Backyard Chickens: Beyond the Basics by Pam Freeman

Book Review


Backyard Chickens: Beyond the BasicsBook Genre: Non-Fiction

Book Series: N/A

Released: 5/1/17 by Voyageur Press

Pages: 192 Price: $21.99 Paperback

Links:  Goodreads, Author’s Site

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Source: I received a copy of this book from the publisher for an honest review


Book Synopsis:

A must-have for every backyard chicken keeper, Backyard Chickens 2.0 goes beyond introductory lessons and explores the realities of raising a flock for eggs — and entertainment, of course! From odd eggs and molting to feeding and preparing for the seasons, this book covers the subjects beginner books don’t adequately address and re-examines common knowledge that may not actually hold true. It’s a resource to turn to time and again for expert advice to make sure your birds are happy, healthy, and productive.

Author Pam Freeman, an editor and “Ask the Expert” columnist at Backyard Poultry magazine, draws on her years of experience fielding reader questions to identify and clearly explain many common – and some not-so-common – issues in chicken keeping. How do you add new chickens to your flock? What is the pecking order and how can you change or control it? Is it better to raise chicks by hand or with a broody hen? What do you do when you collect eggs and discover: lash eggs, calcium deposits, soft eggs, eggs within eggs, or wrinkled eggs? In Backyard Chickens 2.0, readers will find not just answers, but a book full of “coop truth” that helps them continue on their journey. Because as every chicken owner knows: Chickens are individuals and real-life chicken keeping often takes you far from the beaten path.

Chapters include Expanding Your Flock, Flock Behavior, Life with a Rooster, All About Eggs, Chicken (and Egg) Health, Predators, Feeding Your Chickens, Chicken Keeping Through the Seasons, and Coop Truth.

My Review:

I am not a novus chicken owner.  I’ve owned chickens and other poultry ever since moving to the country 13 years ago with some success but also some loss.  Earlier this year I began battling a particularly smart and crafty raccoon and lost my entire flock.  So this spring I am starting over and have been seeking out these chicken books for new tips and ideas on how to get this new flock off on the right foot.  When I saw this book up for review I didn’t hesitate in putting in a request for review on the blog.

I’m so glad I did because while there is quite a bit of basic information here there is also a ton of new (to me) information that I found helpful too!  I plan on purchasing my own copy of this book to add to my home library for reference.  Also because while the e-book I reviewed was alright it did slow down my nook and the lovely pictures that the author referenced in the text would not load properly.  So this is definitely a book to have in print! (not that I’m sure it is offered any other way….)  Anyway, the chapters are broken down into a logical sequence and are thorough in their coverage of the topics discussed.  The book isn’t as technical as some and the author doesn’t lecture but informs based upon an example of what has worked for her.  There were a few antidotes from her own flock but most of this book was geared towards help a fellow chicken owner manage their flock.

Some of the sections I found particularly helpful and interesting were on egg formation and color, wound care, predators, and coop truth.  But honestly, there is a lot of good information for anyone beyond an expert that is. If you are a new chicken owner or someone like myself who has owned birds for a number of years this could be a helpful book to have on hand.  I found myself reading well past my bedtime and taking mental notes of things to try out with my own flock.  I’m so glad I read this book!

My Rating: 5 Stars


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