Monday Morning Check-in: Spammy Week…

Good Monday morning everyone.  I don’t know if it is happening to other blog hosting sites but WordPress has been inundated with first spammy followers from and now spammy commenters from Outlook that are making it past the spam detectors.  So I spent, not a lot, but enough to be annoying, time last week deleting fake followers and flagging comments as spam.  You might have noticed that the follow blog widget is gone but I might be bringing that back as they seem to have stopped the fake follows, hence the switch to spam comments.  If they can’t get that under control soon I might be turning off commenting on my blog posts until they fix the issue.  I require all commenters to be manually approved the first time they comment so they are not going live but I’m getting tired of having to flag and block each one.  Not a big deal but I thought I would let you know in case you wonder why the comment section disappears.  It won’t be permanent just until the current attack is over.

Have a great week everyone!  Happy Reading.


P.S. If you are the spammy commenters and followers from Latin America or the Caribbean using Outlook.  Why?  Why are you doing this attack?  You are not leaving links to anything.  Your comments have nothing to do with my posts and don’t make any sense.  You can’t damage my blog.  What do you have to gain by being this annoying?  Is it an attack on WordPress itself?  Or something else?  Instead of leaving a nonsense comment why not just tell us what you are up to and then maybe I will actually approve it instead of marking you as spam an blocking.


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