Top Ten Tuesday: Reading Resolutions

Top Ten Tuesday

Welcome to another contribution to the wildly popular Top Ten Tuesday hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl.  This week she asks us to share lists on the following:

January 16: Bookish Resolutions/Goals

I’ve long given up trying to direct my reading life.  I’m simply a mood reader and when I put rules or expectations on my reading I simply end up stressed.  Reading should be fun and too many rules or goals squashes my reading pleasure.  Still, for participation purposes, I will try to come up with ten resolutions for my reading in 2018.

Ten Bookish Resolutions for 2018

  1. YouTube:  For the love of God step away from YouTube.  It is nothing but a huge time suck and I waste far too much time watching mindless, yet entertaining, vlogs.  I also watch the news but outside of those two hours a day I need to seriously put a block on that site.
  2. Goodreads Goal:  I hope to read ten more books than last year.  So even though I set my Goodreads goal at 52 I hope to actually read something like 98 books in total.
  3. Audiobooks: I want to continue to listen to audiobooks this year.  I do want to change my focus as far as audiobooks go and use it as a way to reread titles I have already enjoyed.
  4. Star Trek:  I have a tough time passing up Star Trek books when I find them while thrifting.  I have quite the collection built up and they are beginning to creep onto other shelves on my to-read bookcase.
  5. Weed More:  I would like to weed some of the titles I don’t plan to read anymore on my to-read shelves (physical and virtual).  I would also love to get my husband into our home library to go through his collection of titles.
  6. Use the Library More:  I work at a public library and haven’t checked out that many books over the past year instead focusing on reading titles I have at home.  I should try to borrow more books from my public library.
  7. Read more Non-Fiction:  I do occasionally read titles that are NF but not that often.  Maybe I should use that library card to find some NF titles that interest me.
  8.  Catch up on Series:  I have so many series that I follow and have fallen behind with.  I need to either own up and abandon them or get my butt in gear and read the titles that are already released.
  9. New Authors:  I’ve not been seeking out new authors to try and should.  Maybe once I month I could try to read a book by someone I’ve not read before.
  10. Get new glasses:  I’ve been blaming my decline in reading on needing bifocals for about two years now.  I need to make a freaking eye appointment and just get a pair of reading glasses already.

There is my list for this week what reading goals or resolutions do you have for 2018?


Top Ten Tuesday: Bookish Delights

Top Ten Tuesday

Welcome to another contribution to the wildly popular Top Ten Tuesday hosted by The Broke and The Bookish.  This week they ask us to share lists on the following:

April 26: Top Ten Bookworm Delights

This week is a nice change of pace from just selecting book titles that you’ve all seen frequently on my TTT list.  I think it is safe to say bookish people love bookish things and I’m no exception. There are tons of little perks or quirks that set us off and let us revel in our geeky bookish delight.  Non-bookish people might not get these, but I’m sure you all or most of you will be able to appreciate these bookish things that bring me joy.

