Monday Morning Check-In: A Little Blog Excitement!

Opps.  I hit post instead of schedule…  So I’m a little early. Sorry.

Good Monday morning everyone!  I received a bit of exciting news last Friday that I am not going to share with you, yet.  Well, not all of it at least.  I was accepted to be part of a blog tour for an upcoming release that I am super excited about!  It is a series that I have read for some time now and the last book in the series is coming out this month.  You probably can figure it out yourself from all those clues, but I am going to hold the title and author until next week.  I have been working hard all weekend on my tour stop post and am SO EXCITED!!!  I don’t want to spoil the post or the book so I better stop here.

Since I have been working on the blog tour all weekend I haven’t gotten much reading done.  I’ve been sitting at under 100 pages in my current read for over a week… I should either scrap reading it right now or start over.  Tomorrow if I can sit down and have some time to myself I can probably get into it but I need some peace and quiet and to step away from the computer.  Well, that’s all for this week.  Sorry I didn’t post anything besides a review last week.  I had a stressful weekend and needed a break.  Fortunately, this blog tour has me super excited and I’m happy to be back!  Happy Reading


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