Bookish Thoughts: I Can See!

Hello everyone!  I thought I would post an update on the continuing glasses/reading drama that I’ve been complaining about for so long.  If you follow the blog on Instagram, linked in a widget on the side of your screen, you will see that I have my new glasses.  I am quickly adjusting to my first set of bifocals and prescription readers.  I even sat down and read a hundred pages last night!

So far I am unsure about the bifocals but understand that there is a bit of an adjustment period for new wearers.  I just picked them up yesterday and already they are starting to feel more natural.  I absolutely love my readers, however!  I am already planning an evening of reading once I get home and listen to The Young Turks.  I just don’t like switching back and forth so my plan, for now, is to leave the readers on my nightstand and use them to read in the evenings before bed.

I hope to have more frequent reviews for you moving forward.  Thanks for your patience!


Bookish Thoughts: Cross-posting to Goodreads

I’ve decided to change up how I cross-post my reviews to Goodreads, which is the only other place I post my reviews anymore.   I guess I simply don’t see the point of posting the full review to my blog and to Goodreads so I’m going to post a sentence or two along with the link to the full review here on my blog.  It might suck for those that follow me only on Goodreads but if they are truly interested in what I have to say about a given title then they can come see it here.  After all, I have a blog for a reason, I want people to come here to read my reviews.

The publishers might also not be thrilled about this idea as they usually want the reviews posted to multiple places but it has been ages since I posted a review to Barnes and Nobel and even longer since I ventured onto Amazon whose business practices I do not support.  If they are too upset they can simply not approve me for an ARC.  I gave up posting to B&N because it became too tedious to cross-post the reviews for books after they publish.  It was fine for older titles as I could do it at the time I wrote up my review but books that haven’t released yet were not allowed to be posted.  Some books I get months ahead of time and I’ve already written my review and moved on by the time I’m allowed to post my review on their site.  So I stopped. Honestly, anymore I think the only place people go to read what others think about a book they are interested in is Amazon or Goodreads (which is owned by Amazon).

So, that’s all I got.  I just felt the need to explain the change to my Goodreads reviews for those of you that might follow over there.  I’m going to see if there is a way to post a notice on the site for followers there.

Happy Reading.

Bookish Thoughts: I’m Done…

…with the Blogging for Books review program. Every time I’ve logged on to the site over the past year there is never any books I’m interested in reading.  Because of that, I wasn’t actively posting reviews and I noticed the books offered to me became more and more limited.  That might also have something to do with my Klout score being low due to my reduced social media activity.

Blogging for Books was nice in that they sent you a physical book. But when the selection to choose from is so crappy what is the point?  I’ve never been a fan of how they ran their system, limiting review copies to one book at a time and a wait time before having access to a new title after posting your review of course… (example: I receive my book in two days, read it, yet have to wait their arbitrary amount of time before I can post my review) They would also not offer the same books to every participant.  If your Klout score wasn’t up to their snuff then you only had access to their less popular titles to review.   I understand it is their site and their rules but I’m done jumping through their hoops. I also understand this will probably put me on a blacklist over on Net Galley as well.  That’s okay too.

I’m also drastically reducing my review requests on other sites like Edelweiss and Net Galley.  Edelweiss has never been a lucky place for me to request titles anyway and if it wasn’t for one publisher granting me access to a beloved author through that site I would be giving them up as well.  Net Galley, on the other hand, has been a great way for me to try different authors and score some ARCs in series I follow.  But I have noticed recently that there are fewer titles I’m interested in requesting from that site as well.  I continue to check their new listings every day but rarely do I put in a request anymore.    Of course, there are some months that I find a bunch of titles I’m interested in but that tends to be the exception.

I’ve also noticed that I’m not being offered review copies from Indie authors as often.  Which honestly is fine with me.  I’m going to say 90% of the titles offered to me are nothing even remotely similar to the types of books I read.  Either the authors are offering less, actually reading my review request rules and honoring them, or I’ve fallen out of favor.  Maybe it is a mix of all three.

