Monday Morning Check-In: Brain Fog

Monday Morning Check-In

Good icy Monday morning everyone.  We had some ice overnight here in eastern Iowa and I am spending my morning staying up to date on the local road conditions for my husband who has to go to work this afternoon.  It is warming up out there so I have hope that he will be able to make it to work just fine.  I managed to finish one of my review books last week but am holding the review until closer to review week.  I have come to the conclusion that I am dealing with a bit of brain fog and it could be hindering my concentration and making focusing on a book somewhat challenging.  It could also that I worried about my upcoming surgery and mounting medical bills too.  Whatever the issue it simply means I am still not reading as much as I like.  So I will be relying on audiobooks to keep me entertained until this brain fog lifts.  Which the fact that menopause arrives next week might not be as soon as I might like…

Speaking of audiobooks, though, I am quite enjoying my current one Saturn Run.  A fun science fiction title that should appeal to fans of The Martian.  Look for that review to come soon as I have about five hours left in that one. Then I am going to be listening to a book that I simply could not get into the print version of.  It will be interesting to see if I have an easier time with it if someone else is reading it to me.  Well, I need to write an update for my other blog this morning so I will leave you all here.

Happy Reading.


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