Bookish Thoughts: I’m Done…

…with the Blogging for Books review program. Every time I’ve logged on to the site over the past year there is never any books I’m interested in reading.  Because of that, I wasn’t actively posting reviews and I noticed the books offered to me became more and more limited.  That might also have something to do with my Klout score being low due to my reduced social media activity.

Blogging for Books was nice in that they sent you a physical book. But when the selection to choose from is so crappy what is the point?  I’ve never been a fan of how they ran their system, limiting review copies to one book at a time and a wait time before having access to a new title after posting your review of course… (example: I receive my book in two days, read it, yet have to wait their arbitrary amount of time before I can post my review) They would also not offer the same books to every participant.  If your Klout score wasn’t up to their snuff then you only had access to their less popular titles to review.   I understand it is their site and their rules but I’m done jumping through their hoops. I also understand this will probably put me on a blacklist over on Net Galley as well.  That’s okay too.

I’m also drastically reducing my review requests on other sites like Edelweiss and Net Galley.  Edelweiss has never been a lucky place for me to request titles anyway and if it wasn’t for one publisher granting me access to a beloved author through that site I would be giving them up as well.  Net Galley, on the other hand, has been a great way for me to try different authors and score some ARCs in series I follow.  But I have noticed recently that there are fewer titles I’m interested in requesting from that site as well.  I continue to check their new listings every day but rarely do I put in a request anymore.    Of course, there are some months that I find a bunch of titles I’m interested in but that tends to be the exception.

I’ve also noticed that I’m not being offered review copies from Indie authors as often.  Which honestly is fine with me.  I’m going to say 90% of the titles offered to me are nothing even remotely similar to the types of books I read.  Either the authors are offering less, actually reading my review request rules and honoring them, or I’ve fallen out of favor.  Maybe it is a mix of all three.

So have any of you noticed a decline in review copies available or of interest through any of these sites?  Are you scaling back or ramping up your review requests?  Or do you avoid them altogether and just read what you want?


5 thoughts on “Bookish Thoughts: I’m Done…

  1. I’ve noticed a HUGE decline in titles available in Blogging For Books! I feel like every time I log in they have no titles which I can request. Or by the time I get there, the limited quantity available are already gone. I’ve pretty much washed my hands of that site.
    I’ve never had much luck on Edelweiss either. I find their system of requesting and reviewing a little annoying and hard to use anyways so I don’t often request over there.
    I still use NetGalley although not as much as I used to. I’ve become pickier about the books I request, if requesting any at all.

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    1. Oh good it isn’t just me. I wonder if they are getting tired of the program themselves. I saw they tried to shake things up and offered a bunch of YA titles but even that has wained off. I wonder if it wasn’t as popular as they had hoped and are slowly letting it die off.

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  2. I’ve noticed the drop in review requests too. But frankly I don’t think it really bothers me as much now. I’ve got plenty of books on my TBR list and it’s been great discovering books that came out a few years ago that I had totally forgotten about. Plus I’ve had people say that it’s great that I’m not reviewing new books all the time since a lot of blogs then have the same reviews for the same books all the time.

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    1. I thought that too, about reviewing the same books as everyone else. It is nice to have fresh perspectives on older titles as well. After all, people still read the classics and wonder what others thought about the titles the same is true for something release 5, 10, or 15 years ago.

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