Monday Morning Check-In: Too tired to read.

Good Monday morning everyone.  My entire body hurts. Oy.  We spent Sunday cleaning out the chicken coop and moving bales of hay in an effort to find where the chicken killing raccoon was hiding. Now,  I hurt so much that it is a struggle to even type.  The bad news is that we didn’t find the raccoon but the good news is that he didn’t show up on the trail camera last night so maybe we missed him sneaking out of the coop while we were working.  We also got some major progress toward creating a more secure coop and getting these birds off my porch and out of my flower beds.  Little stinkers trampled two hostas when they found my herb bed…

I’ve not finished a book in quite some time.  I had hopes for this new series I started but I’m just not clicking with it.  Which is disappointing as I have the entire series on hand.  So do I push on with another book and see if it picks up, that has happened before or do I set this one aside for now and try reading something else? I don’t know…  I think I might try one of my review books and I have the latest release by John Scalzi checked out from my library.  I did pick up two comics over the weekend for Free Comic Book Day.  Star Trek, of course, and I really dug one of them.  I can kind of see how people get so enthralled by them because I want to get my hands on the next five copies to see what happens in this storyline.

Well, I’m going to go sleep.  Seriously,  I am still so tired from all the work yesterday.  This was the most lifting and intense labor I’ve done since my surgery and I need a bit more recovery time.  Maybe I can keep my eyes open long enough to finish my book.

Happy Reading.


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