Relentless by D.B. Reynolds

Book Review


Relentless (Vampires in America, #11.5)Book Genre: Romance, Urban Fantasy, Paranormal, Novella

Book Series: Vampires in America 11.5

Released: 10/30/17 by ImaJinn Books

Pages: 107 Price: $2.99 E-book

Links:  Goodreads, Author’s Site

Buy the Book: Amazon  Relentless: A Cyn and Raphael Novella (Vampires in America 11.5)

Source: I received a copy of this book from the publisher for an honest review.



Book Synopsis:

TREACHERY . . . Something the powerful Vampire Lord Raphael has seen far too much of lately.

RAGE . . . An emotion that, left unchecked, can burn like the fires of hell.

REVENGE . . . A dish that philosophers claim is best served cold.

It’s been months since the powerful French vampire Mathilde used Raphael’s arrogance against him and nearly succeeded in taking his life. His fury has grown stronger with every day since, fed by new bloody incursions onto North American soil by the Europeans, while vampire politicking has forced him to wait. But no longer. Someone has attacked his home, killing vampires, threatening Cyn. They’ve taken it one step too far, and Raphael’s tired of waiting. His enemies are about to discover that revenge can taste damn good when it’s hot, too.

D. B. Reynolds is the RT and EPIC Award-Winning author of the Vampires in America series of paranormal romance, and an Emmy-nominated television sound editor. She lives in a flammable canyon near Los Angeles, and when she’s not writing her own books, she can usually be found reading someone else’s. Visit her blog at for details on all of her books and more.

My Review:

If you’ve been following this series then you won’t want to miss this novella in the Vampires in America series.  This story gives us some Raphael and Cyn time and sets up the upcoming war in Europe and introduces us to the hero of the next full-length book.

At 100 pages it is a quick read but we get tons of action and plenty of steam.  I must confess that I struggled with this book and might be done with the series.  I love the action.  I love the chemistry between the characters.  But I am not a fan of all the weapons, however, especially after what happened in Vegas recently.    Guns have been a part of this series from the beginning.  I knew that and uncomfortably accepted them as part of the story.  Not sure I can do that anymore.   Simply put they bothered me much like excessive cursing might bother another.  I don’t want them a part of my world and that might mean giving up the series.  I’ve not made up my mind yet.

The first part of the book was great though and I was able to skim much of the violence near the end.  The writing is still top-notch and the characters complex and had great interactions with one another.  This is a family and I’ll miss them if I need to give them up.

My Rating: 3 Stars


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