All Good Things…

…come to an end. 

I think that I’ve been living in denial for some time when it comes to this blog.  I kept trying to find a way to renew my interest in book blogging but never managed to rekindle the passion I once had.  My interests have simply changed and I’m no longer interested in running a blog anymore.  Read What I Like will not be going away, my reviews will remain on this site as long as WordPress keeps it around but I will not be adding fresh contest any longer.  This break I took in December has shown me that I simply don’t want to actively post book reviews any longer.  Net Galley calls us professional readers a pretty accurate description because while book blogging is a lot of fun it is also a lot of work.  At this point in my life, I would like to return to being a casual reader writing reviews only when the mood strikes me.

I have felt for some time that my reviews are not fresh, that I tend to repeat the same statements in each review.  I also feel like I am repeating myself each Top Ten Tuesday and selecting the same books over and over.  It’s time to move on.  I want to thank you for supporting my blog and coming back to read what I thought about the books I read.  Your comments have delighted me over the years.

Since I am not going to be deleting Read What I Like if my interests drift back I may start posting again, but for now any reviews I do post for the books I read will be found on Goodreads moving forward.  After all, I’m not giving up reading simply not blogging any longer.  I will be deleting my Facebook page and blog Instagram.

I bid you all adieu and wish you the best!



Top Ten Tuesday: Holiday Wish List

Top Ten Tuesday

Welcome to another contribution to the wildly popular Top Ten Tuesday hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl.  This week she asks us to share lists on the following:

December 25: Books I Hope I Find Under My Christmas Tree This Morning

Before I start looking I can’t think of one book I would hope to receive as a gift.  First, we don’t exchange Christmas gifts and second if I want a book that badly I simply buy it.  Anyway, I’ll head over and see if I can find ten books that I won’t buy myself but would love to receive as gifts.

Ten books that I’d love to have gifted to me.

  1. NOOK Tablet 7 Ok, this is something I would truly love for someone to give me.  My Nook still works but it is several years old and starting to get glitchy…
  2. Time's Convert I’ve already read this book so I’m hesitant to buy it for my home library.  I plan to pick it up second-hand or in the discount bin when it crosses my path, but I would love it if someone gave it to me.
  3. Miniatures: The Very Short Fiction of John Scalzi Another case of I’ve already read it but would love to have it for my home library.
  4. The Martian (Signed) I’ve already read this and I actually own it but I would love to have a signed copy!
  5. Artemis I have already read this one too but would love to have it for my home library.  I might own it but I’m not completely sure so I’ll add it to the list.
  6. The Dangers of Dating a Rebound Vampire (Half-Moon Hollow, #3) I have given up on ever catching up on this series but if some nice person wanted to gift me books 3-6 I sure would finish it ;)
  7. Last-Minute Knitted Gifts This book came up while I was working on another TTT list I haven’t bought a knitting book in quite a while but I would enjoy receiving a copy of this book.
  8. Star Trek: The Classic Episodes This is such a pretty book I would love to have it for my Star Trek hallway at home.  Probably won’t buy it for myself though.
  9. The Physics of Star Trek This would also be super interesting to look through and add to my Star Trek collection.
  10. Trekonomics: The Economics of Star Trek The same can be said for this book too.  Would love to own it but probably won’t buy it for myself.

My last TTT list for the year!  What books would you like to have gifted to you?

Top Ten Tuesday: Winter TBR 2018

Top Ten Tuesday

Welcome to another contribution to the wildly popular Top Ten Tuesday hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl.  This week she asks us to share lists on the following:

December 18: Winter 2018 TBR

I’m horrible at follow through with these seasonal TBR lists.  I’m going to share some books with you that I’ve been thinking about reading soon no promise that I will actually get any of these read this winter.

