Monday Morning Check-In: To Sell Out Or Not

Good Monday morning everyone!  Not a lot of reading going on in my life lately.  I’ve been working at the library for six days straight as my boss has gone on vacation.  On my days off I am using every spare moment to clean the house in prep for a guest later this week.  Now I know my friend doesn’t give a crap about the state of our house but it is her first visit and she is staying the night so we have initiated a friend-first-visit-overnight-stay level of cleaning.  Basically, we will pick up everything, finish up some projects, vacuum, dust, mow the lawn, sanitize the bathroom and do a ton of laundry.  No cleaning closets or organizing cupboards. If she comes to visit again I will probably leave the house as is.  Hey, it’s a home, not a museum but it is always nice to make good first impression.  The plus side is that I was able to wake up to a beautiful looking home that was free from clutter.

Managed to finish everything up just in time for another disappointing episode of Star Trek: Discovery.  I’m almost to the point of hate.  I am so upset over what they have done to this franchise that I love.  I did sign back up and paid $6 to watch the first part of the season but man, after last night’s show if it doesn’t get significantly better I might not sign back up in January to see how things end.  I don’t think this show will last beyond one season.  It is just awful.

Moving on to the topic of my blog title.  Over the weekend I received an email from WordPress on different ways to monetize my blog.  This is not something I ever considered doing before as this is a hobby but I read the letter and I’m actually considering signing up for an Amazon and Book Depository affiliation links.  I know it wouldn’t bring much money, most people who read these reviews have already read the books or are of different reading taste, very rarely do I hear of followers going out and buying the book I just reviewed.  But it could happen.  Also, let me state that I am not going to read and review something for direct compensation from an author or product.  I’m a mood reader and like the blog title, I tend to just Read What I Like.  If I decided to start posting affiliate links to the books that I review it would just be that a link to where you could buy the book I just reviewed in case you wanted a copy for yourself.  I’m torn.  It would be nice to make a little money, perhaps enough to pay for the domain name each year.  Or perhaps I could use the money to hold more giveaways.  Anyway, don’t be shocked if you start seeing links to Amazon and The Book Depository in my book reviews.  I’m very tempted to try this out, feel free to share your thoughts if you do or have done this or if you have strong feeling against book bloggers that do.

Speaking of giveaways.  Last week I started a giveaway for a $25 Amazon e-gift card.  All you need to do to enter is visit this blog post, 1,000 Followers Giveaway!, and comment on how you follow the blog.  There are not that many entries so the odds are pretty good for those still wanting to enter.  You have until Midnight Central Standard Time on Wednesday, October 11.  On the 12th I will post the lucky winner.

Have a great week everyone!  Happy Reading.


Monday Morning Check-In: Review Requests

Monday Morning Check-In

Good Monday morning everyone!  Another weekend has come and gone and I got diddly squat reading done.  I did go all over town on Saturday in an epic search for a new purse I love that costs less than $50…. Came home empty-handed.  I’m picky.  I did scored big on cheap books while thrifting though!  24 new titles, two complete series, have been added to my new bookcase.  I don’t know when I’ll ever get to them but that’s the beauty of books they don’t go bad.

Alright, now to the topic of the title.  I have been receiving some review requests again, I swear there is a season to these things, and as result I have updated my review requests page and policy.  Not that any of you will read it but the info is there.  I would like to point out because it has been showing up in most of the requests.  I DO NOT post review to Amazon.  Yes, I have an account there and yes, I did post a review there just last week.  There is currently only one author I will post review to Amazon for and it probably isn’t you.  I’m not trying to be mean.  It is a case of one difficult author ruined it for everyone combined with Amazon review policies that I am against.  Authors are welcome to link to my reviews here or quote the review on their site, but I am not going to post my review to Amazon.  I also might turn a book down for review if it is only offered through Amazon, a practice that I believe is unfair to readers.  If this means you don’t want to request I review your book I’m fine with that.  I currently have over 200 books up in my bedroom waiting for their turn to be read, I’ll be alright.  I do cross-post my reviews to Goodreads and Barnes and Noble (when I remember).  The blog posts are shared with my Facebook, Google+, Tumblr, and Twitter account too.  I feel this is plenty of coverage for the books I review this is a hobby for me after all.

Alright I feel the tone of that was kind of snarky but I am going to leave it.  It is frustrating to get review requests from authors who don’t read my policy.  I even have it listed on my Amazon account that I no longer post reviews there and I still get requests from authors who contact me from simply seeing an old review over there.  I do have to say though most of the recent requests are at least for books relevant to my current reading taste, so that is getting better.

Okay I hope to finish a book today and I need to get my 30 day book challenge Instagram post made.  Day 29 so I’m almost done!  Happy Reading everyone.

Bookish Thoughts: Amazon Review Notice



Notice:  Read What I Like blog will no longer post reviews for any author to Amazon.  In light of recent events I feel that it is not a safe atmosphere to publish my opinion.  I will continue to post reviews to my blog, Barnes & Noble and Goodreads (yes, I know it is owned by Amazon). My reviews links are also cross posted to Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and Tumbler.  I may be open to other requests to non-Amazon sites like Smashwords and authors are welcome to share them on their personal website and media links.  I will not delete the current reviews shared at Amazon, but no further ones will be made.  I understand if this means you do not wish for me to review your book, but my personal safety comes first.  Thank you for your understanding in this matter.