Monday Morning Check-In: Do What I Want

Good Monday Morning everyone.  I actually got to this post before noon this week!  I received a bit of a shock last week and perhaps a bit of a wake-up call as well.  I ended up going to the doctors for a rash that ended up being shingles!  Now I know I’m old but not that old but apparently, it is quite common for people under 50 as they are half the cases diagnosed.  I’m thinking the stress of dealing with a difficult person and a week in Chicago was what triggered it.  So I need to be better at managing my stress levels.  That means saying no more things, not worrying about pleasing other people, less news, and more of doing what makes me happy.   That does include reading but not last weekend because it was our 23 wedding anniversary on Sunday.  We had a nice day out and visited a farmer’s market and some indie bookstores on Saturday and then on Sunday, we started a whole30 together.  Speaking of stress…  No, this shouldn’t be a big deal, my husband recently read the book and it is easier to have a successful whole30 if you have a partner so why not.  Maybe this time it won’t suck so much.

I have a review book that I NEED TO FINISH but keep getting distracted by my shiny computer game. I might need to make the rule of read first, game second.  Anyway, have a great week everyone!


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