Monday Morning Check-In: Looking to fall in love.

Good Monday morning everyone.  Coming off another busy non-reading weekend and followed that up with a busy Monday morning so I’ve not cracked open a book yet.  Have managed to run packages into town and all the laundry is on the line.  Also moved the remaining birds that I have back to the house while I work out a way to catch what is killing them out in the coop.

On the reading front I have one review book to finish up and then I am going to scour my t0-read shelf and look for a new series to fall in love with. Preferably a finished or established series so I can read a few books without waiting.  I do have one in mind and look forward to starting that later this week.

The Blade Bound blog tour is still going strong and thanks to everyone that entered last week by commenting on this post.  Today is the last day to enter as I plan to pick three winners tomorrow, release day!  It has been so much fun being a part of this tour and I hope to sign up for more blog tours by authors I enjoy in the future.  Good luck to all that have entered!  See you tomorrow or Wednesday by the latest when I announce the winners.

Happy Reading!

Monday Morning Check-In: Blade Bound Blog Tour

Good Monday morning everyone!  I did not get much reading done over the weekend, again.  Husband had three days off so we were busy running around and managed to get some work done on the property. But.  I also have the next two days off and since I worked so hard to get everything done over the weekend I now have two free days, with a quiet house, to get some serious reading done!  I hope to read Immortal Unchained by Lynsay Sands or start one of the review books I signed up for.  I was a little naughty over the weekend and splurged big time on books at BAM.  I had to. One simply does not pass up a signed book by a favorite author when one comes across it.

This week also begins the Blade Bound Blog Tour of which Read What I Like is featured as a stop!!!  My big day is Thursday but there are two weeks of stops and tons of great blogs participating so be sure to check them all out. The links are below.  There will be two giveaways featured at each stop, one held by Ms. Neill and one by each blog hosting.  I almost have my post ready to go but in the meanwhile,  you can check out the other blogs and see what everyone has to say about the upcoming finally of the long run Chicagoland Vampire series!


Week One

Monday, April 17 – There’s This Book
Tuesday, April 18 – Vicarious Bookworm
Wednesday, April 19 – Bad Bird Reads | Francesca’s World
Thursday, April 20 – Read What I Like
Friday, April 21 – Snoopy Doo’s Book Reviews | The Book Nympho

Week Two

Monday, April 24 – The Consummate Reader | Rantings of a Reading Addict
Tuesday, April 25 (Release Day) – Vampire Book Club | Literary Escapism | Saucy Wenches
Wednesday, April 26 – Cocktails & Books | Goldilocks & The Three Weres
Thursday, April 27 – Rabid Reads
Friday, April 28 – Tru Bookie’s Review

Happy Reading!

Monday Morning Check-In: A Little Blog Excitement!

Opps.  I hit post instead of schedule…  So I’m a little early. Sorry.

Good Monday morning everyone!  I received a bit of exciting news last Friday that I am not going to share with you, yet.  Well, not all of it at least.  I was accepted to be part of a blog tour for an upcoming release that I am super excited about!  It is a series that I have read for some time now and the last book in the series is coming out this month.  You probably can figure it out yourself from all those clues, but I am going to hold the title and author until next week.  I have been working hard all weekend on my tour stop post and am SO EXCITED!!!  I don’t want to spoil the post or the book so I better stop here.

Since I have been working on the blog tour all weekend I haven’t gotten much reading done.  I’ve been sitting at under 100 pages in my current read for over a week… I should either scrap reading it right now or start over.  Tomorrow if I can sit down and have some time to myself I can probably get into it but I need some peace and quiet and to step away from the computer.  Well, that’s all for this week.  Sorry I didn’t post anything besides a review last week.  I had a stressful weekend and needed a break.  Fortunately, this blog tour has me super excited and I’m happy to be back!  Happy Reading

Monday Morning Check-In: Figuring things out.

Good Monday morning everyone.  I hope you had a great weekend.  Mine was pretty awesome as Saturday husband and I went to Iowa City on a real date.  Kinda.  After a little thrifting and grocery shopping we went out to eat and followed that up by seeing the documentary Kedi, here is a link to the movie’s site, it is about the street cats of Istanbul and was all kinds of amazing.  Such a beautiful sweet film.  I was thrilled to see the theater was packed and everyone seemed to enjoy it if the reactions during the movie were any indication. Husband and I also loved it and can’t wait until it is released on DVD so we can purchase it.

Sunday has now become chore day.  I’ve decided to move laundry and dishes to that day along with listing items on eBay in an effort to free up my Mondays.  This way I can post my Monday check-in and get my exercise in and have the afternoon free for reading! Sounds like a good plan right?  I hope so.  Soon it is going to warm up, however, and I will start to have outside chores that need to be done too.  Right now with the grass that is available and no chickens to feed I only need to do chores every few days outside.  Looking to bring home new birds around the middle of the month after the local bird sale.  Will be nice to have chickens again.

Well I’m off to exercise.  Listening to the sequel to Spock vs Q while I walk today and should be finishing up my current physical book read as well.  So maybe two reviews for you this afternoon.  Or maybe not.  Have a great week everyone!  Happy Reading.

