Month in Review: August 2018

Month in Review

Read these months: 1 Book, 352 Pages 

Read this year: 50 Books, 10,594 Pages 

Wild Hunger (Heirs of Chicagoland, #1)

Looking Back:

This should be an easy month to wrap up…  Wow, I only read one book this month.  Sad.  The only reason I managed to finish Wild Hunger was that I was attending a book signing with the author. I spent much of the first half of the month researching cars and the second half of the month building a new chicken coop.  I also decided to finally make an eye apt after complaining about my need for bifocals for two years now.  My dad went blind so eye appointments have always been frightening to me, that and the exorbitant price of new glasses even with insurance.  I did try to read some more titles this month but ended up DNFing many of them.

Looking Ahead:

I’ve started buying books again and hope to be able to read them after my eye apt and new prescription.  I have a couple of library books that I want to read and one review title.  I also hope to read the new books that I brought home.  So I do have reading plans lets hope I do better than August…

Happy Reading ~Amy


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