Monday Check-In: Tough Weekend…

Good Monday Morning for another minute at least.  Last weekend was a tough one.  I’m not a fan of Mother’s Day but life took a nose dive before we could even get to that dreaded day.  Saturday I found one of my sheep in bad shape and needed to put her down about 20 minutes before work.  This is the first time I’ve needed to kill one of my pets myself and while I’m proud of myself for finding the courage to do what was needed and ending her suffering it sure did leave me a bit traumatized.

Sunday was Mother’s Day, a pointless manufactured holiday that I loathe.  We stayed home and tried to work in the yard but it was far to wet out to plant the garden.  Our veggie plants might have to live on the porch for a week or two for it to stop raining and dry out.  I’m not going to complain too much about that because up until now it was a pretty dry spring.  We need to moisture even though it is tough to breathe today with the level of humidity outside.

I’ve been DNFing books at a pretty steady pace recently.  I’m busy outside, busy getting ready for SRP, busy getting ready for the fair,  life is simply in the way and I’m having trouble finding time to get into a read.  Audiobooks have been a lifesaver on the blogging front but I would still like to find something to sink my reading teeth into.  I want to get lost and feel like I need a new urban fantasy series to capture my imagination.

Have a great week everyone, happy reading!


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