Monday Morning Check-In: I’m returning!

Good morning everyone!  I’m returning to normal blogging schedule this month after a month and more off.  I went into the details in another post if you care to read why I’ve been absent.  Not a lot of reading went on this weekend.  Spent Saturday garage sale shopping and Sunday was chore day. I did try to listen to an audiobook that I quickly DNK.  I usually don’t write reviews for books I don’t finish but will usually post a few sentences over on Goodreads if you want to follow me there to see what books I’m giving up on. Been quite a few lately…  I was approved for a recent ARC of the next Charley Davidson series!!!  Now I need to decide if I want to dive into that or read the library book I checked out for the second time.  I also need to finish up The Dark Tower which I have kind of lost interest in.  I looked at the synopsizes and reviews for the next six books and decided I’m not going to reread them. I was not a fan of how the series ended and at this point in my life, I’m not even sure why I’m hanging on to them.  Next time I clean my library they might end up weeded.  Working in a library has made me a bit less nostalgic in regards to my books.  Oh sure, there are some that I want to keep forever but many of them I let them sit for a year or two and then decide I don’t really need to keep them.  I have a feeling it will get to the point where I only keep the ones that have been personalized to me.   That’s okay, makes room for all the new books that I want to read!  Well, that’s all I got today.  I’ve used this time to ice my arm, dealing with a tennis elbow, and now I really need to go let the birds out before there is rioting.  Happy reading!


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