What I’m Reading Wednesday

What I’m Reading Wednesday

Well, it’s almost a banner…  I forgot to make one up for this new weekly blog post that I also almost forgot to write.  Hopefully next week will be better. Don’t hold your breath.

This Wednesday I’m reading: 

The City of Brass (The Daevabad Trilogy… Souls on Earth: Exploring Interplanetar…

The City of Brass is an audio book that I put on hold at the library ages ago and then forgot about.  My turn came up and not remembering what it was about but not wanting to get back in line I decided to download and give it a shot.  I can see why I initially wanted to borrow it as I’ve wanted to try a story featuring a Jinn but I have to say I’m just not that into it.  It feels like a YA book, not that I know either way if it is or not, and the majority of it was listened to while I was working on a project where I couldn’t focus on following the book so I didn’t pay that close of attention to what was happening.  I have four days left and quite a bit of the story to go through.  If I finish it great if not I’m not going to get back and line to wait so I can.  So you might see this one review or it might end up in the DNF pile.

Souls on Earth is continued over from last week.  I’ve made a little progress but not much.  I have DNF another review book between last week and now and am hesitant to start another before just finishing this one.  I am almost half done and if I get some reading time I could finish this one up pretty quick as I find it fascinating.  The problem is I find myself shopping for cars online recently and not wanting to read.

So what are you reading this week?


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