  2. Immortal Nights (Argeneau, #24) Okay, hello, my name is Amy and I read romance.  A lot of romance and they often features half naked men on the cover.  It just goes with the genre and yes, it is probably all kinds of sexist and wrong in other ways.  Still I have to say I enjoy some of the covers, like this one.  Yep, he sure is pretty.
  3. The God Engines I thought this cover was interesting and fit the title nicely.  The colors are pleasing and it makes me curious about the plot.
  4. The Emperor's Knife (Tower and Knife Trilogy, #1) While going through the covers that I had on my to-read shelf I noticed that the ones with bluish tones caught my eye more often than not. Strange since my favorite color is purple (if you hadn’t guessed) I guess there are just more blue covers than purple ones. This may be a fairly typical cover for a fantasy novel but it is still nice.
  5. Empire of Storms (Throne of Glass, #5) Ms. Maas often has nice covers for her books.  I enjoy how the main character is always portrayed as the kick-ass heroine she is.  On this cover I enjoy the pop of color in the flames that coordinates with the author’s name.  Good balance.
  6. Angel of Death I believe this is a self published author.  If that is the case this is one of the best covers I’ve ever seen on an indie book.  It is beautiful.
  7. The Scribe (Irin Chronicles, #1) Okay I might have selected this book because Istanbul is featured on the cover, I love that city.  I also like the tattoo on the back of the figure featured on the cover too.  A little drab on the color palate, but still a lovely cover.
  8. Rook The pop of color in the title and feather made me pick this one.  It catch your eye and then you start looking at more of the details of the picture and wonder how Paris might have ended up like that.  Well done.
  9. Dark Wolf (Spirit Wild, #1)  Yes, more eye candy. But, I also like how the cover is laid out.  The muted background and the details shown in the coat he wears. It works, it caught my attention and not just for his pecks.
  10. The Water Knife I liked this one, the simplicity.  It is a great example that a cover doesn’t need to be flashy and busy to catch a reader’s attention.  Sometimes just playing with the title and font can draw a reader in.

Well there you have my list for this week.  What do you like in a cover?  Does it matter to you? Share in the comments.

Top Ten Tuesday: 10 things trends I like and dislike on book covers


Welcome to another contribution to the weekly blog meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.  This week they ask us to share 10 things we like and/or dislike about book cover trends.  To be honest, most of the time covers don’t affect me one way or another.  I mean, I don’t feel strongly one way or another.  Sure there are somethings I don’t like, but its never stopped me from picking up a book that sounds interesting.  I guess for me the blurb and what others think of it over on Goodreads has been more important.  My list is going to be a mix of annoyances and likes. (I’m not going to be adding links for this post.  If a cover looks interesting, do a little work and write down the title, open a new window and look it up…)


 Pet peeves when it comes to cover art.

#1  Alright I do have one big pet peeve when it comes to book covers.  I am NOT a fan of gratuitous ab showing on some romance covers.  I’m sorry but it is nothing but a ploy to get women to pick up the book by selling sex on the cover.  If it is morally wrong to do that with women for men, then the reverse holds true. Not every romance cover bothers me,  there are some tastefully done ones with attractive men on the covers, but most often it just comes off as cheesy and in poor taste.  Here are some examples from my reading lists:

The Bite of Silence (Biting Love, #3)Some Lycan Hot (Broken Heart #10)Ethan's Mate (The Vampire Coalition, #1)Sacrifice the Wicked


#2  I’m also not a fan of people having sex on the cover, like in these examples:

Yvette's Haven (Scanguards Vampires, #4) , Gabriel's Mate (Scanguards Vampires, #3)Slave to her Desires (Succubus Diaries, #3.6)The Marriage Bargain (Marriage to a Billionaire, #1),


#3  I also don’t like when the cover doesn’t match the feel of the book.  For example a dark brooding serious looking cover for a quirky funny witty book.


#4 It bothers me when the model for the cover doesn’t match the physical attributes of the main character.  If they are blond in the book find a blond for the cover…


#5  I’m not such a fan of movie adaptions of covers.  Most of the time they have butchered the book for the film and if you are not a reader then most likely putting the leading actor on the cover isn’t going to convince you to pick up the book either.  And if you are a reader who saw the movie all it is going to do is remind you how much the book was destroyed in the making of the film.

