Monday Morning Check-In: VOTE!!!

Good Election Day Eve everyone!  Tomorrow is it, the most important mid-term election of our lives and I’ve decided today I’m going to implore you to take the time and exercise your constitutional right and vote tomorrow.  I have included some links below to help you find your polling place and to research your ballot so not only will you vote but you will be an informed voter!  I will be spending my day tomorrow working the polls in my community, a job I take seriously and love doing.  It can be a pretty long day though if you all don’t show up to vote.  We will be there 16 hours regardless, but your turning out to vote makes the day go a lot quicker.

America, on the whole, has some of the worst voter turnouts in the world.  Truly it is disgraceful, something like 56%.   This can easily be turned around if everyone simply goes too the polls tomorrow.  To take from a meme I’ve been seeing shared on Facebook please vote as if your life and rights depend on it!  Congress has some pretty awful ideas in the works for after the election if we don’t send them a message on November 6th.  So get to the polls and make them hear you!  Make them remember that they work for the people and we will hold them accountable.  Vote!

To find out where you VOTE click here. 

To learn about your ballot click here. 

Remember, remember the sixth of November and Vote!


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