Monday Morning Check-in: Triggered

Good Monday morning everyone.  Here in Iowa, we are getting to enter another polar vortex which will mean lots of reading time and running of taps to keep the water running in our old farmhouse.

Last week I was approved for the latest release by one of my favorite authors in a long run series.  I was just finishing up another read and decided to start it on Friday.  While I was enjoying the story and zipped right through the first 100 pages on day one I was struggling with the main plot point.  The story revolves around an overbearing parent and the steps they took to control their adult daughter.  I simply hate this parent and can’t wait until this character loses everything.

Went to bed that night and ended up having nightmares about being held against my will and woke up the next morning upset.  Having grown up with a controlling parent that I escaped (by going to college) and this book ended up triggering a strong emotional response within myself.  I was a little surprised.  My controlling parent is long since dead and yet I am still struggling with the aftermath of their behavior.

I’m still enjoying the book and hope to finish it today but my reaction to the plot surprised me.  Most of the time I prefer reading over watching with sensitive issues because I have an easier time separating myself from the action.  For example, I can totally read Game of Thrones just fine but when I tried to watch the series I couldn’t make it through one episode due to the violence.

Anyway, just thought I would share.  Feel free to leave a comment on what reading triggers you have?  What subject matter do you tend to avoid?


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