Monday Morning Check-In: Over It.

Happy Monday everyone!  Didn’t get my post written this morning because I needed to clean my chicken coop and do some other chores.  So let’s talk about the elephant in the blog, shall we?  I seem to be slowing down in my reading and posts.  I’m not sure what is up and why I’m not into reading currently but I don’t seem to be doing as much of it.  I wonder if the pressure to create content killed my interest or if it was something else but I simply have not been putting in the time and effort needed to make this book review blog a success.  And you know what? That’s alright.  This is not a job. No one is paying me.  I am only accountable to myself and my followers.  So I think this is what I’m going to do.  I’m going to take the pressure off even further.  I’m going to take a break from Net Galley, which is my current source of stress related to the blog.  It helps that I haven’t found anything I’m super excited about in a while over there so when I finish up my three books up for review  I’m going to take an extended break from Net Galley.  Sure it is a lot of fun to read a book before others get to but it isn’t like I can’t read the book later.  I do work at a library so it isn’t even like I would have to buy all the books I want to read I can simply borrow them from my library or another.  I just find myself over Net Galley.  I simply want to read a book because I’m interested in it and not because I owe a publisher a review by release day.  2019 is going to be the year I try to rekindle my love of reading by reading whatever the hell I like and not worry if it is current or relevant.  I might spend a month reading nothing but Star Trek novels or pick up a really old series I’ve never tried.  Explore genres or take a month and read nothing at all.  I’m not going to sign up for Goodreads pledge either, well I might say I’ll read one book and just use it to record how many I do finish next year.  I do want the pretty little badge for my profile after all.  I do plan to continue posting for Top Ten Tuesday because I enjoy the challenge and I will probably still post a weekly update but the monthly recaps will disappear if I haven’t finished any books that month.  I hope you all don’t mind but I simply don’t want the pressure in committing to more.  I just feel like the blog has gotten a little stale and might think of some other types of posts I can deliver to you all.  I have been toying with doing a Wish bookish haul like the videos on YouTube.  If that sounds like something you’d enjoy leave a comment and let me know.  Or leave a link to something you saw on Wish that you would like to see reviewed.  Have a great week everyone!  Happy reading.


GDPR and Read What I Like

Like many of you, I’ve been inundated with emails from sites and newsletters I follow asking if I wish to still receive emails from them.  It has been a great way to rid myself of unwanted marketing emails that I’m no longer interested in receiving.  Then this morning I started to think about Read What I Like and how the new European law applies to this site.

My eyes quickly glazed over at all the legal crap I needed to wade through and thought forget this.  My site is a hobby not a business and the quickest way to be compliant is to simply not collect information from people.  So here are some changes that are coming to Read What I Like.

You will no longer be able to follow the blog by email

I believe there are only 18 of you anyway, most people follow through their WordPress subscription or one of my social media sites like Facebook or Twitter.  About an hour after this post I will delete all 18 emails that have signed up and if you are interested in continuing to follow the blog you will need to either bookmark the site or follow me another way.

Giveaways will no longer be held

So that I no longer need to be responsible for personal information that needs to be collected in order to hold a giveaway I will not be holding any in the future at Read What I Like.  I have deleted all previous entries at Rafflecopter and through email submission.  Quite frankly my giveaways were not that popular or frequent anyway so I don’t think you will miss them.


I think Read What I Like is okay on the comments front.  I simply use WordPress’s forms and I believe they have updated the site to make it compliant with the new law.  If upon further research I learn that is not the case the comment section on my posts might disappear.

Review Requests

I have updated the page to explain what I do with your information after you email me.  I am considering deleting this page altogether and stop taking review requests through the blog at all.  I’ve not been accepting them for a year or so now and they request email I receive have really slowed down.  Most of the requests I receive now come from people who have not even visited the site coming from Amazon instead.  So any future changes that need to be made in regards to this will be to that page or the page will simply disappear.


I think that will cover most of it if other changes need to be made I will make them.  I don’t want to close the site but I also don’t want to be fined and a book review blog is not worth the threat of litigation.  I’m sure I’m overreacting but better safe than sorry.  For now, I plan to continue to post reviews and book related posts.  I’m sorry if you are one of the 18 email followers affected by the changes I hope you find another way to follow the blog.

Monday Morning Check-In: Changes



Good Monday morning everyone.  What is this?  A strange new graphic here at Read What I Like.  Yep, sure is.  I’ve decided to make some changes to the blog, nothing major just renaming some posts and taking the pressure off myself a bit.  So what new and exciting things can you look forward to, you might ask!  Well first off, calm down it is Monday morning after all, and it is only a little book review blog, but since you asked…

Monday morning post will no longer be Monday Morning Question.  It will now be called Monday Morning Check-In.  I still might ask questions or not, I might just share what my plans for the week of reading are or what ever topic pops into my head each week.

Thursday Thought is also being changed to Bookish Thoughts and will be posted any day of the week I choose.  I often have a topic in mind and forget to write it down and share it with you all on Thursday,  so Bookish Thoughts will be posted as ideas come to me.

