Bookish Thoughts: Author Bucketlist

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Hey everyone!  I’m sorry that I missed this week’s Top Ten Tuesday.  I was serving my county and running a local polling place for a special election.  Since I was in charge I was busy for three days (picking up, election day, and drop off), so I did have a good excuse.  I also need to start getting ready for Chicago #BEA16, not to mention a laundry list of items that I need to get done at work before my vacation.  Still I wanted to post something else this week because I might not get a book review out to you this or next week.  So I thought it might be fun to come up with an author bucket list.  I’m sure I most likely posted something like this on another TTT or some other post, but this is a list that can change and should be updated over time.

What do I mean by Author Bucket List?  For me it means authors I hope to meet in-person some time in my life.  Fairly topical being I am going to attend BEA next week in Chicago.  Shall we begin. (in no particular order beyond one and two).

Author Bucket List

  1. Sherrilyn Kenyon: Had to include my favorite author even if I’ve already met her, because quite frankly I plan on seeing this author in person when ever possible.
  2. Darynda Jones:  This author is just so cool and great about interacting with her fans through social media.  I would love to meet her someday.
  3. Katie MacAlister:  Another cool author to follow online.  Her books are always so much fun.
  4. Jacqueline Rhoades:  I’m delighted to be able to call this author friend, even though we’ve not met in real life.  Someday…
  5. J.R. Ward:  Another fun author to follow online, also I gotta hear her speak just to see if the rumors about her swearing are true.  Based upon her writing how could they not be.
  6. D.B. Reynolds:  Love this author’s series and would like to tell her in person.
  7. Jeaniene Frost: I do have signed books from this author, but to get a picture with her would be grand.
  8. Lynsay Sands:  Another one that I’ve interacted with on social media!
  9. Alexandra Ivy:  This author usually sets her books in the Mid-West which I love! Hope to cross her path someday.
  10. Andy Weir:  I know he has only written one book, but I LOVED it so much.
  11. Dianne Duvall:  She is quickly becoming one of my favorites.
  12. Sylvia Day: This author is a real possibility as she will be signing at BEA this year.  Fingers crossed!
  13. Deborah Harkness:  To thank her for moving me beyond Twilight.
  14. Tricia Skinner: Another fun author to interact with online. Very cool person.
  15. Justin Cronin: Going to be at BEA 2016, fingers crossed!
  16. Dan Brown: I really enjoy his books and don’t care what you think.  There are people who are dying to meet James Patterson and Nicholas Sparks too…
  17. Sarah J. Maas:  This author is going to be at Book Con which I will not be attending…
  18.  Molly Harper: Got to see if she is as funny in person.
  19. Chloe Neill: I would actually love a guided tour of Chicago by this author to see all the Chicagoland Vampire hot spots, but I will settle for just telling her how much I lover her series.
  20. John Scalzi:  This author will be at a ticket ($) event at BEA  I’m hoping to run into him somewhere on the floor.

Alright I figure 20 is good enough.  What authors are on your bucket list?

Update notice.  I was able to cross three of these off my list after attending BEA 16 in Chicago.


Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Things On My Bookish Bucket List


Welcome to another Tuesday and another addition to the blog meme hosted by The Broke and Bookish. Go check them out and join in the fun.  This week’s topic is 10 things on your bookish bucket list.  I haven’t really given this much thought before.  Sure I’m obsessed about books as much as the next book blogger.  So anyway here is my list, I’m just going to try and keep it about other things than reading a specific book.  If I get desperate I may start throwing in titles…

  1. To have an autographed book by from all my favorite authors.  I have two so far J.R Ward and Deborah Harkness.  Only around 6-7 more to go unless my list grows, which it probably will.
  2. To meet some of my favorite authors, possible to get some of those books signed ;).
  3. To read 200 books in a year.  I’m off to a pretty good start, way ahead of where I thought I would be this year at 49 books so far.  Perhaps this year will be the year.  My record so far 156.
  4. To visit some of the settings of my favorite books; New Orleans, England, Washington State, Italy for example.
  5. To go to a comic con, dragon con, ALA convention or a book conference of some sort.  Perhaps meet some of those authors get some books signed.
  6. To read all the books on my e-readers and to-read book case.  Of course to accomplish this I would need to stop buying books.  This will probably not happen, but we can dream can’t we.
  7. To get an ARC book from a series I collect.  Even if I can’t keep it, e-arc books expire after so many days, I would love to get to read a book from one of my series before most everyone else.
  8. Get my husband to actually read a book I recommend.  He has started several, said many sound interesting (maybe he is just being kind) but has never finished any…
  9. Read more classics and actually enjoy them…
  10. To become a ‘real’ librarian. I work in a small library, but am not a librarian. I would like take the classes to be certified by the state some day, or to go and get a MLS.  Of course that is going to seriously eat into my reading time, so for now I’m content to be an assistant.  I still get to work around books and help people.

Well here is my list,  what is on your bookish bucket list?