Monday Morning Check-In: Time to Get Serious.

Alright, enough of this non-reading lifestyle.  I need to turn off YouTube, step away from Sims 3, just let the garden grow.  I need to focus on reading and not these other distractions.  Of course while I was typing this I needed to stop and deal with cows out and dig up my septic tank so it can be emptied.  The thing is I’m enjoying my two current reads, audio and print, I’m also excited about one of my review books as well.  I just need to stop being a scatter brain and focus.  I’ve noticed this in other areas of my life, however, I’m losing things around the house.  I just feel like I’m dealing with brain fog as well as hot flashes again so perhaps my current level of estrogen isn’t cutting it anymore.  I don’t know, but I’m not reading a lot currently and I’m feeling guilty over it.   Have a great week everyone.  I hope to have a book review or two for you by the end of the week.  Finger’s crossed.



2 thoughts on “Monday Morning Check-In: Time to Get Serious.

  1. Oh no. This is me too. My moms car was wrecked in the parking lot, charles is remodeling the house (because were packing and moving out) and i have a backlog of school work. I hope we can get some reading done! As for the audiobook, ive found that listening in the car is a great idea.

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