So have any of you noticed a decline in review copies available or of interest through any of these sites?  Are you scaling back or ramping up your review requests?  Or do you avoid them altogether and just read what you want?

Bookish Thoughts


Is it just me or does something look different?  You are correct I’ve decided to update Read What I Like.  WordPress has been nagging me for a year saying that my theme had been discontinued and replaced with a new one, Toujours (if you like it).  I decided I should probably check it out before they simply forced the change.

It isn’t too far off from my last one and I could put a purple background so it didn’t look too different.  I liked the font options they had and it felt easier to read the text with this theme so I decided to switch.  I also added revolving header graphics and eliminated some of the unnecessary clutter on the side panel.  I might still tweak it a bit but so far I am satisfied.  I hope you appreciate the changes as well.

Bookish Thoughts: 1,000 Followers!

Greetings everyone!  I was working on next week’s Top Ten Tuesday post and noticed that Read What I Like now has over 1,ooo followers!  YAY!  It might seem like a small number compared to other blogs the same age as this one but I’m impressed and thrilled that so many want to hear what I think about the books I read.  Especially since I don’t actively try to promote this blog and have long since given up on trying to respond to comments.  I read them and appreciate them but have poor blogging skills…  Anyway,  that so many people found this blog on their own and have managed to stick around is great!  Kudos to you, especially since I have been posting significantly less recently.  I hope that is about to change though.

I’ve been toying with adding new feature posts to the blog.  I do a weekly check-in post, participate in Top Ten Tuesday, and do a monthly wrap-up post.  This seems like a great opportunity to see what content you all would like to see at Read What I Like.  So please share in the comments your suggestions!  Would you like more blog memes (like Top Ten Tuesday, suggest other ones you either participate in or follow), challenges, giveaways?  Non-bookish posts, thoughts about reading in general, movie reviews? A monthly review of something Star Trek?  The possibilities are endless, kinda…within reason…  Or do you simply want me to get my act together and do a better job of responding to comments?

For the meanwhile, I do think a giveaway is in order for hitting 1,000 followers and I will think up something over the weekend.  Probably a gift card to Amazon so that it can be open to international followers.  I will also make following the blog a requirement for winning.  Look for more details next week.

For now,  thanks so much for making this hobby worthwhile!  Please, leave your suggestions for a new blog feature below.

~Happy Reading!

So I’ve Been Busy…

Just thought I should perhaps think about posting something since I’ve been neglecting both my blogs this month.  I’m still here and still reading albeit slowly.  I’ve been busy with doctors appointments, work, the garden, and my birds.  Not a lot of reading going on but I hope to pick back up soon.

Last weekend my husband and I went to go see The Dark Tower, a movie loosely based upon Stephen King’s magnum opus Dark Tower series.  We both enjoyed the movie and were disappointed to see all the negative reviews.  Oh, sure it’s not the same as the books.  Movies based on books rarely are but I thought it captured enough of the essence of the series to be enjoyable.  Now I broke up with Stephen King a long time ago but the movie has inspired me to pick The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger up and read it again.  My husband has also decided to read the book so I gave him my copy that I read back in 1991 (!) and I checked out my library’s copy.  My husband rarely reads fiction so for him to be interested in this book is a BIG deal!  I was not going to pass up the opportunity for us to read the same book at the same time and discuss it.  It is a long series, seven books if I remember correctly, and I’m sure he probably won’t finish it, but I might.  I loved this series and the complete set remains in my personal library.  I think it is time to revisit this world and see if it still hold the same magic that a much younger Amy found.  It will be interesting to see if I still think it is as great as I once did.

I hope to return to normal posting next month.