Ten Bookish Things I Love

  1. Libraries: Libraries are wonderful things, and not just because I work in one.  They also provide so much more than books, but for today’s list lets focus on that.  Libraries let you borrow books for free (well your tax dollars do pay for these services[still a steal]).  You can test out new authors or genres without spending a dime.  If they don’t have the book you are looking for just ask!  They can probably borrow it from another library at little or no cost to you, or they might even go out and buy their own copy and let you read it first (my library’s policy).
  2. Pimping Books: This is one of my favorite parts of blogging and working in a library.  Talking to people about the books you love and turning them onto new authors they might not have tried before.  It is such an amazing feeling when someone comes back to you and says I read this book because of you and I loved it!
  3. My Nook: I am one of those bookish people who don’t care if I read in print or e-print, I just enjoy reading.  I love my Nook, not just because it is an immensely useful device, but it also lets me carry around thousands of books where ever I might go.  I am currently on my third Nook and will probably just convert over to a Samsung tablet next I will always have some sort of electronic reading device.
  4. Author Interaction:  Nothing makes a bookish person go all fan girl or guy than interacting with an author.  Online or in person doesn’t matter to have this person who wrote something that brought you such joy is beyond cool.
  5. ARCs:  This is probably my favorite perk associated with book blogging.  The fact that publisher will give you a book to read, for free, before it is published is just so cool!  It has to be the biggest scam out there!  After two years and change it still makes my day when I receive notice that I’ve been approved for that highly coveted advanced reading copy.
  6. Story within a Story:  I love it when a book gets all clever and has a story within a story or the characters break that fourth wall and interact with the reader or author.  Some examples: The Dark Tower Series (King wrote himself into the story), Redshirts (the crew of the fictional ship learn they are characters in a story on tv), Or when an author does a crossover between two different series they write and you get a little peek into the lives of characters outside of the normal story.
  7. Series: Some readers love them, some readers hate them.  I am on the team love when it comes to series.  I love the depth and that complexity that they often lead to in a story.  I love how they all unite in one giant universe that we get to explore and how we never really have to say good-bye to characters we loved in earlier books.  I love knowing what to expect and that I will 8 times out of 10 enjoy what I’m about to read.  Series are great and I love discovering old ones that I’ve not read yet with tons of books already released.  Good times.
  8. Organized Bookcases:  Organizing ones bookcases is a little like playing with your toys.  You get to spend time sorting and weeding and revisiting old friends as you put them in order on the shelf.  In case you were wondering proper shelf order is Left to Right, Top to Bottom, alphabetized by author last name and then by title keeping series together and in reading order.  There is no other way.  I’m serious, don’t make me come fix your shelves.  Cause I will. ;)  Unread shelves can be organized by what you want to read next as long as you keep the author’s books together.
  9. Finishing a Book in a Day: There is nothing like finishing an entire book in a day to make a bookish person feel like a badass.  Total badass.
  10. New Books:  New books are like manna from heaven for a bookish person.  Doesn’t matter if you spent big bucks or hardly anything, books are little treasures filled with adventures yet unfolded.  Quite frankly they are our drug of choice.

There you have my list this week,  what bookish delights might you have?  Share in the comments.


Top Ten Tuesday: Bookish Thanks

Hosted by The Broke and the Bookish!
Hosted by The Broke and the Bookish


Welcome to another contribution to the wildly popular blog meme, Top Ten Tuesday.  This week they ask us to share lists on:

November 24: Thanksgiving themed Freebie — ten books I’m thankful for, authors I’m thankful for, Ten fictional families I’d like to celebrate Thanksgiving with, a personal non-bookish thankful list, etc. etc.

Since this is kind of freebie I am going to write my list on ten bookish things of which I am thankful.  They can be individual books, devises, authors, anything book related that I am grateful for as a reader.


Ten bookish things I am thankful for in my life. 

  1. Libraries: As a reader, citizen and employee the public library system benefits my life greatly.  I have access to free books, wi-fi, movies, audio books and so many more services that they provide free or almost free to all citizens.  We do pay for these services through our tax dollars, but the access they provide are so worth it.
  2. My Nook: Hardly a day goes by that I do not use this device.  I love my Nook and it has become a valuable tool that I use not only to read but to access the internet and entertain myself.
  3. Sherrilyn Kenyon: I wanted to pick one author for this list.  While there are so many that I love to read I would have to say Ms. Kenyon is by far my favorite and I am eternally grateful that she shares these wonderful stories and characters with us.
  4. ARC Books: As a reader and reviewer I am thankful that publisher provide free advance copies of books for bloggers to review.  It is always a thrill to be approved for any book and to get the opportunity to read the book before the general public is just the icing on the cake.  Thank you publishes!  You Rock!!! (especially all the ones that approve me regularly)
  5. Goodreads: This is a valuable tool for any reader or librarian.  Through this site we can share our feedback with the reading community, keep track of our read and to-reads, search out new books, and keep up with series and authors.  I use this site as often as I do Facebook!
  6. Book Bloggers: The book blogging community is awesome!  There are some great bloggers and sites out there and I am thankful to be a part of this online community!
  7. Facebook: I am thankful for Facebook for more than bookish reasons, but this site lets me interact with not only fellow readers but authors as well.  I can find posts about upcoming books, sales and just fun bookish memes that I enjoy reading and sharing with my fellow book nerds.
  8. Audio Books: This is a new reading format that I have begun utilizing this year.  I am grateful that it allows me to stay entertained and active at the same time.  I need to continue to use audio books when I don’t have time to sit down and just read.  It is a great way to stay caught up on reading goals and get something done at the same time.
  9. Indie Authors: I am thankful for all the indie authors that work so hard and put themselves out there while following their dream.  I may not be able to accept every book I am offered, but I do read the description of all the books that I am inquired about reviewing.  Thank you for the offers and stories that I have enjoyed.
  10. Used and Indie Book Stores:  Thank you.  Thank your for giving us an option for buying books besides through the evil corporate machine.  Thank you for giving used books a way to delight more people.


