GDPR and Read What I Like

Like many of you, I’ve been inundated with emails from sites and newsletters I follow asking if I wish to still receive emails from them.  It has been a great way to rid myself of unwanted marketing emails that I’m no longer interested in receiving.  Then this morning I started to think about Read What I Like and how the new European law applies to this site.

My eyes quickly glazed over at all the legal crap I needed to wade through and thought forget this.  My site is a hobby not a business and the quickest way to be compliant is to simply not collect information from people.  So here are some changes that are coming to Read What I Like.

You will no longer be able to follow the blog by email

I believe there are only 18 of you anyway, most people follow through their WordPress subscription or one of my social media sites like Facebook or Twitter.  About an hour after this post I will delete all 18 emails that have signed up and if you are interested in continuing to follow the blog you will need to either bookmark the site or follow me another way.

Giveaways will no longer be held

So that I no longer need to be responsible for personal information that needs to be collected in order to hold a giveaway I will not be holding any in the future at Read What I Like.  I have deleted all previous entries at Rafflecopter and through email submission.  Quite frankly my giveaways were not that popular or frequent anyway so I don’t think you will miss them.


I think Read What I Like is okay on the comments front.  I simply use WordPress’s forms and I believe they have updated the site to make it compliant with the new law.  If upon further research I learn that is not the case the comment section on my posts might disappear.

Review Requests

I have updated the page to explain what I do with your information after you email me.  I am considering deleting this page altogether and stop taking review requests through the blog at all.  I’ve not been accepting them for a year or so now and they request email I receive have really slowed down.  Most of the requests I receive now come from people who have not even visited the site coming from Amazon instead.  So any future changes that need to be made in regards to this will be to that page or the page will simply disappear.


I think that will cover most of it if other changes need to be made I will make them.  I don’t want to close the site but I also don’t want to be fined and a book review blog is not worth the threat of litigation.  I’m sure I’m overreacting but better safe than sorry.  For now, I plan to continue to post reviews and book related posts.  I’m sorry if you are one of the 18 email followers affected by the changes I hope you find another way to follow the blog.


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