Ten more books that I probably won’t get to…

  1. Burn Bright (Alpha & Omega, #5) Was turned down for an ARC of this and I still haven’t made time for it…
  2. Storm Cursed (Mercy Thompson, #11) But if I get approved for this release then I will most likely make time for it so I can read this one.  If not I’ll add this one to the waitlist.
  3. Summoned to Thirteenth Grave (Charley Davidson, #13) This is kind of a cheat as I’ve already read it, but I am dying to do a spoiler review so I might reread it this winter after it releases.
  4. The Librarian's Vampire Assistant (The Librarian's Vampire Assistant, #1) This one was a recent discovery for another TTT list and it is only 99 cents over on B&N so I might pick it up and read it this winter.  Of course, I should probably finish the other series I read by this author…
  5. The Invisible Library (The Invisible Library, #1) This was a spontaneous purchase this summer that I haven’t gotten around to reading I would like to try to fit it in over the winter.
  6. Record of a Spaceborn Few (Wayfarers, #3) I started this and put it on hold a couple of months ago.  I was blaming my eyesight for not finishing it maybe I will give it another shot this winter.
  7. Vampires Like It Hot (Argeneau, #28) Well, I managed to buy this one the week it released might get to it this winter might hold on to it until the next book releases in April and read them back to back.
  8. Shades of Wicked (Night Rebel, #1) This is the book on this list that I’m most excited to read.  I haven’t seen it up for review so I will keep an eye out for it in the stores.  Like the last one, I will buy it when it releases but I might not read it for a couple months.
  9. Demon's Mercy (Dark Protectors #9) I might have read this already by the time this list posts as I have a review copy on my Nook already.
  10. Interview with the Vampire (The Vampire Chronicles, #1) I have most of this series sitting on my shelf since they were weeded from my library.  I have been toying with reading the series this winter.  I will try the first book and if they don’t work for me then I will probably try reading some Star Trek books.

So what is on your Winter TBR list?  Share in the comments!

Top Ten Tuesday: Freebie

Top Ten Tuesday

Welcome to another contribution to the wildly popular Top Ten Tuesday hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl.  This week she asks us to share lists on the following:

December 11: Freebie

I wanted to do something different this week.  So after studying my Goodreads account for about 20 minutes from different angles and came up with this.  I’m going to go to Goodreads recommendations based upon my read shelf and find the ten weirdest recommendations they came up with based upon books I’ve read.

Ten Weird Goodreads Recommendations.

  1. Off to Be the Wizard This title was suggested to me because I read Ready Player One.  The cover is, to be honest awful, but it actually has some great reviews by a few people I follow.  Not sure I’m going to read it as it seems to be about time travel (historical) and computer programming.  They get bonus points for a clever title though.
  2. The Windup Girl This was suggested to me because I read Old Man’s War and The Long Earth.  It is classified as steampunk science fiction dystopian… The synopsis sounds a little heavy but a lot of people I follow have added it to their to-read shelf, of course not many of them have actually read it yet.  I’m not sure this one is my style, I think I’ll pass.
  3. The Red Notebook This was recommended to me because I read The Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend.  This is what happens when you read something out of your normal repertoire and add it to your Goodreads account.  I’m not usually a fan of contemporary romance but books about books might be a good fit. I do like that it was written by a man (not enough romance is) and the synopsis sounds like it would make a cute movie.  I don’t know maybe I’ll give this one a try or recommend it to the library.
  4. Halfway Human This was recommended to me because I read The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet, Saturn Run, and Sleeping Giants.  Another case of awful cover but an interesting synopsis.  I do like that it is billed as LGBT which I don’t read nearly enough diversity in my books.  No one I follow has read it but I might give it a try sometime.  It is an older book which might be the reason for its cover but if it does tackle LGBT topics then bonus points for it since it was written in 1998.
  5. Just Desserts (Bed-and-Breakfast Mysteries, #1) This book was recommended to me because I read a ton of Kerrelyn Sparks books.  This tells me it is probably fun and chick lit.  It is billed as a cozy mystery which I’m not usually a reader of and if this one had a paranormal element like Ms. Sparks book did then I might have given it a chance.  As it is this was written in 1991 and just too far out from what I typically read.
  6. Night Visions: In the Blood This book was recommended to me because of all the Stephen King I read in my misguided youth…  Just no.  I am not a fan of horror or anthologies.  I’ll pass.  Also, it was written in 1984!  How about some current recommendations Goodreads.
  7. Everfair This was recommended to me because I read A Close and Common Orbit.  This caught my eye because the cover was so interesting.  It is billed as steampunk science fiction, historical/alternate history.  The reviews are kind of meh, and the synopsis goes over my head a bit.  It is set in Africa and looks to be a great choice to read if you are looking to add diversity to your reading rotation.  I did add this to my to-read shelf.  I want to give it a try at least.
  8. Last-Minute Knitted Gifts This was recommended to me because I own Weekend Knitting.  I use Goodreads to keep track of my home library and I add all the books I own because I don’t want to buy them again while I’m out shopping.  I have actually knit several patterns in Weekend Knitting and this looks like it might have some cute projects in it too.  It is always nice to have some ideas of items you can knit up quickly to give as a gift.  Good call Goodreads.
  9. Put 'em Up!: A Comprehensive Home Preserving Guide for the Creative Cook, from Drying and Freezing to Canning and Pickling I’m sure this was recommended to me because I have a couple of canning books on my read shelf, see explanation above.  It looks cute but I’m not into canning much anymore I tend to freeze more.  Still, the cover looks cute, but I don’t think I’ll read it.
  10. Tempting Danger (World of the Lupi, #1) This was recommended to me because I read a lot of paranormal romance (too many books to list).  Again a case of the cover just doesn’t catch my eye and is not at all similar to the books linked to the recommendation.  Lots of people I follow give it high marks and the reviews and synopsis sound promising.  I might have to give this one a chance.

