Month in Review: April 2017

Month in Review

Read this month: 5 Books, 1,909 Pages 

Read this year: 28  Books, 9,073 Pages 

Big Bad Wolf (The Others, #2) Immortal Unchained (Argeneau, #25) Blood Vow (Black Dagger Legacy, #2) By Blood The Space Between the Stars

Looking Back:

April was a light reading month for me I guess.  At first, I thought I only had four books for the month and thought that can’t be right.  It wasn’t because I read The Space Between the Stars but it wasn’t recorded right on Goodreads because I didn’t have a review for it yet.  One is written but the book doesn’t come out until June so it is being held per the publisher’s request.  It was a great read so be sure to keep an eye out for that one.  Still, this was a pretty crappy month of reading…  All I can say is that as the weather gets nicer I have more outside chores that need to get done.  We are also in garage sale season and hubby has each weekend planned out for what neighboring towns to hit for eBay merchandise.  I also had the blog tour for Blade Bound this month that made me feel like I had read more somehow even though I finished that book back in February.

Looking Ahead:

Hope to get some more audiobook review in for you all and I started a new (to me) Urban Fantasy series set in Chicago that I’m looking forward to getting into.  I picked up all the books while thrifting one day and if I enjoy them hope to binge read the series. Other than that, not a lot going on.  Stuck at home today and tomorrow as one of our cars is in the shop.  Maybe that will lead to some more reading time.  Maybe not as I need to get some work done…

Happy Reading ~Amy


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