Monday Morning Check-In: Last Day

Monday Morning Check-In

Good Monday morning everyone.  Today is my last day before surgery.  Spent the weekend getting the house ready and trying to relax.  I’ve had trouble concentrating on what I’m reading so I’ve given up trying for now.  I have been listening to audiobooks, though, and have worked my way through almost two over the weekend.   The second book I have an hour left on it and should be posting a review sometime this afternoon.  I have several more waiting for me for while I’m in the hospital and that first week of recovery.  I’m debating if I should bother taking my knitting with me or not to the hospital.  My lap blanket has gotten rather large and all my instructions tell me to limit what I take.  I might bring it and leave it in the car where my husband can retrieve it if I really want to knit.

Other than not being able to eat and having an appetite this morning I’m doing pretty good.  Looking forward to the next few days to be behind me and starting in on my recovery so I can return to a fairly normal life soon.  Hopefully, my brain will not be too foggy and I can catch up on some reading over the next couple weeks.  I’m doing pretty good otherwise, I think I’ve read/listened to five or six books so far this year.  Have a great week everyone and I’ll see you next Monday minus one uterus.


2 thoughts on “Monday Morning Check-In: Last Day

  1. Good luck with your surgery :) I’d bring the knitting – that way even if it’s in the car, you have access to it if you want it. Murphy’s law would state that if you don’t bring it, you’ll want it. Will be thinking about you. :)


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