Monday Morning Check-In: I’m Melting…

So just over a month ago, we had our last snow storm and today we will have temps in the upper 90’s which will feel like 100 with the heat index.  I’m going to slap the next climate change denier I encounter.  Or send them my electric bill because today on May 28th I turned on our air conditioner for the first time.  I hope we can turn it off in two days.

Not a lot of reading over the past week.  I spent much of my time installing a new flower bed and playing the Sims 3.  I did manage to get further into my review book and hope to spend some time reading it today as it is going to be too hot to do much else.  Husband wants to make some Turkish Kofte so we might be digging out the grill too.

I’m not going to say much about the holiday we are celebrating today in the honor of fallen military personnel because I can’t do so without making it political.  So I hope you have a good day and take a moment to remember those who have given their lives in service to the country.

Happy Reading.


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