Review Requests

Amy is not currently taking review requests. 1/1/18

My Book Review Request Guidelines

Types of Books I accept:

  • I will accept books in either print or e-format.  I have both a Nook and a Kindle app but prefer my Nook.
  • I will consider most any genre of fiction. Genres I currently read: Paranormal (vamps, shifters, demons, angels), Dystopian, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Erotica.
  • Books I DO NOT want to read:  political, instructional, non-fiction, religious or Christian romance, historical romance, horror, YA, JF, Children’s books, & books only published on Amazon!
  • I will not accept any payment for a review other than a free copy of the book
  • I reserve the right to refuse to review or finishing a book I received or agreed to review.

How to submit a request:

  • You can submit an inquiry to
  • Please include: a short description, genre of the book, a link to either Barnes and Noble, Amazon or Goodreads
  • I will only contact requests I accept.

What to expect from my review:

  • An honest review.
  • I will try to get to your book as soon as possible.  If it is an ARC I will try to review it before the release date and schedule the review for release date unless otherwise instructed.
  • DNF books will not be reviewed. (DNF: Did Not Finish)
  • I will post my review here, which is linked to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Google+.  I will also post my review on my Goodreads account, and  Barnes & Noble.
  • I will not post reviews on Amazon.
  • You are welcome to quote or link to my review.

Updated: 1/1/18

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