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Founded: February 24, 2014

Closed: December 29, 2018

Contact: readwhatilike@gmail.com

Thank you for all the support over the years but I have retired from book blogging.  You can still follow my reviews on Goodreads.

Greetings and Welcome!

blggprpicMy name is Amy Softa and I have a passion for books.  I have always enjoyed reading, but it wasn’t until I discovered genre fiction that I started devouring books at my current rate. I attribute much of my happiness and success to reading, and because of that I love to share that joy with others and help them develop their own love of books.  Nothing pleases me more than when someone tells me they discovered a book or tried an author I recommended and it opened a whole new world for them to escape to.

What do I read?  I tend to stick to genres that I love: paranormal, sci-fi, dystopian, romance, YA (not technically a genre…), fantasy, and some erotica.  I will read most anything that catches my eye though and do occasionally enjoy some non-fiction in areas of personal interest.  My main rule when it comes to reading is to ‘Read What I Like’, if a book isn’t working for me by page 50-100 I will set it down and move on.  Life is too short for books you don’t enjoy.

How did I start reviewing?  I read a lot. Like over 150 books a year, all in very similar worlds.  I needed a way to keep everything straight and remember what series and authors I enjoyed and which ones I didn’t.  It was around the time I discovered Goodreads and started keeping track of what I read and wanted to read that I learned just how much I was reading.  I started writing short reviews, just my personal thoughts on the books, what I liked and didn’t.  People started following me, telling me they enjoyed the reviews and because of them tried some of the books themselves.  Voila, a new hobby is born.  After a year of constant reviewing, I decided to expand my hobby and start a blog so I could reach more readers to share my passion for books with.

I’ve been blogging for almost a year, at the writing of this, and it has been an amazing ride.  I’ve met some great authors and fellow readers.  I’ve discovered that publishers will give you books to review and just how much authors appreciate when readers take some time to share what they think. I hope you enjoy the blog and I look forward to continuing this adventure in reading with you!