Monday Morning Check-In: Tired…

Good Monday…afternoon…  Sorry, I’m late and that I didn’t even manage to make a Check-In post last week.  Haven’t got a good excuse except for life.  I’m trying to figure out how this new exercise routine works into my schedule.  I am finding that I tolerate my hour-a-day of movement if I get it over first thing in the morning.  Which is about the same time I should be writing this post each week on Monday’s at least.  So that might mean I need to change the graphic to Monday Check-In and get to the post when I can.  Have to say the walking is paying off!  My blood pressure is back to normal.  Now hopefully exercising for the rest of my life will keep it that way.  My goal is to avoid medication.

Life has also gotten in the way of reading.  The past week I have been dealing with planning activities at work, a day full of appointments and the loss of all my chickens.  Yesterday we caught and killed the raccoon that killed all my birds and worked to shore up the coop for when I bring home new birds.  I hope to finish up possibly two books for you today and maybe even another one or two later this week.  I’m so close to finishing several books I just need to find some uninterrupted time to sit and read.

Speaking of reading this is where I leave you.  Happy spring everyone!  We made it through another winter!

Monday Morning Check-In: Returning from Recovery

Monday Morning Check-In

Good Monday morning everyone.  I am typing this up on Sunday night while enjoying Dr. Strange with my husband.  Basically, I am trying to stay awake until the end of the movie.  If I multi-task I might just make it.  This week I return to my normal life and work.  I am still drifting between books.  My Star Trek books that I ordered last week have arrived and I will probably read some of them next. I have also picked up audio books again.  I am struggling with a bit of high pressure and have decided to start walking again. Audio books are a great option when you are starting an exercise program after recovery from surgery.  I need to start slow and a book being read to me lets me keep a slower pace.

In case you missed my post on my other blog or Instagram I now know my cancer staging.  It was Grade one Stage one and I have no further cancer treatment.  I am so immensely relieved but feel a bit strange returning to normal life.  I am a bit frustrated with how much I have regressed fitness wise.  I feel like I am starting all over again.

Anyway,  have a great week everyone and happy reading!

Monday Morning Check-In: Almost Over

Monday Morning Check-In

Good Monday morning everyone!  Not a lot of reading over the weekend as we listed on eBay and watched the Oscars on Sunday.  Plan to listen to my news this morning and then hit the books.  I am just over half way through my current mammoth read and would like to finish it by Tuesday at the latest.  Why?  Well on Wednesday is my post-op follow-up and I hope to be released to resume my normal activities most important work.  So my time off is almost up and I haven’t read as much as I had hoped but that’s ok.  Come back tomorrow when I tell you what I’ve been doing instead of reading in my Top Ten Tuesday.  Well, I need to get reading!  Have a great week.

Monday Morning Check-In: Shopping

Monday Morning Check-In

Good Monday morning everyone!  I hope you had a great weekend and got lots of reading time in.  I did not…  Last weekend was my first long day out after surgery and while I did well I did get tired and was awfully sore by bed time.  Husband and I went to a flea market that was a bust because it was so crowded you couldn’t look at the booths because of all the people in the way.  Then we went thrifting, again not finding much, before we stopped at our favorite Thai restaurant (finally…) for lunch and grocery shopping.  It mad for a long day and by the end my body was yelling at me when I tried to pick anything up over five pounds.  I made it though!  I also picked out my Valentine’s Day gift the latest release by my favorite author Sherrilyn Kenyon, Born in Vengeance.  A hefty read at 4oo pages I hope to get to this book the first half of this year maybe after I finish the current series I am on.  I have several books of hers to read including the one before vengeance which is like 800 pages long…  Lots of books sitting on my to-read bookcase actually, I should really stop playing on the computer and requesting review books altogether.  Well, I’m going to write-up Top Ten Tuesday’s post today so I will leave you now.

Happy Reading!

Monday Morning Check-In: Reading Day

Monday Morning Check-In

Good Monday morning everyone!  I was perhaps a bit more active than I should have been over the weekend and Sunday night I was feeling a bit sore.  So I’ve decided that after I finish writing up this post I am going to take my over-active self and go back to bed.  I am declaring a day of reading.  Unfortunately, you won’t be seeing any of the reviews for the next few books as they all have release dates later this year.  I am about half-way through and audio book, however, and might finish that up today or tomorrow and will get that review out to you.  It is kind of weird and I’m not quite sure what I think of it.

Have a great week and see you tomorrow for Top Ten Tuesday!

Monday Morning Check-In: Recovering

Monday Morning Check-In

Good Monday morning everyone I am blogging to you today from the other side of my hysterectomy last week.  Thank you to all that took a moment to wish me well!  I’m doing quite well actually and if you want to know more feel free to visit my other blog What I’m Dealing With to read my update there.  Did not get much reading done last week naturally but I did manage to finish one audio book.  It was one that I listened to last year and I’m not going to post an updated review.  It is the first book in a series where I recently picked up all the remaining books and want to refresh my memory as to what happen in the first book.

I need to get my butt in gear and read a review book that is coming out next week but I have been sucked in with YouTube and The Sims 3 between taking pills.  I feel as if I am on the cusp of really getting into it so maybe this afternoon when I am home alone and it is quiet I can try to make some progress in that.  I’m finding when I sit down to read I get sleepy which is odd as I’m only on over the counter pain medicine.

I’ll see you all tomorrow for Top Ten Tuesday and hopefully a new book review soon.  Happy Reading.