Bookish Thoughts: BEA Haul

Bookish Thoughts

With the wrap-up post becoming ridiculously long I thought I would post a separate haul post for those of you that just wanted to see what goodies and books I brought home.  I am not going to list every single title or cover in this post ( I might do a top ten list of favorite covers from BEA some Tuesday).  The grand total of books I scored at BEA is 112!  One hundred and twelve books!  That is crazy.  Some I probably didn’t need, and many I won’t read.  I will see that if I’m not keeping a book, they get into the hands of someone who appreciates them or donate them to my library.  It is hard to turn down books at BEA; sometimes you feel sorry for an author with no one in line, sometimes they are pushing books into people’s hands in the aisle, and sometimes you just get swept away with the thrill of shinny free things…  There is a good chunk of books that I left with my girlfriend in Chicago.  After sorting out my books to keep or giveaway I let her go through my weeded box and take what she liked.  I also picked up a couple of totes for her as well.  She told me that this was the best conference that she never attended and if she had known they were giving away free books she would have taken the week off work. I did let her know she could have totally attended with me too, as BEA let bloggers bring a guest which was really handy for leaving someone in one line while you waited in another.  Next time…  Anyway on to the pictures.

BEA Haul

All these pictures open up to larger versions in new window and descriptions are below their pictures.


This is my for me haul.  All of these books and …stuff (for a lack of a better term) are items I am going to keep.  some of the books I might giveaway after reading so keep an eye out for them over the next year or so…  Seriously lots and lots of books.IMG_3569

This haul is made up of items that I picked up for the Summer Reading program at work.  Can’t wait to give these items out to the teens that sign up!


Next we have the stuff that I will be giving away here at Read What I Like!  Yes that’s right I totally kept you all in mind and managed to grab some items you all might like.  Where shall we start.  Feel free to leave suggestions in the comments on what you want to see me giveaway first.


These are some of my favorite totes.  I carried a tote of totes at the conference and ended up with 38 of them!  Some went to the library, a couple to my friends and these are all mine!


Here are the books that I picked up for my dear husband!  Not as many as I had hoped for, but I did bring him some other items from Chicago so don’t feel too bad for him.


These are the books I’m not quite sure what to do with, but don’t worry I will find them good homes most likely at my library.

My total haul.  Glad I brought a truck!
My total haul. Glad I brought a truck!


There you have it most of the items I brought back from BEA.  The last post I’ll be sharing is some tips that I think might help future BEA attendees.  Sometime tomorrow… I have reading that needs to be done!