Well, there you have my list for this week.  What are some of the stranger recommendations you have received from Goodreads?  Also, feel free to leave a link to your freebie list in the comments!

Top Ten Tuesday: Winter Reads

Top Ten Tuesday

Welcome to another contribution to the wildly popular Top Ten Tuesday hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl.  This week she asks us to share lists on the following:

December 4: Cozy/Wintry Reads

This week I’m going to select books I’ve not read but have been holding off for a cold winter night.

Ten books that I held for winter.

  1. The Name of the Wind (The Kingkiller Chronicle, #1) Often I will hold a really long book for the dead of winter.  I did so with the Game of Thrones series and it seemed to work out.  I have been meaning to try this one and it is a brick so maybe it would be good winter read.
  2. The Eye of the World (Wheel of Time, #1) Another brick that also happens to be high fantasy.  Hmmm, maybe it is less about long stories but I get in the mood for fantasy adventures when the temps drop.
  3. Interview with the Vampire (The Vampire Chronicles, #1) Starting a new series is another thing I will do in the middle of winter.  I recently brought home almost this entire series maybe I will make this my January read.
  4. The Human Division (Old Man's War, #5) Or finishing a series that I already started.  I read the first books in the Old Man’s War series a couple of winters ago before I burnt out on it a bit.  I could pick this back up and finish it this winter, or maybe not.
  5. A Quick Bite (Argeneau #1) Last winter I started reread a couple of series that I love and if I wanted to go that route then I have been meaning to reread this one for a while now.
  6. Imzadi (Star Trek the Next Generation) I keep meaning to set aside a month and read nothing but Star Trek books.  Maybe midwinter would be a great time to get my Trek on.
  7. Hidden Universe Travel Guides: Star Trek: Vulcan Then again a nice travel book that shows me of places I’d rather be than hip deep in snow.  Like Vulcan ;).
  8. Bloodsucking Fiends (A Love Story, #1) A funny trilogy also might be fun!
  9. Stygian (Dark-Hunter, #27) I’ve also been to catch up on some of my favorite series by my favorite authors.  I keep falling behind in Kenyon’s series maybe winter would be a great time to catch up.
  10. Eve of Darkness (Marked, #1) Wasn’t sure what else to select for the list so I thought it might be fun to add another trilogy to the list.  I have all of these books sitting on my shelf waiting for their turn.

What types of books do you like to read in the dead of winter?

Monday Check-In: I’ve given up…

Hello everyone.  I feel like I’ve given up on reading.  I simply don’t find myself in the mood for it anymore.  I don’t think I’m going to finish my current Net Galley books.  I just can’t find the motivation.  Reading used to be like breathing for me and I just don’t find myself interested anymore.  Posts on the blog might slow down too.  I might take a break for the rest of the month and see how I feel in the new year.  I hope you all have a great rest of the year.  See you in 2019.

Top Ten Tuesday: Favorite Friends!

Top Ten Tuesday

Welcome to another contribution to the wildly popular Top Ten Tuesday hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl.  This week she asks us to share lists on the following:

November 27: Platonic Relationships In Books

So often we focus on romantic interests in books but sometimes it is fun to read about great friendships. Especially when you struggle to make friendships in real life.  I often end up a tad jealous but need to keep in mind often like book romances, book friendships are better than reality.   Here are some of my favorites over the years.

Ten Friendships that I Envied.

