Monday Morning Check-In: Figuring things out.

Good Monday morning everyone.  I hope you had a great weekend.  Mine was pretty awesome as Saturday husband and I went to Iowa City on a real date.  Kinda.  After a little thrifting and grocery shopping we went out to eat and followed that up by seeing the documentary Kedi, here is a link to the movie’s site, it is about the street cats of Istanbul and was all kinds of amazing.  Such a beautiful sweet film.  I was thrilled to see the theater was packed and everyone seemed to enjoy it if the reactions during the movie were any indication. Husband and I also loved it and can’t wait until it is released on DVD so we can purchase it.

Sunday has now become chore day.  I’ve decided to move laundry and dishes to that day along with listing items on eBay in an effort to free up my Mondays.  This way I can post my Monday check-in and get my exercise in and have the afternoon free for reading! Sounds like a good plan right?  I hope so.  Soon it is going to warm up, however, and I will start to have outside chores that need to be done too.  Right now with the grass that is available and no chickens to feed I only need to do chores every few days outside.  Looking to bring home new birds around the middle of the month after the local bird sale.  Will be nice to have chickens again.

Well I’m off to exercise.  Listening to the sequel to Spock vs Q while I walk today and should be finishing up my current physical book read as well.  So maybe two reviews for you this afternoon.  Or maybe not.  Have a great week everyone!  Happy Reading.


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