The Hunger Games (The Hunger Games, #1)Divergent (Divergent, #1)The Fellowship of the Ring (The Lord of the Rings, #1)


#6 Please don’t have  too much going on on a cover, for example:

Wildwood Dancing (Wildwood, #1)Cybele's Secret (Wildwood, #2)


#7 For the love of all that is good in the world don’t change the cover art drastically in a series.

Across the Universe (Across the Universe, #1)A Million Suns (Across the Universe, #2)Shades of Earth (Across the Universe, #3)

(one of these is not like the others…)


Things I like when it comes to cover art.

#8 I personally like it when all the books in genre tend to have similar types of covers.  It makes it so much easier to recommend titles to patrons, especially when you don’t read that type of book (for example: Fifty Shades of Grey is similar to the Crossfire series, all the Christian fiction or Amish books tend to have similar covers).


#9 I always enjoy beautiful locations, especially places I’ve been.

The Oracle of StamboulThe Devil and Miss PrymThe Alchemist
#10 For the last one I thought I would just share some of my favorite covers,  that is probably the best way to share what trends I enjoy in cover art.

The GargoyleHow to Live Safely in a Science Fictional UniverseThe Bastard of IstanbulThe Passage (The Passage, #1),

The Grimm Legacy (The Grimm Legacy, #1),My Name Is MemoryThe Golem and the JinniThe RevealedThe Martian,

Top Ten Tuesday: 10 Book Covers I’d Frame As Pieces of Art


Welcome to another edition of the weekly blog meme hosted by The Broke and The Bookish.  This week the ask us to share ten book covers that we would hang on our walls as artwork.  This week’s list was challenging for me to come up with ten covers.  Not that there isn’t some great covers in the genres I read, but most of them feature half naked men, are dystopian wastelands, or just strange.  Now I appreciate an attractive male specimen as much as the next red blooded straight female, but I don’t want to hang the cover on my wall.   So after going through my Goodread’s book list twice below are the covers I came up with to share with you all.  Enjoy! (click on the covers to visit book’s Goodreads page)

  1. 12886158 This cover is quite lovely and would go nicely with our collection of Turkish souvenirs from past vacations.  It would also look nicely in my dinning room after I get around to painting it.  Hmm something to look into…
  2.  The Oracle of Stamboul Are you sensing a theme here.  My husband and I have a Turkish obsession and have been know to buy items in a store just because they were made in Turkey.  This one would also look nicely in my new dinning room.
  3. The Passage (The Passage, #1) While I enjoyed the books, I have always thought the covers of this series were particularly lovely.  Especially in person where the color shifts in the light.
  4. The Twelve (The Passage, #2) See just as nice as the first one and looks like any random sunset in the Mid-West.  Perfect for an old farm house wall.
  5. The Devil and Miss Prym  Didn’t enjoy this book that much, only two stars.  The cover however is lovely (I know I keep using that word, but it is).  I like the greens and the mist, this might go nicely in my bedroom.
  6. The Golem and the Jinni  While winter, especially after this one, is not my favorite time of year, this is a very pretty cover.  I’d hang it on my wall.
  7. The Charmer (Darklands, #1) This is an independent author that I stumbled across a few years ago, and a pretty great series.  The cover does not fit the story at all, but still nice to look at I might hang it in a kid’s room.
  8. The Grimm Legacy (The Grimm Legacy, #1)Another one that would look nice in a child’s room.  #’s 7-10 are more of I think they are pretty rather than I would actually hang them someplace in my house.
  9. The 5th Wave (The Fifth Wave, #1) Well this one I might hang.  The light play and that everything is in silhouette is really striking (found another word besides lovely).
  10. Across the Universe (Across the Universe, #1)  Really don’t think I would have a place to hang this one, but I’ve always thought it beautiful.  Love the colors and it would look amazing in a teen girl’s bedroom.

So there is my list.  Did it surprise  you?  I kinda did me, the covers I like the best look nothing like most of the types of books I tend to read.  I look forward to seeing the covers you all select.