  1. Nice Girls Don't Have Fangs (Jane Jameson, #1) Jane and her gang: One of the things I love most about Molly Harper’s books is that she writes great friendships.  Out of all the friendships on this list, this is the one I’m most envious over.  I so wanted to have a group of girlfriends like Jane did in this series.
  2. Lock In (Lock In, #1) Chris Shane and Agent Vann: Chris and Vann have such great chemistry that their friendship is what saved book two for me.  Hope there is a book three!
  3. Star Trek: Boldly Go #1 Kirk and Spock: “I have been, and always shall be your friend” is the iconic quote of Spock that even non-Trekkies have heard before.  The friendship between these two characters was so great that it even manifested in the actors who played the roles.  Spock and Kirk have a friendship that anyone would envy.
  4. Moon Called (Mercy Thompson, #1) Mercy and Zee/Mercy and Stefan: It was a toss-up between Mercy and Zee or Mercy and Stefan’s friendship.  In my opinion, both are equally important in Mercy’s life.  Both almost border on father figures in her life so I almost didn’t include them but regardless both men have Mercy’s back.
  5. First Grave on the Right (Charley Davidson, #1) Charley and Cookie: I love Charley and Cookie together so freaken much.  Maybe it is because the series is over (for me) but I feel like I’ve lost my best friend now that the series is finished.
  6. Wild Hunger (Heirs of Chicagoland, #1) Elisa and Lulu: These two have an interesting relationship in this book.  You can see that they used to be really close but time and distance have affected their friendship.  I look forward to seeing these two figure out how to move forward together in book two.
  7. Some Girls Bite (Chicagoland Vampires, #1) Merit and Mallory: Part of the reason Elisa and Lulu have such a great friendship it might have to do with the fact that their mothers were close friends and they probably spent a lot of time together as children.  Of course, Mallory and Merit had some rough patches over the course of the series but managed to reconnect and Mallory is right there fighting alongside Merit in the end.
  8. Dead Witch Walking (The Hollows, #1) Rachel, Ivy, and Jenks: This friendship is the heart of the entire series and without it, this would have been a very different story.  These three always had each other’s backs and that is something I have always wanted in my life.
  9. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Harry Potter, #7) Harry and Hermione: For much of the story it feels like a trio of friends building a family while at school together but by the last book I thought Harry and Hermione’s friendship really comes out.  It felt that Hermione truly and Harry were truly a team that Ron couldn’t quite live up to.  Perhaps it was because Harry and Hermione both came from Muggle homes and Ron had a longer history in the wizarding world.  Whatever the reason I felt that the bond, the friendship, between Harry and Hermione was strongest in this book.
  10. Acheron (Dark-Hunter #14) Acheron and Simi: I almost didn’t put this friendship on the list but in the end couldn’t find a better one to take its place.  My hesitation came from this feels more like a parent/child relationship than a friendship not that parents can’t be friends with their children but it does give a different feel to the relationship than a platonic non-relative one.  But like I said I couldn’t find one I liked more and decided to include Acheron and Simi.

This week’s list was more challenging than I expected.  Being that I read a lot of romance the friendship bonds tend to have that romantic element that disqualified them from this week’s list.  What great book friendships made it on to your list?  Share in the comments!

Monday Check-in: Making Plans

Good afternoon everyone.  Sorry for the lack of post last week but hubby was laid off for the week and that tends to screw up my schedule.  I do believe last Monday we were spending the day stacking wood inside the barn in so it isn’t even like I was doing anything exciting.  Sunday and Tuesday, on the other hand, we spent at the movies, seeing Bohemian Rhapsody and Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald.  Wednesday and Friday I worked, Thursday we had company and Saturday was spent battening down the hatches in preparation for a Blizzard that hit on Sunday.  This morning was clean up and then a few hours of just enjoying the silence of an empty house.

With just over a month left in the year and my ever-waning interest in reading, I have to consider the future of this blog.  I’m not going to close up shop or abandon it but I am going to make changes again.  To start off with no more ARCs.  I’m going to take a year off from requesting books through Net Galley and other sites and focus on reading books I already own.  I feel that too often as a blogger we get too wrapped up in the excitement of reading something before others that it can eventually suck the fun out of reading.  Next year I am also going to go on a book buying ban.  I know I’ve said this before but this time I’m serious. I’m not even going to buy cheap books while thrifting.  I’m also going to avoid borrowing library books.  The exception being book talk titles at work so I can participate.  I will also accept audiobooks which I use while working outside in the summer.

So what will I be reading instead? Books I already own.  I am going to use 2019 as a year to catch up on all the books I have sitting on my two bookcases or on my Nook.  I will make an exception for series that I own more than three books that I’ve not read as long as I don’t read past the last book I own. For example, I own books 2, 3, 6, 7, & 8 in a series.  I can borrow through the library book 1 and 4 but not book 9 that will have to wait until 2020.  I am also going to try to avoid rereading book next year.  Sure it is great when you don’t know what you are in the mood for but I really need to tackle those TBR shelves.  I’m also going to allow DNFing.  I have picked up a ton of cheap books over the years and my taste has changed some if I try it and am no longer into it no big deal.  If it is a physical book I will simply find it a new home.

So in 2019 no buying, borrowing (for the most part), and no ARCS.  Read what I own!  Have a great week everyone.

