Best Defense by David Mack

Book Review


Legacies #2: Best DefenseBook Genre: Science Fiction, Star Trek

Book Series: Star Trek: Legacies #2

Released: 7/26/16 by Pocket Books

Pages: 384  Price: $7.99 ebook

Links:  Goodreads, Author’s Site

Source: I borrowed this audiobook from my library




Book Synopsis:

A debt of honor: One brave woman ventures alone into a parallel universe to save her old shipmates, exiled there decades earlier by a mysterious device called the Transfer Key. She soon learns the alternate universe harbors not just an alien invasion force, but a secret that underpins its very existence.

A mission of peace: A long-awaited Klingon-Federation peace conference convenes, led by Ambassador Sarek of Vulcan and Councillor Gorkon of Qo’noS. But both sides have enemies who would prefer the two great powers remain at war—and who will do anything to make certain hate wins the day.

An errand of justice: Captain Kirk and his crew seek the stolen Transfer Key that opens a door between universes, but their hunt is cut short by Ambassador Sarek’s plea for help. The Enterprise crew soon becomes targets in a deadly crossfire—one whose outcome will decide the fate of two universes.

My Review:

I feel like I missed out a bit on the first third of the book as my reading time kept getting interrupted.  Stopping and starting an audiobook isn’t the same as a physical book, although keep continuity can be challenging in print as well.  Rather than restart the book I decided to keep plugging along and eventually I was able to get into the story.

The first part is fairly fuzzy the second half is what really stood out for me.  Much of that takes place at the peace talks between the Federation and the Klingon Empire.  Sarek has a pretty big role in this book and I find myself wanting to know more about Spock’s father.  Perhaps the next Star Trek book I need to read is his. Perhaps my favorite moments in this book were McCoy’s as we got to see him interact with his daughter who was a nursing student on the planet where the talks were being held.  McCoy’s personality truly shines in this book and his scenes were a hoot.

Overall I enjoyed the book and look forward to seeing how this trilogy wraps up in the last book.

My Rating: 3 Stars


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