What bookish things are you thankful for in your life?

Monday Morning Check-In: Changes



Good Monday morning everyone.  What is this?  A strange new graphic here at Read What I Like.  Yep, sure is.  I’ve decided to make some changes to the blog, nothing major just renaming some posts and taking the pressure off myself a bit.  So what new and exciting things can you look forward to, you might ask!  Well first off, calm down it is Monday morning after all, and it is only a little book review blog, but since you asked…

Monday morning post will no longer be Monday Morning Question.  It will now be called Monday Morning Check-In.  I still might ask questions or not, I might just share what my plans for the week of reading are or what ever topic pops into my head each week.

Thursday Thought is also being changed to Bookish Thoughts and will be posted any day of the week I choose.  I often have a topic in mind and forget to write it down and share it with you all on Thursday,  so Bookish Thoughts will be posted as ideas come to me.

I am also regretting this reading theme each month.  I am finding that my mood doesn’t always follow the theme I planned several weeks in advance, so bye-bye.  Oh I still might continue a theme read month every now and again but I don’t think every month is a good idea.  Now that I am getting my books through the library, when something I want to read outside the theme becomes available I need/want to check it out then, not in three months when it might fit the theme better.  Net Galley and review request books tend to get in the way of the theme and if I make the commitment to review these books I need to do so in a timely matter.  So for now reading themes are going to be on hold. I am also finding that when my mood changes from say Sci-Fi to paranormal or romance mid month I feel obliged to stick with the theme and then my reading productivity goes down.

I have also become a new convert to audio books, so keep an eye out for more of those reviews.  I still feel like it is cheating, but I am able to get so much more done around the house!  Thanks to Krystal @Books Are My Thing for the tip of putting the books on hold,  I have also created a wish list for all the ones I want to listen to and just check out  what is available. I’m finding myself looking into books I wouldn’t normally read to listen to, so it seems audio books is expanding my reading horizons!

Well I think that is for this week.  I wish you all happy reading!

Monday Morning Question: Bookish Gifts?


Good Monday Morning everyone!  (Sorry for the delay, cat needed to go to vet this morning) To start off I would like to wish everyone a warm holiday season.  We at Softa farms will not be doing much as we don’t decorate or exchange gifts, although I kinda did get one or two this year…  Anyway I thought I would ask you all what bookish gifts do you hope to find under the tree this year? Have a non-bookish want, feel free to share that too.

I must have been a good girl this year, or really persistent because I got the new Samsung Nook, with spouse approval, on Cyber Monday.  Husband gave me the green light, had all along, but I finally could not resist temptation any longer and ordered it for myself. Just gotta say I am loving it by the way.   I can’t think of any books I really want this year.  I’ve been adding to my collection pretty regularly this year so I’m good in the to-read department.  Heck I seriously need to catch up on library books too.  So no new titles on my wish list this year. I keep thinking the bookish jewelry, t-shirts and coffee mugs are pretty cool, but haven’t seen them in the stores I go to.   I did find some cool buttons, like campaign pins/buttons, that I picked up to wear to work.  They have some really clever saying on them, but I limited myself to five when I really wanted to bring home one of each.

I hope you all have a great holiday and I will still be around posting reviews as I finish books.  I have an ARC review that I finished, but need to hold off posting till sometime next month.  There is going to be an amazing giveaway tied to that one, so keep an eye out for that.  I have three books I hope to finish up for the year and in January I am going to start Game of Thrones.