Top Ten Tuesday: Thankful.

Top Ten Tuesday

Welcome to another contribution to the wildly popular Top Ten Tuesday hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl.  This week she asks us to share lists on the following:

November 20: Thanksgiving/Thankful Freebie


This week’s list isn’t going to be book-centric.  I’m going to simply list ten things I’m thankful for this Thanksgiving.

Ten things I’m grateful for this Thanksgiving.

  1. My Husband: After 23 years of marriage I continue to be grateful for my husband.  He has expanded my world, supported our family, and loved me at my best and worst.  I am an extremely lucky woman to share my life with him.
  2. My Cats: I spend most of my time with my cats they are my family and friends.  They make me laugh, bring me comfort, and give me unconditional love.
  3. My Birds: Like my cats, my birds bring me such joy.  I love spending time with them and watching their antics.
  4. My Home: Husband and I are very fortunate to own our home and it is something for which I am eternally grateful.  We love the peace and solitude that living in the country brings.  Along with the opportunity to have a big garden and livestock.
  5. My Friends: Thought I wish I had more who I was closer to relationship and distance wise I am extremely grateful for the friends that I do have.  There isn’t anyone that I call a friend that I do not trust or feel comfortable being myself with.
  6. Star Trek: This franchise has brought me much joy over my life and been a way to connect with the memory of my mother.
  7. Surviving Cancer: Like any person diagnosed with cancer I am eternally grateful that I survived cancer.  I am very fortunate that my cancer was found early and was easily cured.
  8. Books: Despite my lack of reading these past few months I continue to be grateful for books.  They are my favorite form of escape.
  9. Libraries: Not only does a library employ me it also provides me free access to technology and books.  Libraries will always be an asset to every community in which they belong.
  10. The Internet: While it can be a huge time suck the internet has become an invaluable asset in my life.  It allows us to remain connected to friends and family, near and far and stay informed.  It also allows us to seek out the truth and learn new things every day.  The internet is a tool for which I am grateful.

What are you grateful for this Thanksgiving?

Fair Game by Patricia Briggs (reread)

Book Review

Fair Game (Alpha & Omega, #3)Book Genre: Paranormal, Urban Fantasy

Book Series: Alpha & Omega #3

Released: 3/6/12 by Orbit

Pages:  308 Price: $26.95 Hardcover

Links:  Goodreads, Author’s Site

Source: I borrowed this audiobook from my library. 



Book Synopsis:

They say opposites attract. And in the case of werewolves Anna Latham and Charles Cornick, they mate. The son-and enforcer-of the leader of the North American werewolves, Charles is a dominant alpha. While Anna, an omega, has the rare ability to calm others of her kind.

Now that the werewolves have revealed themselves to humans, they can’t afford any bad publicity. Infractions that could have been overlooked in the past must now be punished, and the strain of doing his father’s dirty work is taking a toll on Charles.

Nevertheless, Charles and Anna are sent to Boston, when the FBI requests the pack’s help on a local serial killer case. They quickly realize that not only the last two victims were werewolves-all of them were. Someone is targeting their kind. And now Anna and Charles have put themselves right in the killer’s sights…

My Review:

Wow.  I had forgotten how powerful the ending of this book was.  I waited a long time for my shot at this book in my reread listen and I had kind of gotten out of the mood for this series.  I managed to make it through the book but felt like I was only half paying attention as I listened.  I hung in for the beginning and the end but parts in the middle are a bit fuzzy.

This book deals heavily with the Fae and the consequences of the wolves going public with their existence.  Charles is feeling the strain of being the enforcer and dealing with quite a bit of guilt over the lives he has taken.  Anna is also struggling to help her mate despite his pushing her away for her own protection.  They get sent on a mission together to help the government deal with some disappearances.  Where I am a bit fuzzy is if they are of the Fae or done by the Fae.  Dammit, I need to pay attention better…

Regardless, eventually, it is Anna who is targeted and taken as all hell breaks loose as an already on edge Charles has to deal with a missing mate.  The last few chapters are where the story regained a hold on my attention and I became enthralled with what was going on.  I even ended up with goosebumps on my arms as the action picked up.  The ending of this book though is the best of all the books set in this world.  It also happens to be pretty fitting for the time in which we live as our society struggles with equality, hate, discrimination, and bigotry.

Despite my struggle to focus on the story I still loved the book and it continues to be my favorite.  I think I will end my reread of this series here.  Not just because the next book is not available in audio format from my library but the next book is not one I particularly cared for.  So I might as well jump to the latest release.

My Rating: 5 Stars