Month in Review: August 2017

Month in Review

Read this month: 4  Books, 1,240 Pages 

Read this year:  58 Books, 14,170 Pages 

Immortally Yours (Argeneau #26) Dragonmark (Dark-Hunter, #26; Dragons Rising, #1; Lords of Avalon, #5) Fowl Language: The Struggle Is Real Artemis

Looking Back:

I only managed to read four books in August….  You might have thought I only read one, though, because three of the books I read are review books that are going to be published later this year. Two in October and one in November.  I was mainly busy with doctor appointments this month and that my husband was laid off for the first week of the month which always interrupts my reading as we work on projects around the house or spend time together.  The books I did read I enjoyed so that is a bonus and none of them were audio books.  It was a rather disappointing month for audio as I ended up DNFing a couple of titles.  I know that I have also been neglecting the blog not posting Monday Morning Check-Ins or Top Ten Tuesdays.  Sorry.

Looking Ahead:

I currently have two books that I’m reading, not something I usually do but I am rereading The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger with my husband.  I am also struggling to get into a book by Nancy Kress.  I have enjoyed everything else I’ve read by her so I hope the book gets better because it is part of a trilogy and I already own the next two books.  I might stop after reading this one and try another series I forgot about at work.  On the audio book front I am enjoying my current listen, finally, and am excited about the next title I have on loan.   I hope to return to normal blogging this month with the exception of Monday’s check-in post as I will be out-of-town.  Top Ten Tuesday should return next week though and hopefully I will be getting more book reviews posted as well.

Happy Reading ~Amy


3 thoughts on “Month in Review: August 2017

  1. I liked it. Not as good as The Martian but still plan on buying my own copy. I LOVED the diversity in this book and kinda feel it should be read for that alone.


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