Happy Reading~

Bookish Thoughts: Why I’m not reading…

…or doing anything really.  Depression.  Pure and simple I’m stuck in a bout of depression.  I thought I wasn’t reading because I was too busy.  Work in the garden, work on the house, work at the library. Then I thought I wasn’t reading because I needed new glasses with bifocal lenses.  Still, need those but I don’t think that is the reason anymore.  I find myself not interested in much of anything right now.  Could be due to changes in my life from my cancer diagnosis, hysterectomy, and now dealing with menopause, a major life crisis, and hormonal shift can do a number on someone’s attitude.  Then there is the 30 year anniversary of my mother’s death, get over it already… A couple other issues that I’m going to keep private.  The reason doesn’t really matter though the results are the same I am stuck in a dark place right now and I’ve lost interest in pretty much everything.  I’m still getting some things accomplished with the garden and animals but if something’s life doesn’t depend on me rallying enough energy to do what needs to be done the task just isn’t happening.  I am going to make an effort to stick to my commitments to read the review books I’ve been granted access to but other than that I just can’t’ make any promises right now.  I hope I come out of this funk soon but if I don’t I will be seeking out professional help through counseling.  I’ve done it before and it helped.  So thank you for understanding and don’t give up on the blog yet.  I plan to stick around through the ups and downs of my personal life.  Posting just might become more sporadic.  I do hope to finish up an audiobook soon and a review book that came out last Friday, I feel so bad that I didn’t finish it before the release date…

Thanks for listening, happy reading~ Amy

Bookish Thoughts: So Shiny

Bookish Thoughts

I may be requesting fewer review books through Net Galley but that doesn’t mean I don’t log in and check the new titles twice daily, once in the morning and again in the afternoon.  Today when I logged on to see what was new I noticed something on my dashboard.  This
Reviews Published

I earned a shiny new badge to go along with the five others they have awarded me.  This one means that at least three of my reviews have been featured on their title’s info page by the publisher.  Now I know, this is simply arbitrary rewards given by the company to encourage us to review…  Still, I’m excited as this is one that I was actually coveting.  So.  Yay me and thanks to the publishers for the books to review and then appreciating my feedback.  It is always nice to feel like the time and effort you put into a passion is noticed.  My next goal is to earn the 200 reviews badge.  Only 70 more books to go.

Bookish Thought: Confession…

Bookish Thoughts

Reading confession time.  I’ve not read a book in two weeks, not significant reading that is.  I haven’t found enjoyment in much of anything recently, actually.  It isn’t just the loss of Tilla, I think it is more than just her.  I don’t want to do anything at all.  Not chores, not reading, not much beyond sleeping and watching TV/YouTube.  I think I’ve slipped into depression.  I will get through it but I’m not feeling motivated to do any of the actual steps to overcome this funk.  I’m simply not happy.  I feel restless, I feel sad, I get angry and worry too much, I pick fights and unload my bad attitude on others.  I feel out of control and I don’t know what to do to get out of this downward spiral I find myself in.  I want to be happy, I want to be excited about things again, I want something to look forward to. I want to enjoy life again.  I know that I am the only one that can get myself out of this funk and part of that is breaking this unhealthy cycle I find myself in but quite frankly I’m not ready to leave this little dark cave I find myself in.  I just want life to continue with no surprises, no changes, no turmoil for a few months.  I also hate this time of year.  So depressing, everything is dying, its getting colder, chores are on the increase.  I just want to hibernate.  Maybe I need something new.  Maybe I need an amazing new world to explore…  Maybe I just need time.  Well thanks for letting me vent.  I hope to get to reading and reviewing again regularly.  If it gets too bad I’ll start limiting my tv and internet time to get back on track.

Bookish Thoughts: Bad Blogger…

Bookish Thoughts

Hello my name is Amy and I’m a bad blogger.  Specifically I’m bad at replying to comments.  So let me take this moment to apologize and say yes, I see you.  I do read and love all the comments that you all leave for me and about once a month the guilt racks up and I get around to a marathon reply session where I go through my blog posts and reply to all you that took the time to leave me a message.  So I’m off now to do some blogging housekeeping.  Such a bad blogger….