Monday Morning Check-In: Little Reading

Good Monday morning everyone.  I feel like I’ve gotten very little reading done in the last week.  I think it was mainly due to the fact that I was on the run most of last week.  Monday was a book talk at work, Tuesday I had a mammogram and a Creative Arts meeting for the upcoming fair in July, Wednesday I was at work followed by a book signing in Iowa City with John Scalzi!!!  I get off work at 6 pm and needed to drive 60 miles for the book talk/signing at 7 pm.  I made it with ten minutes to spare so you know I was speeding for a good part of the way.  It does help that I could jump on the interstate which has a speed limit of 70 now, although most of the traffic was going 80…  It was a great book talk and the second time I’ve been able to meet Mr. Scalzi.  Unfortunately, I was in such a rush that I left my phone in the car so the only proof I have is the three personalized books I brought home.  I took with my a 65 cent thrift store find from last year which was a first edition copy of his first published book Old Man’s War.  He did warn me that the book would be worth more on eBay if I just had him sign it but since I don’t plan to ever part with it I decided to have it personalized to me.  Like my Star Trek collection after I’m gone I don’t care what my husband does with it or how much or how little it might bring him.  Thursday and Friday were pretty quiet but both work days which means not a lot of reading time followed by a busy weekend of running around town and chores on the farm.

This week is a bit quieter and I have a few audiobooks that I am excited about so it might be a week of crafting while listening to audiobooks.  I have a handful of arcs that I need to get to reading as well.

Have a great week and happy reading!


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