Top Ten Tuesday: Who are you again?

Top Ten Tuesday

Welcome to another contribution to the wildly popular Top Ten Tuesday hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl.  This week she asks us to share lists on the following:

January 23: Books I Really Liked but Can’t Remember Anything/Much About

This very topic is the reason I started reviewing what I read.  I wanted to remember what I thought of books in different, but similar, series or authors I’ve tried before but didn’t like all that much.  I started writing a review to help out my memory and found that friends enjoyed them so I started a blog.  For this week’s list, I’m going to go through my four and five stars rated books and see which ones draw a blank.

Ten books that must have liked…

  1. Eighth Grade Bites (The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod, #1) I read this book sometime before 2010 and do not have a review for any of the books in the series.  I remember enjoying it and a general idea of its plot but not much else.
  2. Wildwood Dancing (Wildwood, #1) I remember being disappointed that the author only wrote two books in this series.  I remember more about the second title but this one only a tiny amount.  Gave it four stars though and read it sometime before 2010.
  3. Aurelia (Aurelia, #1) Yep, no clue.  The synopsis doesn’t even jog my memory on this one.  Another four-star rating and read in October 2011.
  4. Savor (Warm Delicacy, #1)  According to my review, I loved this one.  I remember having to wait forever for the last book to be released.  I did buy it but had forgotten so much of the first two books that I never finished the series.  Now I taste has changed so much that I am hesitant to go back and reread the series.
  5. For Love of an Angel (The Fallen Warriors #1) I loved these short stories but this is another case of waiting too long for next releases led to a loss of interest and then forgetting… This is one series that I might reread in order to finish mainly because they are quick reads.
  6. The Traveler (Fourth Realm, #1)  I almost feel bad about this one.  The previous books were read more than five years ago.  This title was an audiobook listen in 2016.  I did like it but I wonder if the fact that I listened to instead of reading it led to my foggy memories.
  7. Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark Side (Jessica, #1) Another case of I can remember the basic plot but not much else.  This was also another disappointment in that the author only wrote two books in the series.
  8. Fury (The Cure, #1) I remember being blown away by this book and enjoying it second too.  Then I had to wait… I ended up forgetting too much and never finished the series.  Dammit, I hate when that happens.
  9. The Charmer (Darklands, #1) I’ve mentioned this series before in my TTT lists most of the time it is about the cover art not matching the plot.  I don’t remember much about this title beyond it was an excellent read, one of the best by an indie author I’ve found.
  10. Kiss of Midnight (Midnight Breed,  #1) Another case of I feel bad about forgetting so much of this series.  I think it just blends into all the other vampire romances that I was into at the time.  Not enough stood out to leave a lasting impression.  It was a great series, however, and I still recommend it for paranormal fans.

That’s my list for this week.  I truly do feel bad about forgetting so much of what I’ve read.  Perhaps if I wait long enough I can simply enjoy these titles for the first time all over again…


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