I am also regretting this reading theme each month.  I am finding that my mood doesn’t always follow the theme I planned several weeks in advance, so bye-bye.  Oh I still might continue a theme read month every now and again but I don’t think every month is a good idea.  Now that I am getting my books through the library, when something I want to read outside the theme becomes available I need/want to check it out then, not in three months when it might fit the theme better.  Net Galley and review request books tend to get in the way of the theme and if I make the commitment to review these books I need to do so in a timely matter.  So for now reading themes are going to be on hold. I am also finding that when my mood changes from say Sci-Fi to paranormal or romance mid month I feel obliged to stick with the theme and then my reading productivity goes down.

I have also become a new convert to audio books, so keep an eye out for more of those reviews.  I still feel like it is cheating, but I am able to get so much more done around the house!  Thanks to Krystal @Books Are My Thing for the tip of putting the books on hold,  I have also created a wish list for all the ones I want to listen to and just check out  what is available. I’m finding myself looking into books I wouldn’t normally read to listen to, so it seems audio books is expanding my reading horizons!

Well I think that is for this week.  I wish you all happy reading!

Monday Morning Question: Blogging?


Good Monday Morning to all of you out there.  I hope you had a great Christmas and got all the bookish items on your want list.  I already told you about my new Samsung Nook that I got this year, my other gift was three new peafowl.  I lost my hen and hubby agreed to me getting a new bird.  Well one new bird turned into three new birds and I’ve decided my husband is a saint for putting up with all the critter drama on our small farm.  I might be starting up a Facebook, YouTube, or blog to share the critter adventures that my friends on FB enjoy following.  I’ll be sure to post a link here once I decide what direction I’m going.  Anyway, back to bookish topics, or rather blogging this morning.

So I thought I would ask all of you to share some of your blogging habits or tips in the comments section.  I’m thinking of making some changes at the start of the new year.  Main one might be a new theme for the blog,  getting tired of the blue, more in a purple mood lately. I know they say not to make a lot of changes right away when you start, but I’ve been blogging for almost a year now and I think, hope, that changing the look won’t matter to followers. Have you changed your theme?  How did your followers respond?  I also might look into changing the format of my review posts.  What sort of information do you all include in your reviews?  What would you like to see: page counts, publisher, links to authors website, price, etc.  What sort of weekly memes do you participate in?  I try to post this Monday Morning Question, Top Ten Tuesday, and a Thursday Thoughts most weeks so I have at least three blog posts.   If I am going to have a review on Thursday, I might skip that meme though.   I also post a monthly review.  What sort of recurring posts do you all have?  Your most popular?

Have a Happy New Year everyone.  I will have a Top Ten Tuesday and hopefully one more review to post this year.

Monday Morning Question: How has reviewing/blogging changed you?


Good Monday morning everyone!  Hope you had a good weekend.  Not bad here, spent some time with the hubby celebrating his birthday. We spent some time in town and too many hours watching Star Wars…  I’m a Trekkie, but married a Wars fan.  So for his Birthday we had a Star Wars themed weekend.  Got him a bunch of Yoda stuff and we watched the first three films, which were the last three made.  I’ve decided I’m not a fan.  Too much bothered me about the films.  Now this isn’t the first time I’ve seen them, but I got to thinking and wondered if my new hobby of reading and reviewing has made me more critical of any type of Story, or perhaps more willing to go on social media and bitch about what ever I don’t like.  Sorry to my Star Wars friends over my posts this weekend…  So this morning I ask: How has reviewing books and/or blogging changed you?

I’m finding that now that I review what I read, and even more so now that I have a blog, I’m thinking more about what I’m reading while reading.  I’m not just getting swept up, or not, by a story.  I’m thinking about what is and isn’t working for me.  Some of this could just be cause I’m reading way more books they I ever have before in my life, but maybe not.  I’m starting to understand elements of a story more then I did before.  I notice cliches more and sometime are bothered by them more then I used to.  I also think I’m getting better at recommending books for others. When I’m reading now I often think oh so-and-so should try this, but this person will hate this story.  I’m paying more attention to my friend’s and patron’s taste and am better at suggesting titles for them.

I’m also more willing to DNF a book.  Time is short and my reading list too long to put up with something that isn’t working.  I do realize more then before that most of the time it is just me.  Unless the book is really, really awful there is a reader for it out there somewhere.   Which is why it is very important to not get personal in your reviews, and don’t attack.  Just share what you didn’t care for and leave it at that.

I also think this critical thinking about things is bleeding into other areas of entertainment too.  This weekend I was pretty opinionated over my thoughts of the Star Wars films.  I’m not going to go into what I found wrong in all the films,  really bad dialog, but I wasn’t afraid to share my opinion all over Facebook.  So this review and sharing has made me more confident then I used to be.  Before I might not like something, but I sure as hell wouldn’t have shared it.  Through this new hobby I’ve learned that my opinion is valid and I’m not afraid or ashamed to share it anymore.  If you disagree, great!  That is why it is so wonderful that there are so many different types of stories, be it movies or books or tv,  there is bound to be something out there for everyone to enjoy.

Well I’ve rambled on long enough.  My pasture is currently flooding and I should probably get out and check on fences.  I also need to do a monthly round up of my reading.  So how about you?  How has blogging and/or reviewing changed you?